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I think they called it a hobby because of the poor sales -when compared to any of their other products- and tried to make it sound that they're interested 'in the living room' but as yet haven't released anything more than a 'streaming box'.
They added Australia, so I would think there are more countries to follow. Check here for availability of iTunes Music, Radio & Match:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5085?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
That's probably the problem with Google; even if they aren't being hypocrites at all they can be perceived that way. To some, that's a good thing, as hypocritical that may seem.
I found the article also to suffer from profanity, with lines like: "slipping through the cracks", but maybe that's just Apple Inside 'er.I hear you. Still, I simply registered for a free US iTunes account and enjoy US Radio now. Also handy for free apps in the App Store that aren't available in your country.Thank you
Huh? Why would you think Apple will use last years' tech in the MBA?
This is true. Also it only applies to a few core apps from Apple, but certainly not all. They need support for 'Dynamic Type'. And even if all apps meet this requirement, the layout on buttons gets in the way when increasing the font size.
Some use this little handy tool for quick lookups like that:http://www.mactracker.ca
What is the output file? PDF? If so, and your current hard copies are well-printed, scan them, and copy the text from the PDF into a word processor. That will only give you the text, not any graphics, and sucks if there's a whole stack of papers to be done.Bit of a well-duh post now that I wrote it.
QFT. I fully agree. Also, it comes across as a personal viewpoint. And a CEO ought to be a spokesman for the whole company, and somehow I don't think the employees share this viewpoint.
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