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Just don't forget where these came from MS. It certainly wasn't you.
If that was their strategy for 2012 then why did they release all this crap hardware with someone else's OS? No good ecosystem, poor customer support and not altering course when the user satisfaction falls way below Apples' #1. And to top it all, they didn't do anything about all this the following year. Nor this (calendar) quarter. We tried, we failed, but we'll just try some more. Samsung. The always trying company.
Oh my. Sure hope this doesn't turn out like that other thread...So, yeah, thank you, I didn't know that either.Sorry, I got stuff to do early tomorrow. But will like any follow up on sell out times posts should this turn into a good discussion.Thank you.
Didn't know. Sorry, that was stupid of me for not checking first. Thank you.
I don't know what MILF stands for but the mention of a mini van and some kids' mom made me think she's blowing the soccer team (?)
After I mumbled something into the mic and Siri doesn't understand it in get an edit button, top right, on my iPad and I can type my question...
But everything to do with sucker, no?
1) sold out in...4 minutes this time? 2) WWDC iOS app #4? 3) if there's one thing Samsung or Google can't copy, it the vibrancy of these yearly 'get togethers' 4) scalpers? Edit: pipped by @saarek
Link¿Ok, that's lame, but fits the discontinuation of that other thread.Thank you.
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