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I think he means he had to diss his old dock as that one doesn't work with the 6/6+.This new dock does work with the 5/5s/5c/6/6+ and iPod touch 5th gen.
There has never been a statue erected to honour an analyst.
I think people need to realise that Google has an eight year head-start on creating their Maps product/service. Bad mouthing Apple Maps may be viewed as 'oh, he has a point there' when pointing something out but would people rather wait for a company to release a product 20 years after someone else has because they 'finally though' the product was ripe for release? Saying Apple has a gazillion dollars in the bank won't help here either I think, but that's just an opinion.
Frick me, FINALLY! Why oh why do they wait with the release of their docks? I had to wait months for the 5 as well. Well, happy camper here!
I don't see it in the Store yet
That is too funny!Yes, well, fortunately there are (were) other people in the company putting down some of Steve's ideas.
How about trapezoidal? Edge. The one from U2 fell off the other day: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-32751548 Others will have different association with this word. I think it's stupid. Then again, Steve's idea for MacMan was too.
The story is much longer than a simple fallout. But that's not for discussion here.If people want to link to 9to5 simply replace a dot with %2e, like so:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/05/14/find-my-iphone-glitch/@mgcsooner Google has an 8 year headstart. Keeping that in mind I'd say Apple has done an outstanding job in creating such a feature rich product in -for all we know- just one year development.
Keep on submitting!
They'll probably want to search for facts, but need to wait for Apple's search engine to be released. Because searching with Google will give zero results.
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