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1) I like these editorials 2) Seeing Steve again makes me reminiscing the way back days 3) Seeing Steve showing OSX, it's techniques, rollout strategy, "Aqua. When you see it you want to lick it"... classic! 4) Seeing that TiBook again makes me shed a tear, I loved that notebook.
WoW. That's a whole lot of positive feedback there. While I would expect a feature like archive to be there from the get go, I really shouldn't be seeing the feature added now as a negative.Now this is solid info, thank you for sharing!
I agree, their HW is indeed pretty shitty. And their Connect app is truly awful; I cannot understand why they don't see this. Anyway, Garmin may very well be going the BB/Nokia way as more and more functions of their HW are being taken over by smartphones and smartwatches:http://www.technologyreview.com/news/511786/a-shrinking-garmin-navigates-the-smartphone-storm/
Sounds dumb from both sides.
Thanks. Yeah, I've seen those, but at $30,000 I think I first want to hear people's experience with these, see if they can tell the difference between 8 and 10 bit.Looking at the case studies, many use Macs, so they don't have a 10 bit monitor, so no review. I'll take a look at Lloyd Chambers, the photo/Mac/bike guy.
God question!
That's what I was afraid of. Looking at that article, I instantly knew I have to sit down for this, in darkness and without any possible interruptions, in order to grasp the material here. So, thanks for blocking my Tuesday morning!
iPhone sales roar? I'll say... source
And I don't like that. Though successful, commercially this works, but Taylor Swift simply isn't my taste. Good points here! Personally I think there's too much copying going on. I miss the funk. I miss the bass.Great! Now this is nice music. Thanks for putting a new playlist in my Spotify. And on my phone. I like the pianist, Scott Bradlee.
Aha, thanks for explaining. Yup, with all new tech, it certainly does take its time for prices to come down for the average consumer. We all should love early adaptors, as they make these prices go down.I have never seen a 10bit monitor, and even though people articles tell me things look 'awesome' I wonder if we are really able to differentiate between an 8bit and a 10bit monitor. Wiki tells me: " The human eye can discriminate up to ten million colors" Of course, putting...
New Posts  All Forums: