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I'm baffled by the long retention time of your memory!
Another classic one from you - BIG thanks!Wasn't there also a model which suffered from 'self-rising' memory modules? And Apple advised customers over phone support to 'power down and disconnect the Mac, lift it 6 inches and then simply drop it'. "This ought to reseat the modules".
"I really like you too, just not the band"calamitous? Really? English is not my native language, so I hit 'define'I wouldn't describe it as such.Thank you.
^ post And to add to that, even if you still have iOS6 ipsw lying around...Apple doesn't sign it anymore. So one can install it, you can't active your phone. They took that away a few days after the release of iOS7.
Too bad. I always like you reminiscent of your past.
I'll bet this news will make @Dick Applebaum shed a tear. Always difficult to let something go.
People leave their CC info at FB? For what? Can you buy something over at FB? Pro membership or something?
Welcome back Relic. I think it's safe to say that you had us all quite worried here. At least until back in Januari when someone posted here on your behalf. Thank you for that. Good to read that you now have hope, that should be an interesting read how you made this turn around in the right direction. Please, post away. Even though we have quite a few very funny people here, for some reason they cannot quite match your 'gibberish' and much welcomed 'rants'. Welcome back.
Soooo good to see you here again! Wow, full force I see. Love the mother in law thing, agree with the stigma, also don't see myself talking to my watch and I don't think you went to far with Angelina & Brad.Look forward to read upon your situation. Good to read that there now is hope. Best to you.
Au contrair, mon ami. This is the thread to give us your feedback. It's on topic; the purposes people could use for a 21st century watch.So, "just 50 miles" hey? That's TWO marathons, something I'll never achieve. Half a marathon, yes. Slowly getting faster.Best to you sir!
New Posts  All Forums: