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I have found their design approach to be really outstanding. I thought it was designed as a word processor, but I made really great brochures with Pages back in 2005. No idea if it's still great at that, and fully understand it can't replace InDesign. But for what it is, it's a really great program. So yeah, good point on the price as well.Emulsion I will try later today (it's raining here anyway) but I'm enjoying Affinity Photo right now. A really great program, with all...
Thanks for your review. I wonder if the moaning on Pages from people is because they didn't fully look into the program like you have, since you mention most features are still there but a little hidden.It looks a bit 'lightweight to me' but perhaps their website doesn't do the program justice. Maybe I'll download the trial, though first I want to check out Affinity photo beta
The crashing ought to be fixed, but what is EVEN WORSE is loosing your work. That's just plain ridiculous.Also ridiculous. What happens when you upgrade the 'proper way', disable any programs that startup at login, reboot, upgrade. Would that make any difference, or are you already doing that?It's an open forum; please, chime in and share your thoughts. Which you do - thanks.Same here. Though I still use Aperture (since it's not broken and Photos from Apple was a let down...
Thanks for the tip; downloading it as well here...Their products do look promising:And Affinity Designer has a free trial for all to play with. edit: you already posted that info)On the photo app: "$49.99 one time payment when it launches, no subscription"
And I learn from you, tnx.So, in short, all software suffers from bugs, design flaws and security ...issues. An they all address them, be it slow or swift.
I guess it's the way of the world. And from what I have been told, change is good. Though that is often difficult to see.For non-USA folks, it was often cheaper to fly over there, get the boxed suite, and fly back home. Prices outside of the US were..."Adobe has been criticized for its pricing practices,[47][48] with retail prices being as much as twice as high in non-US countries as in the US.[49] As pointed out by many, it is significantly cheaper to pay for a return...
Not that I questioned your info, but I don't trust the Internet. So I did this:(good to see that Adobe has a LIVEPERSON working for them¡
Sorry, I really haven't looked at the Amazon offer. I simply saw the 'Disc' button next to the 'Mac Download' and 'PC Download' buttons, which must be a boxed version, right(?)Serif sure does look promising!
Wow.Security firm NowSecure said a bug in the pre-installed Swift keyboard software installed on more than 600 million Samsung devices could allow a hacker “execute code as a privileged user” to gain access to the device and the user’s network.If the flaw in the keyboard is exploited, the attacker could access the phone’s GPS, camera, microphone, install malicious apps, eavesdrop on calls, and access photos and messages. The keyboard cannot be disabled or uninstalled. Even...
Is 6 the latest version? Amazon sells a boxed version:http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-65237578-Photoshop-Lightroom-6/dp/B00VWCKJVA/ref=sr_1_1_twi_1_cd_?s=software&ie=UTF8&qid=1434561515&sr=1-1&keywords=lightroom
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