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What keyboard? You simply talk to Cortana. Or use a stylus. No keyboard, no heavy arms from a vertical touch device.
Was it some time before July 19, 2013? That would be 'funny'. Of course, they do have their policy in place:http://www.apple.com/legal/intellectual-property/policies/ideas.htmlThe original had 4 folds.
Wasn't the $70M just to get her on board? I'm sure she'll have a regular salary next year, in line with Eddy and Jeff.What I found rather large is the $458,000 in relocation expenses.As for Tim getting 57k for holiday expenses, well, I guess I would be able to blow through that as well.
Point being this battery life won't be an issue. That is, for normal use. Once available for purchase we can expect many stories on short battery life because everyone will be bashing on this watch and see what it can do. It'll die. (The stories, not the battery)
Didn't the 1G iPhone have 5 hours of talk time? That worked out fine. I'm sure Apple won't release something that can't be used for its intended purpose.
Doesn't the smiley indicate he's just being humorous?That's a good point. Apple never made it an industry standard, likely to entice people in getting an iPhone.
Oh my. That doesn't sound good, so I searched. Didn't like the results:2003 http://www.computerworld.com/article/2571741/cybercrime-hacking/acxiom-database-hacked.html2006 http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/02/23/acxiom_spam_hack_sentencing/"Acxiom database hacker jailed for 8 yearsFlorida spammer off to slammer"
Thanks. I would expect anonymously as well.
You mean to tell me it's not anonymous? (yes, not a ¿ but a ?)
Anyone finished yesterdays' webinar? It looks like the surface table is back, but now on the wall:
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