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I'm missing future updates to Aperture as well. Still, not that the program stops working all of a sudden. It's supported throughout OSX 10. As much as I prefer that program, I wouldn't want to call it a mistake. At $79 it's hardly a big revenue. iPhones are, so the tighter the ecosystem integration the more enticed people will be to Get A Mac. If I'm not mistaken.
1) Yes really. You asked a question that was already answered by @Boltsfan17 in post 21, where he linked to The Verge article, answering your question.2) Whassup wit da harsh statements? U mad?
You're on the fence about this.
By reading the thread.
“…were ordered Wednesday to pay the Canadian smartphone maker $860,000 …” Maybe they can get away from this precarious situation by paying $86,00 … saying they thought it was a typo.
True, that is indeed what Health Kit is for. I was merely sharing my experience with the iOS build-in Health app, which I believe is buggy. Entered hours of sleep manually this morning: from 01.00 to 08.00 gives me 6h44m of sleep(?). There are bugs like this one throughout the app. Plus I don't understand why it can't do the simplest math: entering your height & weight doesn't give me my BMI, an easy calculation.Again, the app, not the Kit.
Poster 1sugomac over on that site put out a funny:
That's great news, though I do think Apple first needs to address the bugs in the Health app first. Quite a few, and it could also do with a usability test, making the graphs scrollable and such. There really is no need to see a minute by minute breakdown of daily steps taken, amongst other things.
Never thought about that option - thanks guys!
Careful now, some may be offended by that.
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