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In this day and age where everything is 24/7 I cannot believe how slow this site is on reporting on these Apple topics. Some Many will consider this as 'old news'.
This 9to5Mac article gives insight to that:http://tinyurl.com/nm8zhxzPerhaps he was asked by Apple to 'play it this way'? Apple is known to orchestrate, well, everything. See article in above link.(thanks to @Gatorguy for posting that link)
A very reasoned response; thanks
Thanks for that article; I had forgotten about it.Do you personally think this is a feasible solution? Unfortunately there weren't many responses to the article, and I for one don't think it will work. But then again, I'm not an engineer, and have zero knowledge on the topic of solar charging.
1. But previously the iPod has gotten a whole Histor color palette of models, simply because they couldn't decide on the colour.2. I don't see them adding NAND to this iWatch. Rather, it'd be a complementary device for the iPhone. Possibly with cellular capability, to complement the iPod touch. People will be able to get a prepaid nano SIM iWatch and use their iPod touch for phone calls. But I don't see an iWatch with storage options. Don't even know what its purpose would...
Apple has reached an agreement with American Express to work on iPhone payments system http://tinyurl.com/o92be77
Thanks for that link. I never go to that site unless someone puts up a link, so thank you.Given their default "we normally don't respond to ...." They probably don't need that many people in their PR dept. ok, bit sarcastic, that one. But it's Sunday.
You're welcome. And it is meant, I have a longtime friend going through a similar phase, diagnosed with NET2, had 3 surgeries but it all looks ok now. Needs a new scan every now and then, which I think is good: I'm way too young to have lost so many friends already.1. Enjoy your kids to the fullest. I don't have any of my own, but my best friend has 3, and I visit every week to not only see her but have fun with the kids as well. Great way for me to enjoy my photography...
You're misinformed. Aperture is still supported. As a matter of fact, they'll release an update so it continues to work on OSX10.10. Even after they release the Photos.app next year it will continue to work.
Wow. For someone not getting it, you sure aren't getting it. Not the point. Not Apple. Not the how and why. Please stick around. You'll stand out of the more informed.
New Posts  All Forums: