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Some might say:"You know, for a stupid person you sure post the dumbest things."All email services scan the databases in order to:Keep spam out,Keep illegal stuff out, like kiddy porn, copyright material et cetera,Keep you safe from receiving such things,Keep them safe from liability, therefore keeping the email service up...for you.Google does this. My ISP does this. Apple does this. Please, sir, stay calm and no one will be hurt. And take advice from posters here, as...
LOL at you both. Here's something from Amazon:That reminds me off Roger Sterling "See her this weekend. You hit it off, come Turkey Day, maybe you can stuff her."
With all the new iCloud offerings coming I would presume so! iCloud Drive (upto 1TB) Photos Mail Drop (5GB per msg) Cloud Kit (1PB assets, 10TB DB, for devs, >1M) Never mind the impact of all the Handoff, SMS, Safari Tabs will have, though that wouldn't be much of storage, but more about bandwidth. What was the rest, shown during the keynote? Watching it now. Gotta love Ferengi Federighi: "iCloud Drive. All your documents, available on iOS & OSX. And what the heck,...
Same here at my end, 10.9, Safari Version 7.0.5 (9537.77.4) as well.Same here👍Very odd; mine starts at the beginning. And 1*60*60 + 31*60 + 20 = 5480, not 5530, which was my 'copy at current time'.Very!
Ah, I see. Actually not. I simply hit pause, right-click on the video window and select the 2nd option: "Get video URL at current time" It gives me a little box with the URL in it; I Cmd-C and paste the link in the [ VIDEO ] tag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7Qtp6Iv7a0#t=5530 I'm using the BB code editor. But it might be due to the overwhelming amount of ad blockers and Out-Google-Out stuff I have installed. Also, no Flash on my machine.
+1 Can't believe why some won't take a hint and simply sog off
LOL "Galaxy S hit series"
The Micro-USB on the Apple TV is only for service and support. So none, then.So no experience then, contrary to what your wrote. Got it.Like the Lightning connector from Apple, you mean¿ Small doesn't mean it cannot be stiff. Ask around.
Uhm, so how do you know "it can be forced in back to front"? I can't simply assume you've never forced it in but only think people do this...Fully agree on the crap design: all plug ought to be inserted any way they like, not just 1 way, or 2, when flipped. They should make them all like headphone jacks. Those can be inserted without looking.
I don't even know how they sound as they fall out of my ear! Never actually plugged it into my iPhone.But yes, let them explore all facets of their products. Keep on innovating, and don't try new endeavours where they don't have any knowledge of, like Google does.
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