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Needs a 3.5mm mini adapter. Bummer¡But bloody hell, those look cool. As fine as they look, they don't even need to sound good. /s
Wouldn't want to call their decision silly, rather advancing to the next thing in photography. You'd rather have them create Aperture v4? If so, you wouldn't have mind their slow progress of taking 4 years for a major new release?I say good on them for creating this Photos integration between iOS and OSX. Currently it works, but not fully. In Aperture I can make changes but then they're not synced over to my devices, so I need to manually sync the albums over to my iPhone...
Did you use their "IPTC4XMP Sidecar File"?Even if you did, still weird. It's just metadata, I don't see a problem with copying field data that have the same tag/name. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, "how hard can it be?"
THAT is one heck of a stupid way to migrate. If this is an indication of Adobe's IQ level I give them a single digit. Stupidity to the max. Not only are they wrong on a few of their statements, they also have you use up massive amounts of disc space, where many photographers use SSD for speed, making this 'migration document' an expensive. Export and then copy instead of moving? Why would I want to retain the exported photos if I can simply redo that step for any...
I think the problem people had with this thread were the posts from a certain poster, not the association you're making.
You've said it Relic. I think he should refrain himself from these type of posts and keep this 'issue' he has to himself. Either stick to tech talk, or give us all a laugh, but please, don't give us your true colours with your rotten core.
Add xenophobia to that.
Sure hope Apple][ isn't going to read this article.
Why did I even try to answer when we know Marvin already has solid info
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