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Hurray! And the fact that you have time to post this on AI is commendable. Enjoy the Mac!
Wow, another CEO with shit for brains.
All I see is one picture and one grey rectangle window. Guess that's where the stream is. Probably Silverlight...Thanks thoughedit: just watched in on my Mac. Good presentation. Really looking forward to see their innovations for the new Windows version next week.
Does Word work in portrait mode? All screen dumps are landscape, all 3 apps.Apple doesn't take a cut. The subscription is being sold through MS.Edit: it now turns out they do. Mea culpa.
Heck, no. I just wanted responses, so thank you for DED.
No cut. They sell their subscription on their own site. So basically they're paying $99/y for their membership at Apple, and use their infrastructure, 700M clients and the humongous name of Apple. Don't know how they got these apps pass, but we'll see.The previous article has more on the prices.Edit: turns out Apple does get their cut.
Written by yours truly, the one and only......
If they used the same hand it would reflect the size difference.
"Geez man, that deep."
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