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Just to touch this one topic, why isn't there a music app that can do all these things, surely you can't be the only person wanting this. It sounds like it makes sense to want it; are the music apps you use limited in other areas as well?I keep clicking on the icons when doing an Alt-Tab on Windows and people call me stupid for trying that. Who's the stupid one there¿As to your post, fully agree. Again.
This ain't K.I.T.T.
Uhm, that's not the whole story:"My Photo Stream upload limitsThe My Photo Stream limits below are based on anticipated upload patterns. My Photo Stream upload limits are as follows:Uploads to My Photo Stream per hour: 1000 photosUploads to My Photo Stream per day: 10,000 photosUploads to My Photo Stream per month: 25,000 photos"http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4858
AWS was (and still is) also used for Photo Streams, the old way. It syncs your photos streams over even without having Aperture open. Anyway, I'm going to pull the plug on doing it the old way and have just enabled the iCloud Photo Sharing beta feature. This will break my iTunes syncing, but that's ok. Any modified photos I can upload by exporting them from Aperture and upload them to https://beta.icloud.com/#photosAnother thing, iCD max files size is 15GB, possibly why...
On OSX, clicking on /SysPrefs/Spottlight/About... gives you this:Which may be of use to some.And then there is that other article on that newspaper site:"How Google Search is changing to fight online piracy"http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/10/20/how-google-search-is-changing-to-fight-online-piracy/
Reading MacRumors is always a slap in the face.
But will it be accepted fast enough in the US in this first year for an international rollout next year/next iOS release?
Very good post. If I may, here are the sharing limits Apple has had set for the current Photo Stream way of doing things. This may change with Photos on iCloud.com and/or when the Photos app arrive for OSX.http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4858
Yup, that sucks. I'm just glad the auto-mount feature is back in 10.10 is the Sidebar icons points to something on a different Mac. I really missed that in 10.9Fully agree. There's really no point in putting the iCD mirror on your bootdrive mandatorily. They could've build a DB which points to the files it needs to sync over. Those that are off line will sync once they are online again. It really is pisspoor design, the referenced library in Aperture is the same thing and...
New Posts  All Forums: