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Would be great if you stopped thinking
Looks like a possible 12.9" iPad has been postponed due to the humongous demand for the iPhone 6 Plus:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/09/12-inch-retina-macbook-production-starts-in-december-12-9-inch-ipad-production-delayed-to-2015/
1) Buying their stock isn't an issue; it's just not that incentive. It climbs, but doesn't really do much unless you own a gazillion of them. They supposedly have doubled their income through increased advertising, and while that's a good thing for the company, users aren't happy with it. Many don't mind, but many more think it's annoying.2) Usage decline is worrisome for them, not for society. I left a post on that site I linked, which awaits moderation:3) I laughed at...
Funny to see MS being superseded by a company that sells sugared water. Though it's strange to see MS on the list to begin with.Yes yes, and their revenue is also exploding. Too bad for them that people are leaving FB behind though:https://www.stonetemple.com/how-are-people-using-facebook-vii/
Excellent points. Apple is really doing the whole thing on their own, and execute extremely well. I think I'm just baffled at other companies not 'doing it the same way'. Don't they have the same incentive to at least strive for perfection? Try not to only have a great product, but create an ecosystem around it. Do the advertising well. Their website. The lot.Why can does only Apple do it all 'right'? Or at least have this eye for detail, and strive to make the best...
Talent as in engineering, as in management, as in CEO, CFO, CTO. Why is it they can't do things 'right'? Selling the most smartphones doesn't make Samsung's products the best products. Heck, selling the most does't even make you the most popular manufacturer. Just ask Microsoft.
Why does the article contain an image of the 5.5" 6+ screen?
I know it's outdated info, from 2012 but that's not the point: these two laptop models differ so much the post by, whomever, was so dumb I... oh, what's the use. At least you got it.
I think Apple really has this 'DNA thing' going for them, but apart from that, why don't competitors, like Samsung, hire the same talented people Apple hires? When RIM had to let go of many employees at their HQ the big 3 were hiring away; why wasn't Samsung there? How come we all can see the shortcomings in Samsung products but they don't address them the way we discuss here? Could that be some cultural thing I'm not aware of?
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