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Nothing sloppy about it, perfectly readable. So without taking the AppleTV into the equation, the playlists do show up on iTunes 11.x to a Shard iTunes 12 beta, but not visa versa?I tested both ways: iTunes 12 beta accessing a Shared iTunes 11.4 and the other way around. Both work. The OS with 12 in on 10.10 with Remote Desktop Sharing enabled, the OS with 11.4 is 10.9.5 with CD/DVD sharing, though I doubt that has anything to do with it.
Kind of your friends, even more kind of you! And well deserved. Yes, a cruise may not be for me, but if I were in your shoes I would also pick something where all personnel would attend to my every wish. You can get a mani-pedi, jacuzzi, and everything to make you as comfy as you can get - and should get!PS What are the extra 10+ days for? (in the mail I read the original post which read 90 days...) Stopping over in Rotterdam? We had this one over there the other day. It's...
Accessing the Internet over TOR will make it very slow as far as my knowledge goes. It is an inherent result due to the sheer amount of routers, but perhaps @SolipsismX can elaborate (or refute) this.
Stores are down.
You would never post this pathetic, what is it - an attempt at humor? - if Steve was still alive. Cut it out please.
I don't know what they did under the hood, but there are cosmetic changes, nice ones.And the prefs changed:10.9:10.10:
I took a peek at iTunes 12 today, but I see Home Sharing playlists just fine when connected from my other Mac (10.9 with iTunes 11) I'm connected over WiFi, is your setup different? (other than the RAID/PPC)
Why does it take 3 hours for AI to copy the articles 9to5mac posts?
Apple TV channel for today’s iPad and iMac event live stream is now availablehttp://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/16/apple-tv-channel-for-todays-ipad-and-imac-event-live-stream-is-now-available/
My god, you didn't!
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