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Good point. Reading up on it now. The compression is quit the feature; good of them to bring it to the world through BSD license.
There's an easy to understand .pdf on EXR on their website:http://www.openexr.com/TechnicalIntroduction.pdf
For those outside of the US, Australia & Ecuador you can setup a free iCloud account in either of these countries and try iTunes Radio out.
So they admit their smartphones don't sell on their own merits. Gotcha.After Samsung, he could run for office.Wow. Samsung hires people who don't even go through their new employers' product line? I like to find out as much as I can when getting a new job. No, before that; I want to know everything there is to know in order to decide whether I want to apply or not. Double fail here, I say.If that were true then why did people buy their smartphones? Don't tell me it's...
That's true; in some pants it fits just fine.
Good point!Just finished the rest of the article. LOL-ed at this piece:"He had a history with April Fools' pranks: one 1 April while he was an executive at Sun, colleagues dismantled a working Volkswagen Beetle and re-assembled it in his office."Supposedly still on YouTube, but I can't find it...
Thanks replying, thanks for the link. But...this doesn't tell me if he's an integer person. The article writes about 'Don't be evil' which as I understand it was never Google's 'tagline', or whatever you want to call it. Supposedly it was someone else who wrote it about Google, and the world tagged it as it being theirs'. Whatever.The tax avoidance portion of the article; I'm all for it. Companies' main drive is to make money, and if one can pay less tax legally, they...
Good point(s).That would make him quite the a stand up guy, humble, and filled with integrity. Why are so many people having a different view of him? Could it be because he's not? Not to provoke anything here; I just don't know anything about him.
But are board members excused from meetings concerning new products? They get an 18 month preview:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/156083/new-products-are-presented-to-apples-board-6-18-months-prior-to-launch
You will need to register at Apple.com to access the App Store where they sell...wait for it...apps for your iPhone. Though it isn't available in every country. There should still be apps available for your model:http://www.appannie.com/search/?q=iphone+3g+&vertical=apps&market=iosBut like Marvin wrote, the model you have is (6 years) old, and it will make more sense to get a newer model, should you want to delve into the iPhone App world.
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