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I think the Apple Discussion Forums are ridiculous and preposterous. So I guess I agree, it can indeed get quite hilarious.
That certainly is true. Live statues can be a bit creepy, for lack of a better word (copy/ paste from an iPad, so it has a m. Prefix in the URL):And for those who really have nothing else to do, view these 23 statues, just for laughs:http://www.viralmenace.com/art/the-most-creative-statues-ive-ever-seen-23-photos/
There's one in Hungary that I think is a bit creepy:Good point. Which made me remember this line: "There has never been a statue erected to honour an analyst."
Activation Lock is indeed a useful feature. And when one is shopping around for a 2nd hand iPhone you should ask the seller to turn it off and then back on. If they don't know the AppleID/password then don't buy the phone. Easy.
I have no idea, but one can create an AppleID on the US site and access the Radio with that ID. Plus you can download apps that are free.
Hitchhikers Guide To The GalaxyI like to see a time lapse video of the changes in Maps:Unfortunately I only found one for the Microsoft campus:
Perhps not; they are seeking a “Community Client Software Engineer” for the Maps team to work on “building and extending the Maps application to allow Apple to crowdsource improvements to the Maps experience.”Apple Maps to expand community crowdsourcing features, Siri + Passbook integrationhttp://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/12/04/apple-maps-crowdsourcing-siri-passbook-feedback/
Tells me about it. The comments on that site are in stark contrast on the more intelligent comments posted here. Personally I'd read the articles over there as they're way faster published than on this site but I'd like to come here to read everyone's take on a subject, usually a few hours or a day afterwards. That's not to say the articles here are poorly written, they're just very late.
How can he, being an iPhone owner? According to Apple][ only Android users take public transportation¡
Indeed, don't they all do this? I'd rather read an article on Samsung appeal against Apple’s $930M award for patent infringement, which begins today:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/12/04/apple-samsung-patent-trial/AI could publish an in-depth article: the chances for a win for Apple, and how similar lawsuits have played out in the past.So companies can continue with their current practices if the open up shop in Taiwan? If there's one thing in life I don't understand it's...
New Posts  All Forums: