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So, basically FitPort gives you the same info as the stock HealthApp, but just in a different design? 'kay
Don't understand that request myself either: people want a larger display on their phone and then making that display even smaller than 'old school' 4" because of two apps side-by-side. Makes no sense - at all.
Completely valid point. Still, one wonders why a more expensive app, with solid encryption, is supposed to 'not phone home'. But yeah, more of a devil's advocate here.As to the metadata in the pictures @ThePixelDoc touched upon, it could of course simply be any non-iPhone camera and uploaded to iCloud through iPhoto or Aperture.
0.0.1Out of 10M. So that comes down to 250‰That's the problem when people start voicing; we mostly hear negative experiences or stories, and few positive ones. Probably because if everything is okidokie there's really not much to tell. Or because reading 10,000,000 - 40,000 happy users would become boring - quickly.
Wow in the 1.2 Unlimited - Physics department! Bottom 5 phones has 3 from Apple. No idea what this 'physics' relates to, but this one stands out.
Was fun doing it.And yes, great article from DED.
Good point. Ironic that users of 1Password need to do that to access a password protected website. For all we know that company is harvesting.
http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/25/report-claims-rumored-refreshed-mac-mini-could-launch-next-month/ Report claims rumored refreshed Mac mini could launch next month
Tell me about it. This is old news, I can't believe the latency this site is showing.
1) you find the craziest things. I love you Mann2) your link gave me nothing but a headache on my iPad, but I found the job description with the jobid that was in your link:Product Design Engineer - FEAJob Number: 34103377Santa Clara Valley, California, United StatesPosted: Sep. 25, 2014Weekly Hours: 40.00Job SummaryProduct Design Engineer - iPod / iPhone - FEA Help Apple create a world-class structural modeling and characterization team. As a member of the Product Design...
New Posts  All Forums: