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Lucky you! I envy you as I'm still on old school DSL. 20/1. They did actually put in empty pipes through my neighbourhood for fiber, but their survey showed that only 28% wants to upgrade to fiber. So, without their goal of 30% it's not going to happen now as they don't feel like investing any more than they have already. Now my DSL is fast enough for 4k I just don't see TV broadcast going 4k any time soon. We need content, delivery and a set that can display it.Sure,...
I have a Mini underneath the TV and only use it for watching movies. But when the 10.10 beta went public I thought what the heck and installed. Tried out various software, and I have to say, the Mini is one heck of a machine. Even though mine has a HDD it performs incredibly well.On my MP it's fun to see all 8 CPU's doing their thing when I convert FLAC to .mp3 and I don't think tasks like those would be anywhere near 'ok' on a Mini but if my MP dies I would seriously...
lolHave you seen this?http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/62020/emoji-tuesday/
You will be. Simply has to be true, since you already survived all the misery one can get or imagine.
That he's also very successful in taking chances¿
I would assume they remove the speakers from the iMac. They're pretty poor quality if you want to enjoy music, and for beeps there's always the "Piezoelectric disk beeper"The iMac screen itself could very well be the same as Dell has announced:Dell Previews 27-inch ‘5K’ UltraSharp Monitor: 5120x2880
I'm not surprised as my sisters kids also use BB phones. Yup, easier typing they tell me. Though with kids it could very well be that they don't feel like using an iPhone as 'everyone already has that'.Good for you Relic! A friend of mine is also battling cancer and since he can afford it he too is in a private room. Which makes a lot of sense as you already have the worrying and fighting to do you don't want to be annoyed by other people and their visitors at that...
I'll be happy to accommodate. You'll get the grand tour, whichever city you prefer. Or I make suggestions.I haven't listened to them, yet, but did lift it up the other day and I agree, it feels solid, robust.[/quote]Let me know what you think of them and thank you as always for such kind words, your an absolute gem of a human being.[/quote]Will do. And thank you for your kind words, you 'resonate positive vibes'.
Very true.
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