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No, usually when people call others out on a grammar error they get named a 'grammar Nazi'. GTR simply wrapped it up in a made-up story that Hitler had a Nazi working for him, writing speeches, basically being a 'grammar Nazi'.That, or I am starting to see things and making stuff up in my already weird mind lol
Uhm, no. The humorous part is because he used Nazi in a double meaning.
GotchaI think @Marvin knows what the exact reason is for the 'translation errors' that occur when the article gets a thread on the forum software. The article on the home page (that I never visit) is usually without these symptoms, or edited quickly after posting. The article in the thread used to be edited as well when Tallest Skill was still a mod here, but...alas.
Indeed, and sad. The fact that companies do not wish to investigate alternatives and simply renew their subscriptions is sad. Consumers can be like that as well, simply buy a new PC, with Windows preinstalled, choosing that, because they don't know any better. Or see Apple as expensive. Just like they thought Apple computers had smaller screens 'back in the day' but merely were honest by stating the VIS size which the competition did not do.But how? They have backward...
Hilarious! Wins the thread!
What's an oX Warp 2?That's not him, that's related to the forum software, getting the article from the front page (Quiller Media, Inc) onto the forum software, from Huddler Lifestyle. Which is shyte.
Such Utter Xcruciating experience when on anything other than Apple-designed software.
That I have to see for myself; so far all Android devices suffered from lag, the slow response / scrolling has always been an excruciating experience - for me.It just never stops with you, does it? Rock on, Relic!Well, that is the way Apple does it. And if Google had indeed copied the iPhone they should have copied every aspect, and it now seems to me they did do this. Not that it matters anyway.I like reading up on your view on tech stuff and Marvin simply had a point to...
Just don't use a saint's relics since I like your writing and want to keep on reading your posts. Stay with us, on whichever topic you'd like to write about.
Not really, as I presume they would test many materials before deciding on one. So all leaks we have seen might be from a new iPhone even if the parts shown aren't in the new model. Remember, they are also proud of the products they didn't release.
New Posts  All Forums: