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£O£ - it was right in front of me; thanks!Wow, plugin requiring the rentware version; that sucks. Just like crappy 1Password version 5 not syncing its DB if one bought the web version from the developer instead of buying it through the MAS. Oh, software, what can one do?
A time I remember fondly. Because of Rhapsody.
Many dislike the rentware model. Amazon to the rescue:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adobe-Photoshop-Lightroom-Mac-PC/dp/B00CLD7Y4O/ref=sr_1_1?s=software&ie=UTF8&qid=1413557771&sr=1-1&keywords=lightroomÒ¬˚∆˙©ƒ∂edit: whoops, was searching for the pound sign. No, not that one, but some key combo decided to hit submit for me. Anyway, it's GBP 99
Hehe, sure was. Good thing Apple isn't doing the more is better thing, they refine. Usually that means removing features, or incorporating them, which might very well end up in a shorter workflow. While typing that, I guess that is what Photos will turn out to be.
And how would you put it in DFU mode?
Also easy to highlight the number in an email sig and call the person which isn't in your AddressBook.Ha! I don't see any parallel here.
Yup. And upgrading a 16GB to a 32GB is now a $50 increase instead of $100:http://www.apple.com/ipad/compare/#comparison-chart
@jsheffie & @caribousteaks You both make excellent points! I think I have grown accustomed to Apple shaking everything up by taking away features and slowly add them back (like FCP and many other apps). In the end though I do think they have created excellent programs, but the path towards that goal read 'stupidity' all over it, like the removal of selling boxed FCP7. Fortunately Aperture will remain working though, and I would expect any shortcomings in Photos to be...
The Photos app for the Mac is indeed 'early 2015' but the viewing of your Photos in iCloud is supposedly coming this Monday:https://twitter.com/genadyo/status/523047721528487937That's awful. I'm guessing this is the result of such gargantuan HW & SW releases all directly after a keynote. I think I have downloaded over 16 gigs today from Apple alone.
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