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-11% for those who are wondering! like I was.Thanks SpamSandwich
But R&D is manufacturing, is it? If they need to pay for supplies for a much larger number of iPhones than before, ok, but that is manufacturing, not research, right?That she thinks they are spending on an iWatch I can understand, and that would be research.
You could add your Gmail account to the stock mail app and use that for a week, configuring the notifications to your hearts' content, see if that works out.You mean that there now isn't any push email from Google unless you use their app? Can't you install their Gmail client so it notifies you instantly but add that account to the iOS mail app and read them there instead of the Gmail app?
You too? I thank her as well, often. She always responds kindly, like "don't mention it" or "that's ok [insert my name here]". She's gotten really good at pronouncing my name.
I get that, and fully agree. You know what the mantra within Apple is?"If it's not on Apple.com, we don't know about it"
Lol. With a Tagline "Established 1924"
Indeed. Why VentureBeat didn't call Swatch to verify the rumour is beyond me. Come to think of it, actually not; they rather publish this than publishing a denied rumour.
I like the temporary facade for the Store in Chongqing, much better than the usual all black: That ifo Store site tells me that they haven't shared any info on their Stores, whassupwithdat Maestri? "Q3 Financials Completely Ignored The Retail Stores" http://www.ifoapplestore.com/2014/07/23/q3-financials-completely-ignored-the-retail-stores/
Wow. Thanks guys, I had no idea they were this big!
Swatch? That is sooooo 1986. What's next, they'll create a Pro version, designed by Keith Haring? Hey, if Michael Jackson can still release a new album...
New Posts  All Forums: