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I agree here; there's no reason to dislike if someone else chimes in on a question popped to someone else. You could've ignored it Anant...Yup, thanks for the reminder. I just think it's unnecessary to block it. It's a free world, America being a free country, and blocking a site that quotes their source back yo this site is 'just not done'. IMO. Doesn't matter if it's Hurdle(!) or AI. IMO.
9>5 said they ordered 80 million:http://************/2014/09/12/att-boasts-record-breaking-iphone-sales-following-first-night-of-preorders/Get off it AI, whitelist ninetofivemac.com. This tactic is on par with Samsung. You're better than that. They themselves state their source in an article if it came from you. Credit where credit is due (or something like that)
1) Lol2) They truly live in a different galaxy. No way one can compare their 2011 phone with the 6+. "It's all in the software dummie".
Which also makes sense, considering that is all on your Mac and backed up by TM.
1) Yes, thank you AI, I say that 4 hours ago on that website we aren't allowed to mention here (************) 2) So why hasn't Samsung released the iPhone 7s yet, if they're so 3 years ahead of 'the competition'¿ 3) This ad could have been done so much better.
History doesn't help here either1: good point2: handy tool. And clever implementation of quoting here from an iPhone!Use pine instead¡
Poppycock. Look at the stuff gf in her bag:Weird, cause her bag like this:
I have a weird answer for it: yes I think it's worth that price and would pay that. But I'm not interested in this watch, so no. I need sports watches, like the Ambit Suunto I posted about earlier. But Polar, Timex, & Garmin work as well for these purposes. The Watch won't suffice here as it doesn't have a GPS chip in it, amongst other limitations.Darn, how do I get that Apple logo not filled in? A simple trace outline would be better in my opinion.
For the iPhone the Internet prefix (i) made sense as it's marketed as a useful internet device. The watch however to a lesser extend, so I'm glad it isn't called iWatch. So yeah, I agree.I don't like cOCK sLAP either. Strange that they don't use all caps on their PR page:http://www.apple.com/pr/products/apple-watch/Apple-Watch.html
Complete OT post, but it's a Sunday1) On the topic of the Apple logo, yes,  http://www.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/APPLE/CORPCHAR.TXT2) You can enter the Apple logo on iOS as well by pasting the character in a Note on the Mac. Copy and paste the character into the shortcuts/phrases field. When I type aapl on my iPhone I get .3) While searching I came across the "NCMUG Video SIG: A Tribute to Steve" which made me pink away a tear, so don't watch if you're a...
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