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If they make the whole phone bendable we can still operate a 5.5" single-handed: Squeeze To Touch™ ¡
That is truly all great info and good to know. Wow, I'm feeling relieved they are doing many things I want in a DAM. Big thanks for this, can't wait till they release it all.
Ah, ok. At the bottom, tap the left 'Photos' tab and zoom out of the 'Collection'. These Collections are ordered by date, but have a tagline which describes the places. Tab on that, voila.
Hear hear! (preferably on the web too, but that's asking too much)
In which app? Aperture is top right:iPhoto is top left:
1) Hopefully with iOS8 we don't get to see the FB & Twitter icons when I don't have these apps installed/account info entered. It currently does show these icons whilst I don't use either app. 2) I wonder what will happen to iPhoto.ipa 3) I really hope they hit it off with the all-new Photos application. There are so many things they should consider, like these 3 4 a. the order of photos arrangement (which currently gets ignored when creating an album in Aperture and...
That of course works as well, thanks.
Good point. Indeed, Flash isn't limited to playing videos. I believe @mstone usually points people out on its usefulness.I'll try your link next time I'm behind a PC with Flash installed, as I can't see it on my iPad now.
I used to have the same config, but when Apple releases a new version of OSX (not a point release) I format my SSD and do a clean install. Last time I didn't install Flash plus Click2Flash as I wanted to see if I could do without it. Apparently this works ok for me.About Chrome, is installing it 'dangerous'? I remember the outcry from people who discovered Goolge was sending home quite some data after inserts installed Google Earth. I wonder if the same applies to Chrome,...
Funny thing is that since I don't have Flash installed, whenever I come across a site that has something in Flash which I want to see I simply grab my 1st gen iPad. Works for most videos, works for Google Street View, for the occasional moment I use that.The upside of not having Flash on my Mac is probably way bigger for me. I don't like moving things on a website, I don't like text flashing by et cetera.
New Posts  All Forums: