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In all honesty I don't think MS has many competent developers working for them, yet that can't be the case as they also leave and start working for Google and Apple and do good stuff over there. Is it management then? Well, maybe not, just a lack of wanting to create great software, testing it to the fullest. Yeah, I say they basically lack, period.
Only had a quick gander, but IE7 still works, right? Over here in NL, many banks discourage the use of XP, but don't disable access.As for Chrome, what are the benefits? Is it really 'sending browser usage' back to Google. Is it mandatorily using their DNS servers? I hear they have an incredible large market share,, something like >50%? Is that right? Could that be because it's installed in the background when people upgrade their PDF viewer?
^ non issue for me as I don't have BT on. That might change if I get a new set of headphones, but like Sol said, there are other ways.
Hear hear. Dog slow, on whatever Mac you run Excel on. And not even on 10k rows; it's dog slow on just 2,000 lines. Without any formulas! Go figure! (that's you MS; go figure)
Too late MS; already moved over to iWork. It's different, but works as advertised.
Urhm, no. DSL with triple play is being done by all major ISP / telco's over here. We got Internet over our copper phone line back in 1995 I believe and TV was added a few years back. 8Mbps downlink required for it to work. DSL goes upto a theoretical 40Mbps over here (in The Netherlands)
Good point.I did the same, albeit without the weight weighing in on my decision. (photography hobbyist here). You're using an iPad Air aren't you? Is the reduced weight really something 'useful'? I understand why people 'like' it, but is it worth trading in an iPad, again, for the latest and greatest? If I start doing that on every generation it'll set me back much more than from what I've read on the high value the US gives for last gen iPads. Or iPhones for that matter.
I don't give a rats ass for the animations and therefore turned it off.
Good point. There indeed is such a thing as ethical practices.Still, they do what the law requires of them. Maybe I'm looking at this too Black or White, I or O, Yes or No, but 'if I were to run an international multinational' I certainly would hear my CFO out on the possibility of paying less tax.
Thanks! Boy, what a world to explore. Didn't know there were so many inexpensive options available.Good point.I'm with you on that one, and certainly won't be buying a larger FF iPhone than it is now. I care more for its portability than a larger screen.Scaling up was a perfectly understandable thing they did with the introduction of the iPad. Nowadays they shouldn't be doing that anymore, create a 'perfect' display size with a logical evolution of the screen AR and what...
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