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That was a shampoo commercial lol
Geez AI, I wanted to reply to Relic here, but got this crap, as usual:Not really easy to edit out on the topics I want to respond to. You really need to get rid of Huddler. Subito!Good to see you're starting to like iOS, let's hope v8 does it for you. Except for a file manager; that I don't see them doing. Their integrated ecosystem, with all files residing in their respective apps and the way the configured iCloud...I just don't see it coming. In fact, I even presume they...
THAT has to be the most stupidly worded info on app permissions I've ever seen.To me, that's not a logical answer. Does this mean that when Dropbox sees someone created a 2nd account from the same IP address they'll delete the old one? Or deny the 2nd one? WTF? This cannot be an answer on any level of stupidity. Not you sir, the "Add or remove accounts" statement from Google.
Expect many more of these typos. Also errors in calculations. And then there are the many many, many flaws when the copy stuff over from Quiller Media, Inc (main website) to Huddler Lifestyle (forums) like repeating paragraphs, videos get chopped of and "In addition, "%u2026" instead of an apostrophe.Welcome to the forum.So many times things look funny, in hindsight.
Wow, insightful article! Thanks much.
Wasn't Coca-Cola the company that aimed their marketing at people upto 18 years old? And in doing so, once hooked, they'd have them 'for life'? Seems to me Apple is doing just that; creating an incentive for youngsters to appreciate Apple products and services so they will continue to use them once out of college.
Except for Street View, which Germany doesn't have, safe for the large cities that is:"was scrutinized for its privacy after pictures showed up of random people picking their nose, taking a dump behind a tree, or any other types of incriminating shots"http://techland.time.com/2011/04/11/alas-there-will-be-no-more-google-street-view-in-germany/
In other news... http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/07/us-brazil-heist-samsung-elec-idUSKBN0FC2I820140707
@Mstone has knowledge on this topic, read some of his postsI like the Drum Machine vid!
That a very good point, there is a clear distinction between the type of Flash elements. And telling the web server I'm an iPad client may serve up that videoclip as H.264 or something, it indeed won't do much/often on other elements.And I don't see any change in this for the foreseeable future, as it is now, what, over 5 years that the iPhone and iPad are such common place? Nope, Flash is here to stay.Oh well, I could always install the plugin, together with ClickToFlash...
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