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In Belgium it indeed kinda sucks. It is much better though in The Netherlands . And Siri is supporting Dutch and Polish in the latest beta so who knows what next updates are going to bring us.
Thanks! Hey, that could work as a caption.Too kind. Maybe later today I'll feel more comfortable and post another one.
After seeing photos from you two I'm afraid to post myself. Ok, just one tulip from The Netherlands then. Not from an iPhone though (D7000)
To call Samsung a competitor to Apple is sort of inflammatory. Heck, these are called 'smartphones'? Really? With 40 features less in the new S6 when compared to the S5 can we still call it a smartphone?Kidding aside, the article is fine. But I do get the point on the headline you make.
What happens when you ask her to google something?Many years ago I found out that advertisers pay for user clicks. That was the day I don't click ads but if I really really want to see something I simply type the URL myself. Or I copy it, stripping it of any Google stuff after pasting it in a new tab. That way the advertiser doesn't have to pay for the ad, but their name is still up. For free.
If they have I've missed it. Like you say, they patent lots and lots of ideas. I wonder what the percentage is of patents that turn into actual products/services.
Ah, ok. Well, if it works good Apple still won't adopt in order to put it behind the display. They still would want their iconic home button to serve its purpose as a hardware button.
Without directly touching the scanner, how are you to hold the phone? Back to two-handed use? The beauty of Touch ID is that one holds the phone in their hand (singular) while unlocking or paying.
Quite so. Much faster than what we have on iDevices, although Apple has increased the NAND controller speed. But is still the crap USB connector at the other end of the cable. And since the S6 has now been downgraded to USB2 (the S5 had USB3) both brands saturate the data throughput at the same rate.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Flash_StorageThe more I look at the S6 the more downgrades I see over the S5. Smaller battery, USB2, no SD card slot, not waterproof,...
Did you take these? Props to you!
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