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Yup. And upgrading a 16GB to a 32GB is now a $50 increase instead of $100:http://www.apple.com/ipad/compare/#comparison-chart
@jsheffie & @caribousteaks You both make excellent points! I think I have grown accustomed to Apple shaking everything up by taking away features and slowly add them back (like FCP and many other apps). In the end though I do think they have created excellent programs, but the path towards that goal read 'stupidity' all over it, like the removal of selling boxed FCP7. Fortunately Aperture will remain working though, and I would expect any shortcomings in Photos to be...
The Photos app for the Mac is indeed 'early 2015' but the viewing of your Photos in iCloud is supposedly coming this Monday:https://twitter.com/genadyo/status/523047721528487937That's awful. I'm guessing this is the result of such gargantuan HW & SW releases all directly after a keynote. I think I have downloaded over 16 gigs today from Apple alone.
Totally forgot to say what I wanted to say: supposedly Photos for iCloud is coming alongside Mondays' 8.1: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/17/icloud-photos-app/comment-page-1/#comment-218740
It is a pain, and I sure hope 8.1 fixes this.That indeed does take care of all 'pear-shaped bits' from earlier versions, but you'll lose your SMS history (as iMessage only restores what's in iCloud)
OWC has a cheaper model, but I have no idea on the quality:http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/Thunderbolt/External-Drive/OWC/ThunderBay-4$2,179 for 6*4=24TB Or get the bare box: $459
Fully agree sir."Assumptions is the mother of all fuckups"
What incentive is there for Apple to buy Adobe? To make software for the peecee? No, they don't do that, except for iCloud and iOS device compatibility.Buy Adobe for their talent? Well, if they are indeed creating utterly unintuitive software what will they do with the newly hired ones, fire them before their first day at work?Is Apple dumbing down their Pro apps? No, not by a long shot; they are creating an even more compelling and useful ecosystem that syncs everything...
Thanks, I saw that post. Yup, patience and not a problem if the 1.0 version is not for me. It's not like Aperture is going to auto-shutdown.
Store is down for Accessories. What are the chances of a new iPhone Dock?
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