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We don't pay road tax for electrical cars, or better stated, cars with very little CO2 emission.
I have exported by Keynote as a QuickTime movie and simply play that on a Windows box they provide. That works, fonts, transitions and all.
That looks like a great documentary. Here's hoping I'll be able to view it at the other side of the pond. Bookmarked.
Indeed. It is so intuitive that there really is no learning curve. Unless you want to do 'fancy' stuff, like I always see people try to achieve in PP. A pity that never turns out to be fancy at all.
Thanks to Apple II the thread went down the crapper. As usual, way to go.
I too hope this solution will work. Perhaps Apple will see value in all the valuable 3rd party plugins they'll create, and take some of that value and integrate it. That wouldn't be the first time. One thing that makes me think Photos is a real iOS app (yes, yes, I know it's for OSX) is the fact that we cannot add GPS info to photos within the app. That sucks, but I guess it won't take much effort to first import photos from my DSLR into Aperture, apply things, like GPS,...
Very true, different countries with different cultures.Yes, our favourite nations pastime is indeed spend on the bicycle and we created the infrastructure accordingly.Still, funny, enough, I don't think Americans are nuts, I like people 'being nutty' and have a couple great friends who are American.I hope more countries adapt the design of cycling lanes:
Good point. I don't see Apple creating a car, for the same reasons. I'd believe they would be more inclined to see hem get into biotech more.That contradicts to my small city of only half a million in The Netherlands: I see Tesla's every day, and electricity charge stations in many streets, annoying those without an electrical car as the parking spots are now reserved.
That's an understandible stance. Aperture really is a good product. Never mind we've grown accustomed to it, that can happen to any program. But Aperture really is intuitive, fluid, takes very little shortcuts to get a job done. Now I have no idea what will happen to it with a future OSX update, though perhaps running it in a VM would be ok for some people.I do think in due time the best alternative will be Apple's new Photos with 3rd party plugins for all features Apple...
We all need to excuse PMZ as he has no idea what Aperture does. If he did he would not be making a complete fool of himself by posting his rant.
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