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It does use the barometer, and many apps, like Nike Running, are using that info. Ascent and descent is cool info if you're running through the mountains. Before it would simply calculate the elevation from the GPS coordinates, hence the info popping up in a photos exif. Here's one I took in 2010 right next-door to Bill Gates' house in the south of France:
If marketing can do this to you just think of all the power pleasure you can get from using their products.
Oh wow, good post @ThePixelDoc. I'll respond in kind when I have the time to give it my full attention.
Aha! So, editing has been added to the free Office apps from MS. Well, if they want Office as a product to survive in the new Mobile World, I think they made the right decision.I wanted to look up on Dropbox possible loosing market share, but get to read yet another failure from this company. Together with their security breaches over the past couple of years I think they will implode all by...
So, basically, one will need to download a free app, buy another app, configure both in order to have an 'office document' automatically saved to the cloud. Something that works on 64GB iPhones by default. Got it!
That was Chris Blumenberg back then (http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/07/08/apple-maps-senior-engineering-manager-leaves-role-for-job-at-uber/), this time it's Brad Moore, “Senior Engineering Manager, Maps Apps & Community”, who exited in October to become a manager at Uber.
Maps has one problem though, a key person left:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/11/25/top-apple-maps-app-manager-for-watch-ios-os-x-exits-for-uber/A simple suffix of Space Exclaimation mark G (!g) in the omnbar will search through Goolge. Or use !y for Yahoo.
A key person in the Maps dept. is leaving for Uber: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/11/25/top-apple-maps-app-manager-for-watch-ios-os-x-exits-for-uber/
A 4 day old thread, but I thought me reviewing Adobe Lightroom may be of interest to other people besides @digitalclips. Perhaps @ThePixelDoc has time to read, if interested... Well, I tried LR. In all it's a solid product, but that's to be expected from a company who's in the business for a long time, have the funds to get the right employees and their branding for marketing. 1. I've disabled 'Backup automatically' in the prefs, as I'm working on a copy of an Aperture...
Excellent post!Indeed, what would Google do? Apart from their Motorola Mobile acquisition they don't have a lot of IP. And IP can get a company some steady stream of income. And that can be valued by a market. But alas, we have the stock market. I secretly wish for global implode of the financial market, so the whole financial world would need to resurrect in a 'correct' way. Yes, I have a dream.
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