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Sure they did:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/30806/apple-others-sued-over-hard-drive-size-claimshttp://apcmag.com/seagate_settles_class_action_cash_back_over_misleading_hard_drive_capacities.htmhttp://www.dvinfo.net/forum/digital-video-industry-news/70087-confusion-over-hard-drive-capacity-ends-lawsuit.htmlAnd from those discussions:"It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it."
I've started a separate thread on the sorting order of Photos on iOS over here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/184150/ios8-build-in-photo-app-not-sorting-events-alphabetically-anymore-heres-a-workaround
iOS8 build-in Photo app not sorting Events alphabetically anymore. Here's a workaround for Aperture users, though I presume iPhoto works similarly: It kinda maintains the sorting from Aperture itself. Projects with photos in them go into the 'Events on my Mac' folder. At the top, together with the default folders (Camera Roll, My Photo Stream) and the Smart Folders (Favourites, Panoramas, Videos & Slo-mo). In the Albums view on iOS (basically the app itself), it shows,...
How is it misleading? He merely states what the price for iCloud storage is. It's unrelated to the lawsuit, but related to "iPhone Storage" as a whole. And it is indeed $0.99 a month for 20GB.
I agree, though I do believe it is their goal to design it in such a way it 'couldn't be simpler' yet me as a techie sometimes fail to see how something works intuitively.I think that's a silly example; anyone will understand that a scan doesn't have any meta data embedded and the only thing a photo management tool can do is make use of the date the photo was imported.That happens in Aperture? Never seen that behaviour.Your Dock is so long I presume it reads "to be...
I'd be okay with that if that was the only thing. Alas...I only see that when replying to some posters. I myself use the BB Editor and don't get html.Because the like being played¿
Thanks for the clear explanation. As I am a subscriber I haven't seen any pop-overs, hence why I was asking.Nitpicking here, but there used to be a link in the article when displayed it in the forum, reading: "Click here to read this article on AppleInsider.com". I presume this was when you guys were with Bulletin but moved over to Huddler. Personally I think the layout and inner workings of the forum have gotten downhill since, but since the site is free to access I'm not...
I think he means just what he writes: iCloud storage is 99 cents for 20GB/m. Not including any possible extra cost or accessing Internet data. "Fees may apply' come to mind.
Back up for me as well. Swell.
Tip: Cmd-Shift-4, then hit the spacebar, after which you can choose a window screen dump with your mouse, as opposed to a full screen screen dump which you posted. In Windows it's Alt-print screen for a window, Shift-print screen for the whole screen.lol.Funny bunch, these Apple devs.Same here. And same expectation: I think some handy tools won't make it over to Photos, like the ability to import a .gpx track to layout your photos on a map. Hopefully this will be addressed...
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