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Global market share has seen a decline. It may have been a relevant request... back then.
For a stupid person, Mr. Chen sure says dumb things.
A well-thought answer. And swiftly!So noted!
Ha!Also if this happens:“Your wife will be right back on the phone…after these words from our sponsors”
Thanks for that link. I have yet to figure out why Google publishes this document out in the open. I would presume it's an internal document and if it's also for devs why don't they publish it through a dev program? Perhaps they don't have that(?) Anyway, I don't like the colours. At all. Really fugly.Site owners only get paid when people click on an ad; that's when advertisers need to pay up. So seeing them, or blocking them, costs the advertisers nothing, only the site...
If you haven't got reception, can you use Google to search for a signal¿ OT: that phone looks awful: rather large, quite thick, and the display has washed out colours.
They all use Macs, but Apple uses more Macs. And an Apple event draws thousands of participants/spectators. MS, not so.Marketing research in Germany showed no one wanted Windows nein.They make money off of advertisement?That would be a ...surprise when doing such a thing.Except when doing online banking, it's not allowed anymore. Or at least, in my country.
That's the beauty of it: I think MS finally gained marketing and perceived value as a skill.
That's actually quite clever: if WX turns out to be just another annoyance people can't be complaining about it because it was free. http://news.microsoft.com/windows10story/?OCID=EVENT_SOC_TW_ORGANIC_LIVESTREAM30M&linkId=11851974 (doesn't work on my Mac, but it's a page at ms.com so...)
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