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Shouldn't they be waiting in line at the Flint Center instead to get the news from the horses mouth?
Wish I could say "Thank you" but I simply went to /System/Library/CoreServices and hit Cmd-1 and looked at the icons. The ones that stood out I opened in Preview to see them in all their glory.Thanks though!
1) Suunto looks like the watch for me. I can use it for my running, cycling and if I ever pick up on the swimming part I can use it for that too. The v3 is absolutely the best I can find; you can sync the data from the watch over BTLE to your iPhone, and once you have Internet access again it'll sync everything over. That the phone can display all push notifications from your iPhone is simply brilliant. This is actually what a watch from Apple presume it will do, because2)...
Nope. Though it did up my post count lol.
Gees, not showing that it created a div. maybe a leading apostrophe will work: '
Aha. It creates a . Weird.
This is informative.Also of note, Huddler cuts off anything written after an opening bracket and smaller than sign, like so:((
I think this thread has been compromised...by brute force!
If you look at sport watches they're all pretty thick:source: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/09/garmins-running-watches.html
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