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 Genau so!
Guess that’s only fair. Instead of constantly reading what a shyte experience their phones are, they now give us a chance to experience that ourselves. Props to you Samsung, you finally outdid yourselves.
1) That's Gb, not GB. So only 32GB.2) The fab isn't finished till 2016H1 (from the article you linked to)
It was a joke. Windows 9 is spelled 'Windows nein' in German. 'Nein' meaning 'no' in English.
That page makes no mention of H.265. A simple Cmd-F doesn't even find 265.It is indeed being used for FaceTime. But if you scroll down to 'TV & Video' it only mentions H.264
The encoding and decoding is done is SW:https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/2ugpl1/request_tweak_to_unlock_the_builtin_hardware/The 2014 models do not support H.265:https://www.apple.com/iphone-6/specs/If we are to get 4k support I would presume Apple to implement H.265 fully. And by that I mean a HW encoder/decoder in the iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV. The iPod touch was just updated, so I think that will be put on the backburner, but full support on the desktop...
And the thread went down the shitter.
I missed that, as I never go to the main site. For me, the info is in the forum.
That's true, but only works in SW, not HW.
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