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The spooky thing of Google is my following example:A friend of mine ordered a cartridge at his local (Dutch) office supply online store. Didn't Googled for anything, just logged in at Viking (Office Depot), went to purchase history and bought the same cartridge like he always does). Next day he sees ads for that specific (generic) cartridge when Googling something, without even being logged in. He does have a gmail account, but that's always used within his Outlook...
I don't believe that t be the case. For runners, there used to be these little footpods one could attach to their running shoes, but nowadays there's an accelerometer in the sports watch itself which is just as accurate.
The fact that the stock Health app can't even calculate my BMI in spite of it already having my height and weight I see the Health app as a 'nice try, but no cigar'.The app is seriously lacking from the polish, fit & finish we all have grown accustomed to. It has bugs, sometimes loosing all info, has endless data points from my steps which should be simply truncated to 4 times a day or something. The graphs should be made scrollable to see the history instead of 4...
That would be cool; please post. I saw that the mural has already been taken down:Source: http://taisy0.com/2015/01/30/45085.html
Indeed, they are different. Downloading it through iTunes downloads the whole iOS firmware, available in case you want to do a complete restore of an iOS device. The OTA updates are merely delta's.
+1-1I think Apple wants to have Photos 'behave' the same on any device you use, bit like iWork apps. All photos are accessible on all Apple devices, and any modification you make gets pushed to all devices. Plus, all modifications can be made on any device, including iCloud.com. Somehow that bothers me, as I don't think a webbrowser can do the same things as a dedicated OSX or iOS app. But I'd love to be surprised by Apple. The often do, just not always in a pleasant way.
Why doesn't the article include a link to the video Apple made? Strange http://www.apple.com/105/media/cn/retail/2015/3b340d70-8a3e-11e4-b4a9-0800200c9a66/tours/jiefangbei-store/retail-jiefangbei-store-cn-20150126_r848-9dwc.mov?width=848&height=480&expectingMovieJson=true
I think he means that he doesn't like all photos to reside within an app; the OSX package, which as we know is still browsable from the Finder. Still, people who prefer folder by date and time, Aperture is the way to go, as that app allows you to simply leave the photos in place with a Referenced Library.
You're right that I shouldn't have written some of it, like that silly "those who have something..." - that was stupid of me.Yes, I know you're an Apple fan, and like many posters here enjoy reading your views. And no, of course you shouldn't be happy with every announcement. As for the Watch, I'd hardly call it vaporware, even though technically it is (it's not released but announced). To me, vaporware relates mostly to all thing MS has announced but never delivered. Plus...
This is one of the reasons I use Aperture. You can use a referenced or managed library, on a per photo basis, I also would not just make a backup and call it a day, I would test that backup before continuing. Lastly, I wouldn't empty the trash without first backing up, and testing, the library from its new location.
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