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How will you add songs to your iPod without iTunes?
But that has been there for a long time already:SysPrefs ▸ Accessibility ▸ Display ▸ Invert colours
I think the 5GB attachments to email work perfectly for this scenario. Users not on 10.10 simply get a link.
After opening the ~/Library folder I added it to the sidebar, Cmd-Ctrl-T if I'm not mistaken (used to be Cmd-T but that creates a new Tab in the Finder nowadays)As for iCD being on the startup disk, it stupid. No sim link or Fusion Drive is a solution for the masses. What is. The reason for not using sy links to the files in their original location itself? Kinda like an Aperture Referenced Lib?
I can't believe th sophisticated software NeXT released, or used internally, is similar to iCD. The stupidity of having a folder, or sparse disk image like iDisk, has to be on the startup volume, mandatory. Sure, a sim link is the workaround but I don't think that is what Apple had in mind, especially not after hiding the Library from users.Must be awkward to max out a Mac Pro with a 1TB SSD and then find out that you're unable to get a 1TB iCD subscription due to a lack...
Thanks to our investigative user @digitalclips it seems that the local storage of iCD has to be on the boot volume. That means an iCD may not be larger than your startup disk, a thing to consider when using, say, a 256GB SSG and wanting a 500GB iCD. For in depth review, see this post
That's shit design. It should put symlinks in an iCloud Drive folder in your user library and leave the original file where it is, no need for a copy, and it fills up your SSD, completely unnecessary.I envy your Internet speed. Thanks for this test. Complete shit design from Apple here.If that's true that is indeed ridiculous.I wouldn't expect that, seeing their advertising the ability to store any filetype on your iCloud DriveHere is the upload path. Does anyone know the...
And the RAM is user replaceable: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/17/retina-imac-ram-upgrade/ http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/iMac/Retina-5K/DDR3L
I don't think any company can create a good search engine. You'll need solid info as the source, and websites aren't exactly setup lik a database. Text displayed as an images aren't tagged as (the same) text, so a search engine will skip that, and the inconsistency of all websites makes for poor search results.Either that, or I'm just not good at searching. But when I search I have a difficult time finding the exact thing I want. Engine independent.
I'm sorry nhughes, I thought the article was a copy from that other site, hence my whining. And that was wrong of me.Thank you for adding the compatible HW models to the article, that is indeed very helpful.
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