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Indeed, resulting in both metrics to be incomplete.
1) Do you have a link where is says that chitika.com posts facts?2) You can't change your username
I guess Mr. Mueller hasn't heard about Lloyd Chambers who does the same, being a photographer / reviewer:http://diglloyd.comOh, and from his site, this may be of interest to you:NEC to Offer 32-Inch Professional UltraHD 4K Display Soon (PA322UHD)source:http://diglloyd.com/blog/2014/20141006_1712-NEC-PA322UHD-32-inch-UltraHD-display.htmlHe also blogs about cycling (my thing) and he has his Mac Performance Guide, a great review site:http://macperformanceguide.com
And on that same site: Oh, and a nice avatar on that site
That is one hell of a tagline!
lol. And due to this fanless design it will gain many.
And there's always a different angle: "Assumptions is the mother of all fuckups"
Add to that is the fact that email service providers have much to gain from filtering spam in order to not unnecessarily load their servers.
I get that, but was actually referring to @Gatorguy's point on the topic of increased iOS6 users.
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