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True, but how to get the feeling of the device if it's a printout?
Don't understand why he didn't gave us all a 3D printer model in the first place.The 6 Plus is indeed one heck of a fugly...device.
Me tooo
Depends on your location. I had no trouble at all after about 30 minutes. It did came to a stop every now and then and would resume about a minute backwards. No problem, I just see them demoing something again. Strange thing is, my next door neighbour, @ThePixelDoc in Germany also suffered from a poor stream. While I'm on a mere 20Mb/s DSL...
That's a tall order for Apple!
Someone did object in this thread. Start at post 139 from Relic. It gets ugly.Have a great one!
Careful now; we don't want to wake IndyFX up...
Same here. Also just tried to sync it over to my iPhone, no dice.That's a resounding answer; thanks."If you come here for accuracy, you have come to the wrong place."
Thanks, yes, that is indeed how it works. And my way of simply getting the .jpg files back. I'll dig into the DB structure and perhaps can overwrite the clean keyword folder and .plist stuff from backup.Have a foggy-less day sir.I think their photos application is the best way forward. It became messy with iPhoto + Aperture + iOS stock photos app + $4.99 iOS iPhoto separate app that they thought they ought to do better. And rightfully so; I use Aperture almost daily and...
Good for you sir! Enjoy it....and don't let the size frustrate you.Lol @ Eastern Seaboard.You gotta admit Ben, that was quite funny.Also, 1.23TB here at my end. Includes many iPhone shot video as well, dumped in iTunes so it syncs across iOS devices and is available on Home Sharing.
New Posts  All Forums: