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Mac Pro I presume(?) Still, very Powerful machine.
Excellent point, and that's exactly what I'm hoping for.
I see, new model. Well, Apple is always taking their time releasing RAW compatibility. I've read that Adobe does this 'in a more timely fashion'.Indeed, they do need to reeves engineer it. And since the camera manufactures are the ones with their roots in this type of software, I would rather trust my RAW software from them then Apple. But since these manufactures are so bad at designing software I take my chances with Apple, and not the likes of Nikon.But seeing RAW...
1. Damn! I should've wiki'd it. Next time I'll do that...or simply await your search findings as they are always better than mine.2. How come I can almost shed a tear when reminiscing that January 9th, 2007 day? It's either Steve's passing or the iPhone. I remember the day we had a garage sale at the office, selling all our old Macs to the employees. There was one developer who bid, and own, his old desktop. When showing it was still in working order he almost had to shed...
Hehe. I agree. And funny you also wondered about the iOS icon. I was wondering as well, but with all the jailbreak hits Bing gives me I simply gave up. Perhaps Google is better at this. Likely even, I'm terrible at finding what I'm looking for. On the internet that is.
Thanks for the new sigSony doesn't do anything outside of Sony, only here to promote their own Memory Sticks and whatnot. Frucking Sony.That looks as a viable option. Don't understand why there need to be so many standards; we already have so many to choose from¡Very true!
Huh? You think they changed the colour of the logo from green to blue when they bought Blue Fish? Kiddin' here, and while I understand the comparison I don't think we should be reading too much into it.http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=4887
Just let him be; he'll never grasp the issue at hand.
Good point. Can't see the 4" disappear myself. Further, I think even with a 4.7" screen iPhone they would update the current 4" screen model with new innards. Or at least, I hope so.That would be way too large for the use of Liquid Metal.
Yup, grand opening in The Hague this Saturday. Will see many familiar faces there. Meanwhile, Angela is touring Stores. Just not abroad: http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2014/08/3-things-to-know-from-angela-ahrendts-debut-tour.html http://tinyurl.com/pqmax5z
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