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Tells me about it. The comments on that site are in stark contrast on the more intelligent comments posted here. Personally I'd read the articles over there as they're way faster published than on this site but I'd like to come here to read everyone's take on a subject, usually a few hours or a day afterwards. That's not to say the articles here are poorly written, they're just very late.
How can he, being an iPhone owner? According to Apple][ only Android users take public transportation¡
Indeed, don't they all do this? I'd rather read an article on Samsung appeal against Apple’s $930M award for patent infringement, which begins today:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/12/04/apple-samsung-patent-trial/AI could publish an in-depth article: the chances for a win for Apple, and how similar lawsuits have played out in the past.So companies can continue with their current practices if the open up shop in Taiwan? If there's one thing in life I don't understand it's...
I wonder if this will be US only, or a global thing from day 1.Apple already is asking companies to add their business info to Apple Maps:https://mapsconnect.apple.comAlso for Indoor:https://mapsconnect.apple.com
He is right though, some stories are here a few hours after all other Mac sites post it, and some article can take two days (!) before it is published here. Not only that, a site like 9to5 publishes way more articles on all things Apple. This site has way fewer articles on Apple. So yeah, people are missing out on a lot of good stuff. But the posters on this site are way more knowledgeable here. I think in order to get the best of both worlds is to read the articles...
Interesting view! Yes, photography is massively increasing, making even photographers like Martin Parr wonder why we take all the photos that we do. We will need solid software to handle the every increasing photo sharing/uploading/backing up/tagging more than ever. I wonder where photography will take us. Perhaps being able to take a picture of the earth from a plane? A picture of the underwater world, taken from a boat, without even having to dive into the water? Would...
That's in stark contrast to Bill Gates, back in 1999:200 `I don't knows'http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19990316&slug=2949718
Will it have a preference setting: "Make Firefox my default browser?"
Of course photos will sync; an iPhone simply gives read permission to the DCIM folder.What I would like to know is if it's possible to load up iTunes on my iPhone from a Chromebook. Or does Apple still battle any company that has their HW/SW do the Palm Presumptuous iPod Thing?
I think Canaccord is being ridiculous: the iPhone 6 is way more valuable than $135 ¡
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