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Earlier I wanted to reply to an excellent post from Lorin, but I didn't have the time. Then later on, while knowing I wouldn't be able to respond anyway, I read this excellent different view on the subject from Marvin, causing me to rethink Lorin's stance. Fortunately this went on, and still does. I just want to say that you both make excellent points and I'm looking forward to more posts and views on the subject. With that, I 'thumb up the both of you'. Thank you.
I like this one from NEC even more, and it's only $949http://diglloyd.com/articles/Recommended/displayNEC-EA244UHD.html
Huh? It's a beta, so nothing's definite yet. Besides, in 11.3:
"US not included"? That's a bolt move.
If the Mini isn't beefy enough, why don't you simply buy a Mac Pro?Is there a 'copyright lookalike law' out there that can prevent companies like Google to cache your webpages/site?
Indeed, that tech, from 1954!, needs to be replaced. People, please, stop buying laptops with a HDD.
Holy cow!Yes! 17" matteYes! 32GBYes! 4x1TB. I could do RAID!Yes! 6x BlueRay & DVD WriterYes! 8-cell batteryYes! 3 internal speakersYes! Fingerprint reader for optional biomettic security"MS Windows 8.1" ...hmpfWell, at least they made it easy for us to carry the 9.4lbs thing:
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161237/apples-new-cylindrical-mac-pro-desktop-arrives-thursday-starting-at-2-999/240#post_2448942The thing does take TWO adapters, ya know, for that extra power:
"I once tried setting my password to penis, but it was too short."
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