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1. Why wait for Apple to fix your problem? You could try to do a clean install and then add your apps back on the device, or even simpler; do a restore from backup.2. All caps aren't much appreciated as it comes across as shouting without listening.3. Welcome to the forum.
Scum of the earth. Pathetic guy, zero morale. Asking $80 for telling lies.
If you get the yearly subscription with the app from AI you don't see these pesky ads anymore.So in my case, thanks for sharing!
All that work, and then after the P.O.S.T. ...Windows!
"Bono fide statement"Do you still buy them after they've proven to be rubbish?That seems...strong. Was he "super-charged"¿
Code:sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences AppleInterfaceTheme DarkTo undo, either remove the key (defaults delete) or change it to “Light”http://www.iclarified.com/41683/how-to-enable-dark-mode-in-os-x-1010-yosemite-beta
An excellent point. One I've never thought of.
You should read into these patents before making statements like these. If you did, you would understand what exactly, these patens entail.
Without having anyone outside of Apple able to do such an analysis, how will we know if Apple is doing the same security scan before making developers' apps available on the App Store? Is there any way to scan apps after they have been put up? I know the apps are merely a compressed folder and viewable when changing the .ipa suffix to .zip. I'm not a developer (or security expert for that matter) and can only go by articles like these from knowledgable people.
This is in stark contrast what others say about the Google Play Store; they tell me that this is the place to go for apps, curated and safe, all checked by Google employees. So should I now question these posters, or be doubtful of the accuracy of this professor and a PhD candidate from an university? Or the truth lies somewhere in between? I understand that the security key bug is being fixed, but only after the fact - not before the app gets an approval to be available...
New Posts  All Forums: