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Good point, many seem to forget this. The two are nothing alike.I trust the feedback you gave to Apple was in a kind way, without the F word. Because bitching about it won't do you diddlysquad. It's usually people with manners the world takes notice of. It will get you much further in life.
You should totally set up a shit company like DigiTimes so you can make shit up and be accidentally correct on occasion¡
I'm slightly older than you, and strangely do not belong to the home beer brewing / GoPro crowd (lol). I think it's amazing doing a tri is for all ages, we see really old people participating as well. Gives me hopes I can really kick this off and do it at any age.I think you are spot on with the comparison between smart watches and (multi)sport watches. I sincerely hope Apple is going all out with the evolution of their watch, but somehow I think they'll want to keep...
Oops, looks like I wasn't clear enough. I thought the past tense of flying was clear that I didn't get the point before but did after your first explanation. Thanks
The Point. It flew right over me.
http://flyovercities.comIT is listed at a dedicated site
Like public transport you mean¿
The watch doesn't have GPS.A running club. For now, I'll be joining a tri club, in addition, this May, when the tri season starts here.Indeed, Garmin Connect has issues. And the iOS app is sorely lacking in features (never mind the ugly design). And ConnectIQ is so far a joke. Take a look at the few that are available (mainly watch faces) Or other useless...
I, too, don't see FT for many cities. Works fine for Rotterdam, but no Venice, Devil's Tower et cetera (iOS & OSX):
1) great that you are going for longer tri's...I'm still only doing short ones. My swimming sucks, and I don't think I'll ever be able to do a 2.4M2) I'm too mainly a cyclist, though I picked up on the running and am going strong for the past year.I am however giving it my best, train 3 times a week, at a club with professional trainers.3) Yep, I was referring to the Fenix 3. Still haven't received it yet, wait times at Garmin website are now 5-8 weeks. But some folks...
New Posts  All Forums: