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Really? Didn't know that. So, they just await the PO findings? i've seen quite a few articles that write about the poor job they are doing on 'prior art'. I sure hope companies can blame the PO for not doing their job when they're hit with a patent claim from a competitor.
Hardly the same. This patent describes they discern the left hand from the right. Allowing for a new way of using a touch as input. And the physical keys can be pressed to two levels. I don;t see any of that in that YT video. Actually, the person didn't seem to think much of the unintuitive way it works. He want to swipe in more than one app, like scrolling through photos. That didn't work.Besides, I'd think Apple would investigate current patents before applying in order...
Wait, what?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax#Tax_rates
Well, Apple says it's designed for an iPhone, also compatible for the 5th gen iPod touch. Knowing Apple hardware, this won't break with normal use.
Nope: see belowApparently not. 9to5 tested it, and posted their review:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/05/20/review-apples-iphone-lightning-dock-plays-nice-with-iphones-cases-and-even-ipads/
Install the 'Enhanced Quality' Siri voice, see if that makes a difference.
If that were the case, why did Apple design and starts to sell this Dock? Oh, I see, it was a rhetorical question.
The funny thing about it is that some imagery is of higher res from Google...while other images are of higher res from Apple. Can't really say it's a tie, but it certainly differs from address to address. (no idea why that is though. Monet would be my first bet, but come to think of it it may be a 'first first, me first' situation.
Funny that, since they both get the satellite images from the same company, https://www.digitalglobe.com. One must be paying more than the other I guess.How were you able to tell¿
While that certainly is a valid point, if your issue is software related, Apple will want that (bootable) Mac in order to tackle the problem.Disclaimer: I may be going off topic here as I haven;t scrolled back to see what the issue with the OP was about. Sorry 'bout that. Also, I'm signing off, hoping to see a new movie on my 'old' AppleTV.
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