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Tha was one hell of a FCPX project you did there! Props to you!I am sooooo looking forward to your video! Videos!
True.Not true.I don't see that happening, not only because Apple wants to be in charge of their design, also because it's not a requirement in the EU to ship your CE device with a microUSB plug; it just need to be available.
Indeed, many informative posts on this site. More often than not I simply skip the article and go straight for the comments...
^ lol yeah this place can indeed be the funny corner of the Internet. Have a great weekend!
Yeah, ok, funny. Still, he does back up his statements by providing a link and in all fairness I learn a lot from him. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that earlier lame line. Hope he won't be cross with me now...
I vote for GatorGuy behind the Genius bar.
It's still a multi-step process as you cannot add text to the picture you want to send. Besides, I use iOS by default, and only use WA if needed. Yet, one after the other, rich or poor, is moving over to an iPhone. I guess my 'world' is different than the 'world of FB' as they seem to think they'll have 3 million customers using WA.
People who can't afford an iPhone want an iPhone! (but are forced to buy a phone walking running Android)
I know, and now I'm having yet another laugh.
"steve would never create jobs"
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