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That's true, but only works in SW, not HW.
That doesn't have to be so. They could simply keep that entire list, for internal purposes like you describe, but only display active and current usernames for posters who wish to reference.Ironic, a site reporting on a company with an eye for detail.
You mean because the first link in the article points to nowhere? (2015/08/27/iphone-6s-camera-12-megapixels-4k-selfies/)
Possibly with a "doesn't innovate anymore my ass"
I wonder if they'll embed a H.265 HW chip. That would result in smaller sizes. Oh, where's @SolipsismY when I could use his calculation expertise?OT: AI, please get rif of discontinued usernames and banned fakes?
Wow. 9to5mac gets credited for the article. Props to AI for this.
Ah, ok. I thought Windows 9 wouldn't work in Germany:"Windows nein"
Last I heard they skipped 9 because it wouldn't sell in Germany.Can you confirm this, @ThePixelDoc
The similarities are striking!
German speaking people here really ought to read the original interview, an eye opener: http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/wirtschaft/die-alleskoenner-fressen-zu-viel-strom/story/15079390
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