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Ah, the Wallaby!http://pocketnow.com/thought/a-look-at-the-first-htc-phone-ever-released
Does he own his own bowling shoes as well?3 years ago Bing used Google's results. Don't know if that's still the case.http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Yes-Bing-Has-Been-Copying-Google-Search-Results-2382015.phphttp://www.wired.com/2011/02/bing-copies-google/Whenever I'm in a hotel I don't access their WiFi on my iPhone. I do use my iPad for that. "Why Phil; both devices basically have the same info on them?" Well, I don't have much sensitive info on my iPad, but there's...
Would be nice if you asked Siri a question it would reply and add the song info that was playing in the background and add that, in brackets, when your question is displayed followed by Siri's answer.
Missed this post 3 months back. Anyway, I like the orange on a white one:Though $249 is a bit steep...
Lol. And that is one of the few times I like the background music.
Thank you for that post. I know of the varying state tax, but had no idea (Virgin) iPhones were this cheap off contract. I paid €899 for my last 64GB iPhone. That would be way higher if I were to live in the States. Hmm, another reason to move over there, should I be able to get a green card.
The 16GB 5c is a mere €50 more over here in The Netherlands. And yes, that includes tax. If the point he was trying to make is that the conversion rate is ridiculous that take a peek at the nMP: that costs €3049 over here which translates to $4049 (or something like that). Still, people, not him, forget the State Tax US prices are subject to.Personally, if I were in market for that 5c I'd get the 16GB model for €599. Or better yet, wait 6 more months for a new iPhone. But...
I believe the leaks; I don't believe Apple will move the sleep/wake button to the right hand side. They do change stuff from time to time:1) iPod touch gained hardware volume buttons on the 2nd gen.2) They changed from a volume rocker to dedicated, separated buttons on the 4th gen iPhone.3) Mute button changed on 2nd gen iPhone(terrible picture from Wiki):Hear hear!
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