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This image is very telling; finally a phone where you get to read what you wrote, and get to read what you're replying to.This phone looks really great. No idea why it has stereo speakers, but other than that one really ought to appreciate the attention to detail here: that keyboard is the best solution I've ever seen. All the HW specs look really good, and the fact that it can run Android apps is completely new to me; they really should shout that from the rooftops.Thanks...
What new naming scheme? You mean the Watch and Pay? These two don't need an Internet connection for them to work, so I would presume they didn't use the iPrefix, which, admittedly, is becoming long in the tooth. They may very well discontinue with the iPrefix, but renaming iTunes will be one heck of a thing: what to rename it to? It started with music, so iTunes made sense as you could buy music from the Internet. But then they added such a slew of media and expanded...
BIG thanks for all your posts on the BB Passport and its new OS10. Without you I (we) really wouldn't be getting much info on the phone, nor the platform. Now I'm sure there aren't many people wanting to run terminal commands or compile an app on a smartphone it is indeed quite an accomplishment from BB. That said, I myself am more interested how apps look as the screen is square and I presume 3rd party apps aren't. But I'll look it up right now and will post back.Best to...
If most shooting is done in 4k, 5k, 8k; cool. But I have yet to see any websites stating this to be true. I'm sure there are many to be found, but looking at TV studios I don't see those already moved to 4k, which was my point: I don't expect to see most TV channels delivering their content in 4k in the near future.Now a 4k iMac is something different; people get to see 8 megapixels photos @ 100% This would be cool!Is it? It was my understanding that we can't compare the...
That's a good one!I really liked Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica in True Blood, such a vibrant character, though not much different than 'what I have to cope with'.Thanks for pointing out how kinky the Dutch are. Yep, weird bunch over here!
Weird that it differed from country to country. The explanation TheOtherGeoff gave makes me dubious on the whole setup; how on earth could the stream be reasonably ok at my end? Makes no sense.Anyhoo, as for live Internet traffic I can't find anything. Well, other than these two sites, but it's not what you were looking for:http://internetpulse.net/Main.aspx?xAxis=Destination&yAxis=Origin&zAxis=Metric&nAxis=Periodhttp://www.internetlivestats.com
Well I certainly missed it. But sure, a touch screen for occasional tapping could be useful, though I wouldn't know who on earth Apple is going to make OSX scale up icons and such for a touch friendly experience. Dedicated apps, that's something else.Excellent post, excellent points!
They may very well sell 4k TV sets, but we need content that was shot in high res for that. Or scanned film. I'm just not seeing a global switch to 4k broadcast, with the news and commercials shot in 4k.
I see TS already answered your question.
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)Lol. But we're people making sound judgement there? And please don't answer that with a 'beats me'.
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