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Good question. But I think she still relies on Wolfram Alpha for many things, including the moon phase.
Siri unfortunately has lost knowledge of the moon phase. Whenever I think I see a full moon she responds that she has no info on that, while she used to respond with correct info. But alas, not since a few months now, perhaps since iOS 8(?)Hilarious!Apparently it also doesn't work anymore for those who cannot be taught anything anymore.
Wish I could import my .gpx files from running, cycling, swimming.
I don't think he would appreciate a little pinch from her as I much as I would. A beautiful woman, for sure. And easy on the i's as well.
Is that the Android experience? Wow, just wow.Personally I like the way Apple goes about these kind of rollouts: start out 'small' like US only, iPhone only and then later allow it to go, expand to more devices and countries. There is a reason why iTunes Radio is this USA & AUS only.I dislike the fact that we cannot set the directory for storing the books ourselves; now it's on the boot disk by default and we can't move it (without symlinks or the like). And what kind of...
Why so harsh on the man? He has done some good work:From an 2013 article:That Tangerine company designed some funky stuff:
No idea if you missed anything, but yeah, she's low profile indeed. Using her name as a tag a summery of her work can be read over at 9 to5:http://tinyurl.com/ndnddvzSame can be listed on this site:http://appleinsider.com/search/Angela+Ahrendts/Some good stories, unrelated to Apple, on her LinkedInThing:https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/269697626?trk=pulse-det-athr_postsThe picture in this story still makes me look twice:
1) I like these editorials 2) Seeing Steve again makes me reminiscing the way back days 3) Seeing Steve showing OSX, it's techniques, rollout strategy, "Aqua. When you see it you want to lick it"... classic! 4) Seeing that TiBook again makes me shed a tear, I loved that notebook.
WoW. That's a whole lot of positive feedback there. While I would expect a feature like archive to be there from the get go, I really shouldn't be seeing the feature added now as a negative.Now this is solid info, thank you for sharing!
I agree, their HW is indeed pretty shitty. And their Connect app is truly awful; I cannot understand why they don't see this. Anyway, Garmin may very well be going the BB/Nokia way as more and more functions of their HW are being taken over by smartphones and smartwatches:http://www.technologyreview.com/news/511786/a-shrinking-garmin-navigates-the-smartphone-storm/
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