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Even not comparable, I think the 19 million number is too high as well. Android wear sold shipped 720,000 last yearhttp://www.canalys.com/newsroom/over-720000-android-wear-devices-shipped-2014
Civilian GPS indeed isn't. Military GPS is, however. But I do not think their tech will ever be released to the public, probably for public safety.
Personally I'm more inclined to read up on Jony Ive than this person: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/02/23/shape-things-come Truly an excellent (and extensive!) article. A must read.
Good grief! Sorry to hear that. Certainly hope you are getting better and you can recover fully.It's great flooring it in Germany. The number of roads where that is allowed are getting fewer though.
20M watches sounds plausible. Usually the faithful Apple crowd will buy a first gen product, even if they don't 'need' it. Then there's a whole bunch of people for whom $349 is easily spent out of curiosity. After that wave we get the people who will want it because they heard about how useful it is for their needs. That accumulates easily to 20M. But 17% of a projected 207M iPhones owners gets to 35M, a number I just don't see. Whatever, like @Slurpy already said, it...
My thought exactly after I hit the Submit button. Oh well, here's to wishful thinking.
I don't think 17% is realistic - at all.I think 200+M is a good call - as far as anyone can guesstimate this.
Preferably retaining the f/2.2 at the long end as well.
Yet it still duplicates your photos, be it .jpg or in raw. This won't bode well for people on a tight SSD. I don't understand why software programmers don't make the effort and simply move these originals to a new location in their newly designed package/library.
Photos really is for the Apple ecosystem. Works perfectly with Apple-only gear. 3rd party support will be minimal. Doesn't matter much actually; I'll simply import from my DSLR to Aperture, apply curves, geotag et cetera and export to Photos.It's not like Aperture is going to stop working all of a sudden.
New Posts  All Forums: