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The iMac already has that:
I know, was just pulling his leg. I see statements like this one and get the point, but why write it down like this?Don't think they do a scaled down Mac Pro, but a keyboard with the computer in it might very well be done by them. They know all about miniaturising components, and simply having a TB cable running from the keyboard to a (powered) the screen can be an elegant solution.Of course, it wouldn't be anything like this:http://www.fungur.com/computer-keyboard/
I simply love your attention to detail, your views on icons, and the icons you've created yourself. Thanks for posting.
Real time update through the app? Erm, no. Just push notifications that there's a new article. I'll use Apple.com thank you very much. Do hope that site won't go pear shaped if a billion people are going to connect to it. Not expecting 1080 here, but a stuttering 320 won't do.
Testing the Slow Motion feature sure is important it seems...
That's Android QA there for you. Amazing that Google / Motorola 'didn't think of' the implications of using a round display and showing apps that were designed for rectangular devices.Many things can be said of Apple, but they always think how things are going to be used, how they work, they test stuff, they...ah, what's the use. Android users may very well say that this cutting of is logical, because the app wasn't designed for a round display...Companies that don't think...
Can you stop these non-informative posts please? TIA.
Really? What's the problem to have a defective device replaced with a new one? I was happy with my sleep/wake button issue after 11 months (before Apple set up their Replacement Program) because I got a new iPhone with a new battery. And because I get an email confirmation with serial numbers from Apple, I can explain this to a buyer who pays more for it because of that new battery.How's that not a good thing?
Fixed that 4 ya!edit: replaced U with S in []
They can also do both, as they are doing right now. Buying companies, expanding products, options, software, you name it.What's wrong with you? Sure you can, just don't replace a square bracket with a c; it'll get censored.
New Posts  All Forums: