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Plus the GPS thingy in the Qualcomm WTR1605L:https://chipworks.secure.force.com/catalog/ProductDetails?sku=QUA-WTR1605L&viewState=DetailView&cartID=&g=I think the lenses are different as well: five-element lens with a hybrid IR filter and an ƒ/2.4 vs ??? (can't find a solid answer) and half the NAND on the music player. Aslo different audio codecs (338S1116 vs 338S1146) et ceteraDoes the iPod touch have a vibrator motor? And the 5c may be 'plastic', it does have a steel...
Apple ][ is that you?Yes, lame. But perhaps you're referring to one of those "Are iPhone users more educated than Android users?" surveys, which can be a fun read, though this one is three years old, so probably useless now:I buy directly as well, from Apple, because it is cheaper to get the phone and a phone plan separately.Will Google one day tell their partnering carriers they cannot alter Android OS in any way? No OS updates from carriers, only Goole allowing people to...
To me that reads like something anyone would understand.Careful there, some might think you have a friend who swapped out his daughter¡My guess is some people prefer a smaller device. The word pocket ability comes to mind. For me, that's a small iPhone, like the 3.5" version, though that measurement only applies to the screen diagonal.
Why on earth would they want to do that? They're not into the business of trying to hurt any competitor, they are in the business of creating a better product than the competition. And while there is room for improvement of Google Search I don't think Apple has the know-how of creating a search engine. Every time they want something but is an area of expertise they do not posses they partner up instead of creating something themselves. Look at the first iPhone, many...
Apple does:http://www.apple.com/productivity-apps/whats-new/numbers/SharingNew “view only” setting lets you share spreadsheets you want others to view but not editView a list of spreadsheets others have shared with you in the document managerShare password-protected spreadsheetsPrint your spreadsheets directly from the Tools menuCollaborationCollaborate with up to 100 people at the same timeView the list of collaborators currently in a spreadsheetSee cursors and selections...
"That's Google alright. For a stupid company they sure do dumb things."Oh man, the amount of funnies that pop into my head when thinking of how to finish that sentence!
Ah, ok. Aug 2006, so ≈ 17 months.
Clovertown was from April 2007.Penryn is the Core2Duo (desk + lap).Maybe you mean Harpertown, which was from Jan 2008, so ≈ 8 months.
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