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Last I heard, OSX still doesn't suport 10 bit, making you look like you want to use that under Windows 7 or 8. Something I cannot phantom...
But that's not how the Air is designed (supposedly): the grills are for the speakers and the heat, since it doesn't have a fan in it:quote:Above the keyboard are four redesigned speaker grills that actually double as ventilation holes for the fan-less device to keep cool.http://tinyurl.com/objsrcd
That could very well be the case!
Didn't know that; thanks. I agree, being that persistent and dedicated is commendable....reading the NPR article right now...
I believe he, like me, thinks Taylor Swift-like pop songs are horrible. Not the master at the piano here.
Thanks for that.I don't like these pop songs either. I call the 'fluffing up space', probably because I can't find a better phrase for it, or I really do think this type of music is simply trying to shake up the air over which it travels, but then fails to be captured by people's ears.
Yup. And so do many people think on other Mac sites as well. Big discussions going on about that. It does look a lot like the 12" MBP, with the edge to edge keyboard though:Source: http://tinyurl.com/objsrcd
I thought it was a river in Egypt.Anyway, why aren't people talking about the move of the power button, which is now at the location where the Escape button used to be. Or so rumour has itImage obviously from Martin:http://www.martinhajek.com/macbook-air-12-3d/
And accuracy is what we need in tech (at least I've never heard of a bit that was set to 0.5). Which is also why I didn't understand why Tim said at the iOS 8 keynote last summer that so and so many people were on iOS 7 and fewer were on KitKat. He should've made the comparison of iOS 7 with ICS, which is 4.0. I have no idea if that would've changed the market share numbers, but that is actually irrelevant. It's about being accurate.And that's not the only pseudonym he...
Ooh that's also a good find; thanks for posting.
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