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Of course photos will sync; an iPhone simply gives read permission to the DCIM folder.What I would like to know is if it's possible to load up iTunes on my iPhone from a Chromebook. Or does Apple still battle any company that has their HW/SW do the Palm Presumptuous iPod Thing?
I think Canaccord is being ridiculous: the iPhone 6 is way more valuable than $135 ¡
Fully agree. And with Photography software it is only easier with single letters as opposed to a combo key, like Cmd, shift or Ctrl.So it IS possible. Well, maybe there is a future for me in Functional Dsign, or a CTO after all. I do dream up stuff like like this, but have no idea who to speak to in order to get the right person to follow up on my ideas. Oh wel.While I do know this, I find it strange that RAW files look quite a bit different depending on which software one...
With the latest rumour that Samsung Electronics is now also gay it may be a different case over there as they have two CEO's.
That's good to know, thanks. Since in not play games I didn't know what the response time ought to be for games.Also thanks to @Suddenly Newton for your info.
Wouldn't Bluetooth latency be a problem with gaming, even if it were to use aptX, which it doesn't seem to be using?
I agree; it may look clunky (because it wasn't designed by Apple[?]) but it really looks like most photo management / adjustment tools. The keyboard shortcuts are pretty good, meaning i like they mostly use single keys, albeit not for all obvious modifications: rotating is ⌘[ and ⌘] but the usual suspects use the usual suspect keys:Hehe, I think I come across as snarky quite often. Oh well...at least that isn't my goal; I merely want to point out my view on a topic, trying...
It does use the barometer, and many apps, like Nike Running, are using that info. Ascent and descent is cool info if you're running through the mountains. Before it would simply calculate the elevation from the GPS coordinates, hence the info popping up in a photos exif. Here's one I took in 2010 right next-door to Bill Gates' house in the south of France:
If marketing can do this to you just think of all the power pleasure you can get from using their products.
Oh wow, good post @ThePixelDoc. I'll respond in kind when I have the time to give it my full attention.
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