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Good find! Wow, well, that certainly looks like what Apple has said about the Photos app, and the integration with iOS & a webbrowser. I really wish this will be a home run, as I am having quite a few 'issues' with 10.10 and iTunes12. Early 2015 can't come soon enough. And if it's not 'upto snuff' I'll simply continue to use Aperture.OT: happy to see this post notification seeing dropped into my inbox. New articles and posts from people I follow don't make it through over...
1) never heard of mail delivery delay. And I use an Exchange account on my Mac and iPhone: works instantly.2) "Outlook for Mac: delay of 5-6 seconds" Why is this is a bad thing? If you want an instant reply why don't you call the person up?3) Never heard of OSX Mail not receiving mail. Never.Never heard of attachments not going through. And searching for that problem on the Internet gives me zilch.
No one is; people are usually down when using their products.Kidding aside, the other programs I understand people using, but why Outlook if you’re on OSX and have Mail.app?
In a rush now, but take a look at the link for a list of what Apple offers with iCloud.
Apple Pay fans express displeasure at MCX in app ratings; consortium suggests possible future switch to NFC [image courtesy of 9to5]
Could it be a future movie from MCX, called customer data trafficking?
You could have made a good point if you posted the reasoning for your opinion as to why it "is far better than this one".
Of course it's not needed, it's just a different app with a different feature set, doing basically the same thing as other running/triathlon apps.I think this app is quite good, and thanks to Matt Stuehler we can now export the .gpx files from Nike.comhttps://mattstuehler.com/lab/NikePlus/
1) excellent article 2) damn this 1600 horizontal pixel screen; now I need to scroll to see where the stock is today
New Posts  All Forums: