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Except for Street View, which Germany doesn't have, safe for the large cities that is:"was scrutinized for its privacy after pictures showed up of random people picking their nose, taking a dump behind a tree, or any other types of incriminating shots"http://techland.time.com/2011/04/11/alas-there-will-be-no-more-google-street-view-in-germany/
In other news... http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/07/us-brazil-heist-samsung-elec-idUSKBN0FC2I820140707
@Mstone has knowledge on this topic, read some of his postsI like the Drum Machine vid!
That a very good point, there is a clear distinction between the type of Flash elements. And telling the web server I'm an iPad client may serve up that videoclip as H.264 or something, it indeed won't do much/often on other elements.And I don't see any change in this for the foreseeable future, as it is now, what, over 5 years that the iPhone and iPad are such common place? Nope, Flash is here to stay.Oh well, I could always install the plugin, together with ClickToFlash...
In order to view the whole video width you'll need to watch it on the home page of AI, which has all these nasty ads. I therefore got a subscription for their free app, but the comment section doesn't really work in that app. To make matters worse, they have removed the 'view this article on Appleinsider.com' link at the bottom of the article in the thread, so you'll have to go to the homepage and find the article yourself, which can be annoying if it's a day old and many...
Good find. Wow, looks durable!Lol at his shirt; that was last years' number.
Thanks, that'll have to do then. I've used it before, but always forgot to turn it back on. What I don't get is Apple themselves thought the pop ups in iOS were intrusive and the made NC. Yet I still get a prompt that my battery is low while I plug it in to charge. That's moronic, and I think on the same level as being disturbed while in Full Screen.I'll do that, thanks.@MacVertigoWhat a strange list, especially "Sometimes Mail crashes when replying to an email with an...
Can I disable that thingy when an app is in full screen mode? I hate those pop ups when using Aperture working with photos!
If they make the whole phone bendable we can still operate a 5.5" single-handed: Squeeze To Touch™ ¡
That is truly all great info and good to know. Wow, I'm feeling relieved they are doing many things I want in a DAM. Big thanks for this, can't wait till they release it all.
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