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Hmm, used the same account. An older screengrab:
The next time we want your opinion Mr. Bromwhich, we'll give it to you.Seriously, shouldn't he simply stick to his fact finding(?)
My first reaction was that I am using the same account but during the millisecond it took me to hit the reply button here I think I need to check that first. Thanks!
The speed of updating the app has been discussed in full last time. What I don't understand is why the ads still show up in the app after you have paid for the subscription.
Already supporting the Apple Watch, that's a fast update AI, kudos
Make sure both Macs are on the same WiFi network. Fire up /Applications/Utilities/Migration Assistant on either Mac and follow the instructions. It doesn't matter if you're going old to new or new to old. Heck, you can also migrate PC Mac (or rather PC > Mac; I've never tried) Personally I would simply copy files over and start with a clean install. Yes, that means configuring all prefs to your liking, but it's really not that much work.
In Belgium it indeed kinda sucks. It is much better though in The Netherlands . And Siri is supporting Dutch and Polish in the latest beta so who knows what next updates are going to bring us.
Thanks! Hey, that could work as a caption.Too kind. Maybe later today I'll feel more comfortable and post another one.
After seeing photos from you two I'm afraid to post myself. Ok, just one tulip from The Netherlands then. Not from an iPhone though (D7000)
To call Samsung a competitor to Apple is sort of inflammatory. Heck, these are called 'smartphones'? Really? With 40 features less in the new S6 when compared to the S5 can we still call it a smartphone?Kidding aside, the article is fine. But I do get the point on the headline you make.
New Posts  All Forums: