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This is informative.Also of note, Huddler cuts off anything written after an opening bracket and smaller than sign, like so:((
I think this thread has been compromised...by brute force!
If you look at sport watches they're all pretty thick:source: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/09/garmins-running-watches.html
It will take much more effort to put the same tech into a smaller device and therefore would make sense that a smaller phone will be more expensive. We even have proof of it: Samsung releases one phablet after the other, most likely because they can't put all that tech into a smaller device, or don't know how to make a battery lasting as long as the iPhone does.But for the public, a larger device will be more expensive as they get 'more screen' so I wouldn't be surprised...
I actually never use the App Store on my iPhone or iPad: I buy everything on my Mac as I read reviews on other websites concurrently.
Store it as a note in the 1Password or similar app. Personally I think these questions are pathetically configured, without any thought put in. If they want us to answer questions as a security measure, shouldn't we be able to create the questions ourselves? Yes, that will create a boatload of unique questions as opposed to the 3 standard ones every company now has, but what will that add to their data storage; a MB or two?Hill60 is right; I also answer with the 'strangest...
Finally getting rid of that small 2GB drive hey? Good thing then.
My hands are smaller than your; I can't hold a first gen iPad with one hand stretched out on the back. But yeah, while going back for the Shure earphones I'll hold that HTC phablet thing and see if it feels 'ok'.
Also in how they are presented, ours are plain text, while the Administrator is a PNG (no worries here; it's only 2KB).Would make sense to show the benefits of a larger screen, if they release one. If the screen is larger but the OS is merely stretched up it doesn't gain much benefit I think.
That will become annoying. I think a better way would be a second shutter button, not white but black, next to the Square, Pana and Video options. Of course, if one uses the volume button as the shutter it would need an option in Settings to you could have a default Yes or No to auto upload to iCloud.
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