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By reading the thread.
“…were ordered Wednesday to pay the Canadian smartphone maker $860,000 …” Maybe they can get away from this precarious situation by paying $86,00 … saying they thought it was a typo.
True, that is indeed what Health Kit is for. I was merely sharing my experience with the iOS build-in Health app, which I believe is buggy. Entered hours of sleep manually this morning: from 01.00 to 08.00 gives me 6h44m of sleep(?). There are bugs like this one throughout the app. Plus I don't understand why it can't do the simplest math: entering your height & weight doesn't give me my BMI, an easy calculation.Again, the app, not the Kit.
Poster 1sugomac over on that site put out a funny:
That's great news, though I do think Apple first needs to address the bugs in the Health app first. Quite a few, and it could also do with a usability test, making the graphs scrollable and such. There really is no need to see a minute by minute breakdown of daily steps taken, amongst other things.
Never thought about that option - thanks guys!
Careful now, some may be offended by that.
That's good thinking, but he has a different email address listed @ Viking. A private domain actually, pointing to an Exchange server at our local telco. (I should've added that bit of info earlier)Could Google get info from suppliers?
30 megs? That's the biggest .gif I've ever seen! Is showing a video through .gif a new 'standard'?Thanks!
That's a bit odd. I do see it having some lag when changing the scale, going from week to month, but the data itself is being updated on a frequent interval. I check this by tapping on a graph and tap Show All Data. If that data comes from an app that supports Health it will most likely be a single entry point. But looking at Steps it does have a history which has been accumulated many times a day, no, an hour, no every freaking minute, or even more often!I've never read...
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