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Without directly touching the scanner, how are you to hold the phone? Back to two-handed use? The beauty of Touch ID is that one holds the phone in their hand (singular) while unlocking or paying.
Quite so. Much faster than what we have on iDevices, although Apple has increased the NAND controller speed. But is still the crap USB connector at the other end of the cable. And since the S6 has now been downgraded to USB2 (the S5 had USB3) both brands saturate the data throughput at the same rate.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Flash_StorageThe more I look at the S6 the more downgrades I see over the S5. Smaller battery, USB2, no SD card slot, not waterproof,...
Did you take these? Props to you!
The comments are indeed awful, never mind the article. Too bad many comments were removed Good to see the author participating so much in the discussion. We don't see that here, except for Daniel, though he seems to do in order to bash people, and the resulting 'likes'.That would be very difficult to measure how many loyal customers Samsung has.Whay was the outcry from Android users so loud when the iPhone doesn't have removable batteries, nor SD Cars slot? It must be a...
Smartwatches and watches designed for physical training are growing closer and closer together:
Turns out Apple is indeed making a car. And a ship. And an airplane:http://apfelblog.ch/apple-marke-fahrzeuge/According to their legal documents in Switzerland. Where's @Relic?
I think it's a tie, with tongue-in-cheek humour
There are more stories covering the business tactics from Samsung, like this one from The Kernel, Aug 7th, 2012:
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