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That's a good one!I really liked Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica in True Blood, such a vibrant character, though not much different than 'what I have to cope with'.Thanks for pointing out how kinky the Dutch are. Yep, weird bunch over here!
Weird that it differed from country to country. The explanation TheOtherGeoff gave makes me dubious on the whole setup; how on earth could the stream be reasonably ok at my end? Makes no sense.Anyhoo, as for live Internet traffic I can't find anything. Well, other than these two sites, but it's not what you were looking for:http://internetpulse.net/Main.aspx?xAxis=Destination&yAxis=Origin&zAxis=Metric&nAxis=Periodhttp://www.internetlivestats.com
Well I certainly missed it. But sure, a touch screen for occasional tapping could be useful, though I wouldn't know who on earth Apple is going to make OSX scale up icons and such for a touch friendly experience. Dedicated apps, that's something else.Excellent post, excellent points!
They may very well sell 4k TV sets, but we need content that was shot in high res for that. Or scanned film. I'm just not seeing a global switch to 4k broadcast, with the news and commercials shot in 4k.
I see TS already answered your question.
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)Lol. But we're people making sound judgement there? And please don't answer that with a 'beats me'.
Sounds good.
I'm not talking about their marketing, I'm talking about typing without having an armrest. Typing with a stretched out arm is no fun when doing that for an extensive period of time. Period.
That's what I did after cleanly installing 10.9: no Flash installed. However I don't trust Google and therefore haven't installed Chrome (for what benefit over Safari?) and simply tell the website my user agent is an iPad and the Flash videos are converted on the fly.So, no ads, nothing blinking in the corner of my eye and YouTube Vimeo works just fine for me.
Good point. Still, we need filmmakers to shoot in 4k (or 5k), but they're not on a wide scale. Heck, it was presumed 4k was coming, ready or not, back in 2012. Alas, it hash;t happened, and I personally think it will take a long time.http://filmmakermagazine.com/59616-4k-is-coming-ready-or-not/This one is also a fun read (2014):Why You Should NOT Shoot 4K if You're an Indie Filmmaker ...http://www.mentorless.com/2014/04/14/shoot-4k-youre-indie-filmmaker/
New Posts  All Forums: