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  BIG thanks for the tip!
 Oh dear, you too huh. Well, Germany averages at 8.7Mbit/s, according to Akamai in 2014. I presume this is download speed. Personally I'm more interested in upload speed (I am trying out iCloud Photo Library for a friend of mine, but uploading 160GB over a 1728Kbit/s is no fun. Unless, of course, one wants to set a record uptime) Anyway, Internet speed: 6  Netherlands 14.0 24  Germany 8.7 15  Norway 11.4 13  Belgium 11.4 19  Austria 10.4 9  Czech...
 Talk about rural! I very much hope you have a better connection now. I know people who actually move to a different city in order to get fiber.  I agree, there is no incentive for thumbing up. Or at least little; the design sucks big time, mobile and desktop. Thanks guys for the good read.
Thanks. I totally missed that
I think you're shooting blanks here.
 They don't. You simply got an email because someone responded in a thread you posted in. That can happen to threads from 1997, nee, there was a crash, threads from 2001.
 So, in short, no on at this site pays attention to details. Ironic.  That could work as a caption! 
 The ads in the mobile app are most certainly coming through for paid subscribers. This is due to what I wrote: the app may get rid of the ads, when you enter the comments these come from Huddler, and that still displays ads even though you pay for an ad-free experience. This is the fault of AppleInsider. (which is why I didn't extend my subscription) As for Huddler 'being slow' - you'e absolutely right, that is not Huddler's fault; it's (partially) due to the large...
 QFT. This site doesn't seem to enjoy attention to detail. Yet they report on All Things Apple. Ironic.  They optimise things like that. Also with Time Machine. That doesn't backup the Trash / Cache / iOS Software (~/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates)... stuff like that.  It's not available in Hong Kong.
New Posts  All Forums: