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Thanks for these video's; they look great. Pity you can't find the other site you mentioned, doesn't the history in Safari help out there?
That's good info, thank you. I would presume @digitalclips is happy to read this info as well. Possibly @ThePixelDoc as well.I am wondering if the order gets retained; were your images all from iPhoto projects listed alphabetically and is it displayed correctly on your iPad and iPhone? Including iCloud.com?And if I may ask, have you also uploaded any videos, and are these displayed in correct order, syncing over properly as well?I ask as I'm having my fair share of issues...
If you think that's bold, check out this article where they state that anyone who has used IE10 would switch over from an iPad to a MS tablet in a heartbeat:http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/A/9/0A984E7B-D553-4BF1-8C27-9217A3F6DC6F/MozaicGroupReport.pdf
Oh dear, this certainly wasn't what I expected to happen: sorry for 'dragging you into this' Gatorguy. Without touching the topic myself (as I'm less informed anyway) I just hope this thread will be closed asap, as I see no point in this OT topic.So, a bit in advance, have a great weekend y'all!
I have to admit, he often makes a lot of valid points.
This is opposite of what I learned from @Gatorguy but I don't want to turn this into a smashing rounding error fight.
I don't understand this article. Or rather, why the iPhone is being compared to all cellular phones. The numbers are quite meaningless, they should be comparing the iPhon against similar priced smartphones. Market share cannot be calculated here, but 'journalists' then exclude the iPad at will when talking about PeeCee market share. Who wrote this; it's not stated here. At any rate, Apple is 'winning' and Nokia and others are 'loosing'.
TBH it was a rethorical question. Still, point taken.
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