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TWF, I mean, WTF¿Yeah, sometimes it does actually feels like that. A bit like Spotlight. First time I opened it on 10.10 I was like: "Huh? Why can't I move the window?" And now in 10.11 we get refinements, like moving the Spotlight window.Still, going to appreciate all the t's they crossed in the new version. I love how they created their ecosystem, was great to see it all evolve to this. And now still great to see them innovating across the board.
YES!! FINALLY someone sharing my same sentiment! Boy am I glad to read your opinion on this. They really ought to put it back...
They're upping it to 100k this fall:https://twitter.com/cue/status/614632890740027392Eddy CueVerified account‏@cue@karlfranks @robmsimoes 25k for launch and working to get to 100k for iOS 9http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/06/28/ios-8-4-to-be-released-8-am-pst-on-tuesday-itunes-match-song-limit-will-increase-to-100000-with-ios-9/
If they put a camera on the watch the screen would need to display that as well. So about a quarter of the screen would be dedicated to that, leaving 3/4 of the screen to display the person on the other end.IMO, useless. Like I wrote, it may be useful for a one-way FT call; seeing the other person who is calling from a Mac or an iPhone.
Hang in there Apple, one day you'll get software right:
My coach has this Edge phone. He showed me a video, but I got distracted because of the image that is on the edge of the phone. I simply could not look the 'main screen' because there was movement, yes - in a video, on the edge. Incontrovertibly annoying.As for the notifications on the edge of the phone: he had to pick up the phone in order to read it. Why? Because when sitting down he put the phone on the table in front of us. A table. So that is way lower than his eye...
Simply posting this single line would've made the point come across. Should Apple want to put a camera on the match I'm certain they will succeed, eventually. But yes, I also don't see the point of making a FT call on the watch.But why should this be an all or nothing solution? They can simply implement one-way FT calls. That could be considered as 'neat'. And it would only require a simple update of the wOS.
I have found their design approach to be really outstanding. I thought it was designed as a word processor, but I made really great brochures with Pages back in 2005. No idea if it's still great at that, and fully understand it can't replace InDesign. But for what it is, it's a really great program. So yeah, good point on the price as well.Emulsion I will try later today (it's raining here anyway) but I'm enjoying Affinity Photo right now. A really great program, with all...
Thanks for your review. I wonder if the moaning on Pages from people is because they didn't fully look into the program like you have, since you mention most features are still there but a little hidden.It looks a bit 'lightweight to me' but perhaps their website doesn't do the program justice. Maybe I'll download the trial, though first I want to check out Affinity photo beta
The crashing ought to be fixed, but what is EVEN WORSE is loosing your work. That's just plain ridiculous.Also ridiculous. What happens when you upgrade the 'proper way', disable any programs that startup at login, reboot, upgrade. Would that make any difference, or are you already doing that?It's an open forum; please, chime in and share your thoughts. Which you do - thanks.Same here. Though I still use Aperture (since it's not broken and Photos from Apple was a let down...
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