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Indeed. And may I add the fact that one cannot discern the pixels if it had a lower PPP to begin with? Or that stereo speakers wouldn't do anything, also a point the Android camp sometimes make. Or that 1GB is just fine when they software is optimised. For people who say they understand tech the Android lovers sure make the weirdest statements.Good points all around. And it is also nice to be in this niche group, as I usually prefer to support the underdog (though that is...
Good point, many suppliers. Even Foxconn has 9 factories in China alone.I would presume newer products take precedence of current ones. I see no problem with a current product taking a couple of days to be delivered, but new iPhones or whatever's just released would get priority. Much larger demand, and nice to post numbers sold in 1st 24 hours for 'bragging' rights.
You mean 2015, right? Because if he thinks they'll sell 63M in the december quarter, they would need to sell over 100M in the september quarter, which contradicts his estimate of ...never mind; the article has been rectified.edit: my reading comprehension failing here: the numbers are for all iPhones, not just the 6 & 6+. Mea culpa
Yes yes, awkward device, but certainly not "relying on the fragment Android market". They are relying on BB customers, either long standing ones, or even people who have flipped to another device. This, and other phones from them, still has customers, just like Apple had during the 'dark days'. I really can see this device take of for business people who simply live in email, like my manager.
How many different products can these manufacturers pump out each day? Would be nice to see a sheet with the numbers for each product some day. It must be mind boggling.
Unfortunately for us, he's not unique, and has disciples.
Frick me, 63M in the holiday Q, that's not only a high estimate, it may very well be quite accurate. 179M in calendar 2014 is probably a typo, I'm guessing he means / the article means it's 179M for a 12 month period.And the stock increasing by 15%, well, happy stock owners there.
And supposedly 20+ million preordered in China alone: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/13/20-million-iphone-6-6-plus-china/
-1+11) Good point2) Oh, I'd love that. The combination of your witty mind and the 'impeccable' sense of humor makes me smile at any given time of the day. People ask me "what's up" but I just can't bring across your... 'weirdness'. Simply love it.
That's what I would presume. Ergo, they probably need to replace everything, not simply upgrade a few components. And that will be one hell of an investment. So 4k TV, I just don't see the whole world moving towards anytime soon.This I can see happening. The HW price is doable for most, and 4k in cinema, as a download, and streaming (to a smaller audience to to bandwidth) I think is indeed happening.
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