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But it's still at the top. They screwed up here, also with Reachability and having the notifications still popping up at the top.Anyway, I wouldn't want to call the 6+ a phone anyway, but maybe I'm just old fashioned.
And that was one hell of a long line. A friend of mine was on holiday and send me a picture of it. Simply huge amount of people. Can't wait for the next earnings report, hope to see a breakdown on iOS devices, but shouldn't hold my breath.
No OSX = No Sale. And that is not merely my opinion, it's shared by many.
You and me sir. Then again, I think we can expect a flood of plugins for the new Photos app we are in for a treat. If all photos are synced to iCloud and all changes ar in a DB which gets synced as well there's no need anymore to do my current workflow:Shoot DSLR > CCK > iPad > View photos > get home and import photos from either iCloud or SD Card reader into a new project in Aperture > edit > sync iPad over USB with iTunes.After 'all that' I need to delete the original,...
The timing is excellent. Will see reviews first before I make any decision. Not that I need to, Aperture runs just fine. Perhaps better to await all versions be on .1 before 'upgrading' my workflow.
I know I know. It was just my backfiring to all the whiners lambasting Apple for not releasing a phablet.
That might be due to increased weight when filling up all those gigabytes:http://www.cultofmac.com/299069/ipad-filled-apps-weighs-one-nothing-installed/
It's even a higher ratio than the jumbo sized 'Android phablets'. Still, a bit of a bummer for Apple, spending all those years trying to figure out how to create this large phone, and not 'everyone' wanting it. They really made it just to cover all basis, which isn't exactly their MO.This is that very article; only 1 in 4 are 6+.
CBS follows HBO in targeting cord-cutters with $5.99/month VOD service via app & web http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/16/cbs-all-access/
Nothing sloppy about it, perfectly readable. So without taking the AppleTV into the equation, the playlists do show up on iTunes 11.x to a Shard iTunes 12 beta, but not visa versa?I tested both ways: iTunes 12 beta accessing a Shared iTunes 11.4 and the other way around. Both work. The OS with 12 in on 10.10 with Remote Desktop Sharing enabled, the OS with 11.4 is 10.9.5 with CD/DVD sharing, though I doubt that has anything to do with it.
New Posts  All Forums: