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^ lol yeah this place can indeed be the funny corner of the Internet. Have a great weekend!
Yeah, ok, funny. Still, he does back up his statements by providing a link and in all fairness I learn a lot from him. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that earlier lame line. Hope he won't be cross with me now...
I vote for GatorGuy behind the Genius bar.
It's still a multi-step process as you cannot add text to the picture you want to send. Besides, I use iOS by default, and only use WA if needed. Yet, one after the other, rich or poor, is moving over to an iPhone. I guess my 'world' is different than the 'world of FB' as they seem to think they'll have 3 million customers using WA.
People who can't afford an iPhone want an iPhone! (but are forced to buy a phone walking running Android)
I know, and now I'm having yet another laugh.
"steve would never create jobs"
The experience I get from this forum makes me think the whole site is being run on Android.
In which case the joke's on me
It's now $99/$149 as they themselves found the S&H too expensive: http://us6.campaign-archive2.com/?u=747f600c4406a900a05ea444e&id=2433b830c7&e=f9ee0df639
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