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Anyone with half a brain would fact check a story on a rumour site. Hmm, that may come across as derogative towards you, which isn't my intention. Carry on. PM them
Just when I thought I wrote something funny....you reply
Does it suffer from the 4 year and still not fixed battery problem, or is this only happening on Windows laptops?http://www.forbes.com/sites/ianmorris/2014/07/14/googles-chrome-web-browser-is-killing-your-laptop-battery/That may be great for schools but not for the tech nurds 'around here'. And why is there an app for this? Creating a recovery device for your Chromebook is about to become much easier with the arrival of a new, dedicated packaged app.Indeed, the vast...
What? How large is that? And what size, are we talking GB's here? Am I to understand that it usually is simply put to sleep? Doesn't need reboots for software installations? Maybe I'm comparing this too much with a 'regular PC' - why is it reinstalling the whole OS? Do you lose any customisations?Never took a look at what's available for the Chromebook, so I clicked this 1st link. Pointer was on GoAnimate for Schools, so I clicked that without looking, actually. I get a...
"Stick it in your mouth and you don't need a single hand to operate this thing"
That's true. And it sucked. The new 16:9 also sucks, when taking a photo. It's the worst camera one can have since the sensor is 4:3 making a composition very difficult. But I don't see them going to 4:3 for their screen, and making a sensor 16:9 is a big no no. Still, it is the camera that's always with me, so I just need to relax, zoom out and crop afterwards. Which sucks; a photo out to be taken as-is, not altered after the fact.
Aperture can be used as a referenced library, giving you the ability to store your photos anywhere you like, all sorted in the Finder, and managed through the software. Just like LR. iPhoto I wouldn't use, it's clunky and not very powerful. Shouldn't even be compared to LR, not that you were doing that.You can even mix your preference in Aperture. This is what I do: keep my photos in a managed library, all stored on SSD, and managing my videos in the Finder, on HDD, all...
Lol. And I agree; 3rd party plugins will probably turn out for the better as developers can give it their full attention as opposed to Apple who need to do the whole package.
Ah, ok. Well, if they release a 4.7" screen iPhone that is has a larger FF than the current model I won't be buying it. It's already large enough, some of my pants 'have a problem with it' meaning the phone 'drops landscape' in my pocket and it 'a bit difficult to take out'. Yes, in diacritical mark, because it obviously ISN'T A BIG problem, but still, not preferring a larger phone than it already is.
Don't know about 'tirelessly' but they do seem to be the #1 when it comes down to security. Yet the Chinese government feels insecure. "Computer says no"[/quote]The Chinese government has grown increasingly wary in recent months of the influence that foreign technology companies...[/quote]Get used to it. If a country can't embrace the fruition of foreign inventions, it will lose out big time in the long run.Apple could do the same, saying the Mac Mini is a great computer....
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