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Without wanting to come across as patronising, but has it ever occurred to you to choose from the option to open the image in a new tab, and then copying the URL from the address bar in that newly created tab? Or don't you get the option "Open in New Tab", the 2nd in the list?
Weird. I get the full option suite. As for copying, I don't get any feedback, but the image can be pasted in an email or iMessage.Sad to read this. I also tried out the iCloud Photo Library, but since I wasn't able to create new Albums through Safari I turned it off again as I needed my Albums that I created in Aperture on my iPhone.As for the 5 finger swipe...works at my end, also before this update.As for the network congestion, I haven't experienced this, though my...
Well it works just fine now on my iPhone. Haven't tried it yet on my iPad, and the iPad im typing on right now still needs to be updated. Anyhow, I'm not sure if I understand you correctly: when I press and hold on an image I get the familiar popup with the familiar choices (Open Open in new tap Add to reading list Save image Copy Cancel) so obviously you mean an URL as plain text, correct? That works at my end as well: press and hold, tap select, move sliders and select...
After upgrading from 7 to 8.0 this fall it took several tries to be able to select a word by a press-and-hold. The pop up simply disappeared after a few milliseconds, and when you were finally able to select a word the popup for a Copy also disappeared time and time again. I read on this site a s well as a few others that there were more people with this issue. You haven't experienced this?
FINALLY they fixed the Select Copy Paste issue on my iPhone. So, going to update my iPads now as well.
Finally something (wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering) where Samsung has been leading for decades.
克·扎克伯格 LOL!No, he was only part of ideas a bunch of friends had, after which he broke into the universities campus computers and stole information. Charges were dropped as he was, what, 21 I believe, and the rest is history.To get more insight in the early days of FB, one should take note of some things that happened:Or search for how the company was founded, doesn't really matter what site you visit.http://www.businessinsider.com/how-facebook-was-founded-2010-3800M...
I think the Apple Discussion Forums are ridiculous and preposterous. So I guess I agree, it can indeed get quite hilarious.
That certainly is true. Live statues can be a bit creepy, for lack of a better word (copy/ paste from an iPad, so it has a m. Prefix in the URL):And for those who really have nothing else to do, view these 23 statues, just for laughs:http://www.viralmenace.com/art/the-most-creative-statues-ive-ever-seen-23-photos/
There's one in Hungary that I think is a bit creepy:Good point. Which made me remember this line: "There has never been a statue erected to honour an analyst."
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