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That was a fun read! Can'r really say much in response but did want you to know it didn't go unread.So what happened to Germany? Nothing came of it with that au pair girl?Yeah, funerals are weird to photograph. It's a bit like voyeurism, one really needs to be discreet about it. Think zoom lens here. And I have someone mention me before they start, so it's explained to everyone that it's really for those family members abroad and couldn't get a flight that quickly.Anyhoo,...
It kinda sucked, but the audio is actually pretty good...for its design, its time and its price. The Zeppelin is what, $599 or something. This thing was a mere $ 350Ok, yeah, then a MP would be too much. In price, and in horsepower. The number of registered photographers here in NL has exploded these last few years, in a country that is so small many Americans can't show it on a map G5. Hmm, a lot has happened since then. The latest iMacs are sometimes faster than the...
One should never wait for new tech to arrive; you'll end up waiting forever. If you need a new computer, buy it. If the current one still works one has the option to wait. But since it may take years for a new model to arrive, should that model line not be EOL'd, don't blame the supplier on their timeline. Rather, think about what a pleasant surprise it would be if you just let yourself be surprised by the new model that just came out.I'm a hobbyist photographer myself,...
Thanks for explaining it. (I'd rather understood this on my own though)
But it's half a sentence, right? The word rather normally gets followed by a than. And I think the grammar is off right at the beginning: "I'd rather (something's missing here) the greatest..."
Maybe the stock dropped 0.01% and even though it has risen after that, he's still looking at that 0.01% drop¿Anyhoo, excellent post sir.
What is wrong with you?
Good to know, thanks.
I wonder what your next post will be like, in 2015.
This is old news, many apps in the productivity discount apps article have this. Weird to see it mention in a separate article, when AI could've simply added this info in the previous article. Don't tell me they haven't check out the 20 apps that were on sale, they wrote about, but failed to verify them.
New Posts  All Forums: