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There seems to be a boat in that painting, I presume there are people on board. Still, they seem to be doing fine, no matter how high the waves are.And 'Autobahn':http://www.welovemacs.com/appo95sp.htmlI'm late to this thread, and I don't see the image either. Apparently it did make AI editors to redact it.edit: forgot what I wanted to say: I thought during last years' court case we learned that Samsung doesn't keep emails for longer than 2 weeks; how come we get to read...
"More than a decade..." Really? iPod over their stereo then, I take it? Anyhow, I think this road to integrated tech in the car is a great evolution, and I for one am happy Apple is on board!
Airhead. I like that.
Put in on manual 'Do not disturb' mode, or whatever it's called. I do before taking my daily run, and disable that when continuing on my road bike.
I fully agree. This lower price won't suddenly make the offer more attractive, and business purchases will continue, at whatever price. Well, at least large ones. I cannot believe MS thinks this will entice any consumer. Haven't even read the article, but I presume there's a refund for those who already bought the subscription at $99(?)
This topic is beyond my comprehension. Well, yet anyway. I've learned a lot on the topic of photography but I'm just a hobbyist. Combined with my interest in tech, math and basically expensive stuff I learn from the availability of hi end gear, and the tech that allows the things it can accomplish.Still, thanks for your post. I get some of it, and will read some more before making a fool of myself.Thanks.
Ha! Street View turns out to be prior art...from 1907¡
Like the Dell Streak, you mean¿I think it would be more authentic if (s)he would have a 'stylus-fingernail' though:
i love replies like yours; I learn something, and you took the time to show it to me. Still, double fail on my part, other than the grammar mistake hell-bent didn't apply to the guy bending over. Oh well.Still, thanks!
A 5.07" display iPhone I would consider it to be a phablet and therefore makes me hope they will keep the 4" alongside. And I thought that after the 4.1", 4.2", 4.3", 4.4", 4.5", 4.6", 4.7", 4.8", 4.9", 5.0", 5.1", 5.2", 5.3", 5.4" & 5.5" display rumours we'd be covered for any outcome. But unfortunately we now are going to go all out and have the rumour mill include .0x" screens, which could run well into 2015 (without actually counting).
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