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  Yeah I read that earlier on 9>5 http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/10/16/ipad-pro-fcc-clearance/
 Excellent! Though it was already enabled at my end and still not visible as the article states. Thanks Mikey!
  Thanks for the laughs. With so many people disappearing from this site I needed that!
  Aah, the xMac. Well, after so many years, and so few people actually wanting a product like that I don't think anyone should hold their breath for such a Mac. But I could of course be proven wrong, as has happened many times.
 Ah, ok, I misunderstood then. Thanks. I do think however he could also have meant it in a different way: self mockery. In order to point out how good the current models are, make a derogative remark about an older model.
 Thanks for that article, from which I also read the following: [quote]"We want to grow more," he said, with a sly grin. "And this morning, we want to unveil some new products ..."It was reminiscent of the late Steve Jobs, who repeatedly would use lines like that just before hitting his product-launch audiences with some amazing new gadget. But after a pregnant pause, filled with an excited "Oooooohh" from the audience, Cook said: "I was kidding about that last part."The...
 And for those wondering, here's that phone: Of note, the year is 2006
But for what purpose? You now pay $150 for an extra 96GB. Would you rather pay $75 for 32GB?
 Ok, good to know. I guess Akamai isn't reflecting real world numbers, just their own CDN; I haven't read their report, and Wikipedia only uses them as a source. A pity. Anyway, good for you, with a proper download speed. What's your upload? I'm on DSL, sold as 40/4 but I'm far away from the switch, making my throughput 21,9 Mbit/s |1,7 Mbit/s. Cable over here can be 120/12 and fiber maxes out at 500 synchronous. That I want to have, but there are no plans to upgrade my...
New Posts  All Forums: