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I'm still looking for that one...But OSX still doesn't support 10-bit monitors though...(perhaps 10.10.10 does?) Though they do have a Pro Apps codec for it:http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1719It's not an i (eye), it's an inverted exclamation mark (¡¿):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverted_question_and_exclamation_marks
That's not the full story here. People without iTunes Match also get it; but it's not loaded onto your Mac/iDevice. It merely shows an iCloud icon so you can download it, for free, if you want to.Yes it is, see #1Everyone has there own opinion, in that respect, everyone is unique. Just like everybody else.Apple didn't put anything on your device. Again, see #1.
Why would that be though? A GPS needs to get the signal from 4 satellites, but it can get a lock more quickly if it is aided by cell towers. Now when I turn on my phone it is very quick to get a connection to a cell tower whereas GPS takes much longer (when compared)Many GPS devices nowadays use their last location as their 'tryout' to lock their location, so if you turn it on as the same spot where you turned it off the last time you used it it'll be quicker to get a...
With the Watch now having a starting price of $349 I guess we'll never know if Mr. Wanli's prediction was accurate or not.
1) Why were you trying to put an unwanted item on your phone in the first place?2) Apple didn't force anything onto you. You have been given the opportunity to downloading an album for free. By choice. An opt-in, if you will3) A petition is not going to work, even if Apple pushed a free album onto all of you iDevices and Macs.
So not a very intuitive UI then?Didn't actually watch the video, but how the frick are going to make a point about single handed use while using the phone with both hands in the very first frame?Throwing away money is to buy subsidised. Just order straight from Apple.OL
This is your field of expertise and not something I can't comment on. That said, I didn't want to let your post go unnoticed, so, thanks.
Really? The sports watches with GPS in them that I have seen have battery life of 4-8 hours. I would presume that polling the satellite takes much more out of your battery life than searching for a new cell tower as a cell tower has a reach of as much as 1.5 kilometre and GPS polling can be set by the user, I believe maximum is every 3 seconds.All a bit speculative on my part as I don't know if cellular polling requires more energy but the frequency of polling is much more...
A free album from Apple? You know, I really like I you too, just not the band.
Dropbox upped after Apple announced they were upgrading the plans, maxing out at 1TB. So yeah, they indeed knew it was coming, because Apple news gets read by the competition. Not that Dropbox is a competitor; they simply have Cloud Storage, Apple has a lot more to offer due to their ecosystem.
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