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You may be not interested in this new product, but is there no way for you to see the enjoyment others already have from the announcement and consequent eagerness to await its arrival? There can be many valid points from people who do not think this product will succeed commercially, but why do some want to share their negative assumptions that adds nothing to the discussion. I understand it's a free country and an open forum and all that, but still, re-read your words...
Instead of guessing you really ought to watch the the presentation. It has all the info you need. Link is in the thread.
Gives a whole new meaning to being 'properly fucked'.
Apart from executive salaries I'd like to see lawyer expenses for these tech companies. And the number of man hours it takes from board members, key managers.
Lightning? I don't think it can carry much more than the 12W it's doing now. If believe the adapters for the notebooks are around 85W, so Lightning is out. There's some info in here:http://www.pocketables.com/2012/12/hardware-comparison-lightning-connector-vs-microusb-connector.html
I agree, for 103%.
BI re/code sums it up rather nicely:quote:Since joining the company in May, Ahrendts has collected some $70 million in stock grants from Apple — $37 million to compensate her for the value of the Burberry stock that she walked away from in accepting the Apple job, plus a new-hire stock allocation valued at $33 million — 40 percent of which is performance based, with the rest vesting over three years.She also pocketed a $500,000 cash bonus and relocation expenses totaling...
The one in Amsterdam has lockers for the employees. And the restrooms are for the employees as well as the customers/visitors. No idea on other stores though. Perhaps that ifo site has info.
1) Huh? Isn't the ratio 1 to 3, with the 6 Plus and the 6?2) I'm not aware of Samsung releases. Did they release any new flagship models, similar screen size, in the US, in Q4? That way we can compare the numbers.
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