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This is true. Also it only applies to a few core apps from Apple, but certainly not all. They need support for 'Dynamic Type'. And even if all apps meet this requirement, the layout on buttons gets in the way when increasing the font size.
Some use this little handy tool for quick lookups like that:http://www.mactracker.ca
What is the output file? PDF? If so, and your current hard copies are well-printed, scan them, and copy the text from the PDF into a word processor. That will only give you the text, not any graphics, and sucks if there's a whole stack of papers to be done.Bit of a well-duh post now that I wrote it.
QFT. I fully agree. Also, it comes across as a personal viewpoint. And a CEO ought to be a spokesman for the whole company, and somehow I don't think the employees share this viewpoint.
I was only referring to these 3 statements, which I think are really dumb and doesn't require my explanation:"Apple TV is essentially an accessory for the iPad""They lose money, which is unusual for Apple,""If you're losing money, why would you want to sell more?"
Don't scanners come with OCR software?
While I agree on the sentiment in general, don't forget that she herself posted a link to that video. When she went 'offline' we removed all pictures to respect the very thing that you write about.
Apple ][ is that you?
If this Wikipedia page is off, why didn't the author edited it? Or is it locked down? There was a page on Wiki about out local telco who said they supported 4G but failed to mention it didn't the new iPhone5, back in 2012. I added to the page info on the various bandwidth and terminology when it comes to telco frequencies. A few dates later the page was reverted to the last version. When I write a bit of a long story I copy paste it (learned that from crashing Safari on...
Dedicated as in DSLR? In which case I would love a full manual option in iOS.
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