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No worries.The thing actually looks ok. I can see this work.
I think if everyone simply doesn't respond to him anymore he'll do the same; move on.
Well nothing related to Apple, but she did turn Burberry into a money making machine. E-commerce went up 60% in a single year. Yeah, she likes the new digital world. Her character is similar to Jobs', on more than a few notes,
Ah, ok, I count them differently then.I see this as a 3 fold:http://www.apple.com/ipad/accessories/
No idea! I just read the article and pull an Ellen Feiss.From Wiki: "When Ahrendts was working at Burberry, the family lived in a 12,000 square feet (1,100 m2) home on an 8 acres (3.2 ha) plot west of London.Read this piece on why I think this woman is special:http://magazine.wsj.com/features/the-big-interview/earning-her-strips/"Money can't make you happy, but it pays for the search"
What keyboard? You simply talk to Cortana. Or use a stylus. No keyboard, no heavy arms from a vertical touch device.
Was it some time before July 19, 2013? That would be 'funny'. Of course, they do have their policy in place:http://www.apple.com/legal/intellectual-property/policies/ideas.htmlThe original had 4 folds.
Wasn't the $70M just to get her on board? I'm sure she'll have a regular salary next year, in line with Eddy and Jeff.What I found rather large is the $458,000 in relocation expenses.As for Tim getting 57k for holiday expenses, well, I guess I would be able to blow through that as well.
Point being this battery life won't be an issue. That is, for normal use. Once available for purchase we can expect many stories on short battery life because everyone will be bashing on this watch and see what it can do. It'll die. (The stories, not the battery)
Didn't the 1G iPhone have 5 hours of talk time? That worked out fine. I'm sure Apple won't release something that can't be used for its intended purpose.
New Posts  All Forums: