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Thank you for explaining it to me as I sure as hell wasn't getting it. I guess I could've downloaded the app from a different country and see what the pop-over was. Reading the app description tells me the trial is for one month, so, yeah, back to Safari.
You expect apps to be free of charge, and ad free because you don't want to pay for the work a site like this one puts in? I would expect anyone to understand the choice of ad-supported sites and subscription-based (paid) sites that are ad free. Price is a different discussion altogether.I have to admit, I've never seen the pop-over (well, probably once).
That line came from your 1st post. So if you don't a free trail, don't want that popover, why don't you buy a subscription? That's what I did.
Same sentiment here. Let's hope Apple hits home with Photos, and features we currently enjoy in Aperture will be filled in by 3rd party plug-ins.
One can dream, right? I really hope this is the reason, I'm not 'having the best of times' with LR, and Aperture has its own flaws. But that may be due to the synching with my iPhone; the photo projects aren't in alphabetical order on my phone.
"I don't like the non-dismissable "start your free trail of Appleinsider Plus" pop-over."
That's a valid point; this site is incredibly slow on reporting, often a full day behind. Still, the discussions in the threads can be good and contain useful information.
So you're getting a subscription, right?
Perhaps this helps: http://imazing.comThat's a valid point. Something Ikea does as well.I don't understand why people think Apple is 'sort of ripping us off' with their new 16/64/128 lineup: as long as they also sell a 8GB iPhone we cannot possibly expect them to start the other models with 32GB. Besides, 16GB is just fine for many, if not most people; do some really think Apple hasn't figured this out all along? Dropping the 32GB model was a kind gesture, as you get 48GB...
Perhaps you should format first.A greed.
New Posts  All Forums: