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Why doesn't the article include a link to the video Apple made? Strange http://www.apple.com/105/media/cn/retail/2015/3b340d70-8a3e-11e4-b4a9-0800200c9a66/tours/jiefangbei-store/retail-jiefangbei-store-cn-20150126_r848-9dwc.mov?width=848&height=480&expectingMovieJson=true
I think he means that he doesn't like all photos to reside within an app; the OSX package, which as we know is still browsable from the Finder. Still, people who prefer folder by date and time, Aperture is the way to go, as that app allows you to simply leave the photos in place with a Referenced Library.
You're right that I shouldn't have written some of it, like that silly "those who have something..." - that was stupid of me.Yes, I know you're an Apple fan, and like many posters here enjoy reading your views. And no, of course you shouldn't be happy with every announcement. As for the Watch, I'd hardly call it vaporware, even though technically it is (it's not released but announced). To me, vaporware relates mostly to all thing MS has announced but never delivered. Plus...
This is one of the reasons I use Aperture. You can use a referenced or managed library, on a per photo basis, I also would not just make a backup and call it a day, I would test that backup before continuing. Lastly, I wouldn't empty the trash without first backing up, and testing, the library from its new location.
What an incredibly insightful post!
Line managers supposedly have 100+ colleagues. Jony has a team of ≈ 25He did ≈ 5,500 interviews!(just a few OT tidbits - carry on)
You may be not interested in this new product, but is there no way for you to see the enjoyment others already have from the announcement and consequent eagerness to await its arrival? There can be many valid points from people who do not think this product will succeed commercially, but why do some want to share their negative assumptions that adds nothing to the discussion. I understand it's a free country and an open forum and all that, but still, re-read your words...
Instead of guessing you really ought to watch the the presentation. It has all the info you need. Link is in the thread.
Gives a whole new meaning to being 'properly fucked'.
Apart from executive salaries I'd like to see lawyer expenses for these tech companies. And the number of man hours it takes from board members, key managers.
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