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I wish he'd stop doing that.He wrote many on that topic, here's one that's related, but not the article you had in mind, I think:http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2012/01/03/the-next-ten-years-of-mac-os-x/He also did a comparable thing on tablets:The inside track on Apple's tablet: a history of tablet computingExcellent point. OSX has indeed evolved so much. There's so much refinement and optimisation done, something MS will likely never do, or understand why this is a good...
As to the 45% part of the survey: wow! As to the 77% part of the survey: duh!
Must've been some discussion. He usually provides great info, links and insightful views. Pity these usually get deleted; I'd like to read it.Well, ok, 3 days offline can be good too.
That Apple Support doc is incorrect: people on a Mac Pro can only use the Late 2013 model is bogus; it works fine on my 5,1edit: 'Banned'? What happened? Anyway, welcome back, I guess.
Good point. Still, I cannot comprehend why they would want their 'own YouTube channel'. They use their homepage for stuff like this. And anything that's old is, well, old, and they don't look back.Nope, sitting in from of the big screen reading last weeks articles and post on AI. Doesn't look I missed anything, except for some really great humour that's still going on, fortunately.Right, enough of this typing - I'm off running! (thanks Sol)
Could be. Or a fan with too much time on his hands.You're up early; going swimming?
Your post doesn't make sense ...on any level. Can't wait for your next post, but that may take another 3 years or so.
Had to look that one up, and LOL-ed afterwards:
Don't know about the glass specifically, but they do make use of all material according to the project plan:https://s3.amazonaws.com/apple-campus2-project/Project_Description_Submittal7.pdfHard to say with just one post, but I don't think Apple will ever lower themselves to have 'their own YouTube channel'. It's a place filled with ill-....ah, Wiki tells it so much better than me:
Fantastic that you signed up and give us these facts. Thank you very much for doing so.
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