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Now that would be cool!IIRC all streams suffer from the massive amount of people trying to watch it, resulting in, well, a crap experience for the first part o the keynote. Hasn't that been the case with past streams in the US?-1That is so old school it should be back in style, like a freezer-burn compared to cool.+1
Fully agree. One simple question, if I may: how do I find out which app is using my iCloud pw? I went to the Manage AppleID page, and wanted to activate this 2-step authentication but it asks for a label. How can I give it a meaningful label when I don't know which app I used my AppleID with?TIA
Oops, and now my face is running redSorry 'bout that. How to make it up to you? Maybe someone else to look at?
A complete non issue. Why are people expecting this stream to go perfectly, in high res, delivered right to your desktop, when 'half the world population' is watching?
1. I missed that Instagram screenshot post.2. Then I won't post a picture of my significant other - a true redhead.
lol, yeah, that was funny to see, upping a 2 vote and seeing the number 4 afterwards.
Yup. And even used at Harvard:http://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Pages/item.aspx?num=3975True, but only the A>D part, they weren't able to get the D>A part working and called Sony.OT: the little hole in a CD is exactly the same size at a 'dubbeltje', Dutch 10 cents, or 1/10th of a Guilder.As discussed here last year with kdarling:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/155696/apple-partner-philips-exits-consumer-electronics-business#post_2267346
“Way too long” could just be sarcastic self mocking because they just had a Keynote recently. And sorry to read that many had trouble with the stream; over here it worked just fine after about 20 minutes. All without any Chinese voice over. Strangely, in my neighbouring country @ThePixelDoc did experience trouble with the stream, so who knows...sure hope they at least did some higher level of 'IT Lessons Learned' and done something about it. lol, you mention the guy and...
Oh Apple, I really like you too, just not the band.
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