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Precarious position to be in; giving their customers links to speed tests will undoubtedly give them the wrong results, as the customer likely have no idea what packet overhead means, or how TCP works. @SolipsismY, is this your field of expertise? Perhaps @Relic?
Strange; I'm on iOS8 and it defaults back to where I left off. Not automatically to the leftmost view. Doesn't matter if I close the app between tries.
1. Ah 'com on, that's not fair. At least he gives us links to backup his statements, so we don't simply have to take his word for it. That's more than I do.2. Still, +1, because your post is indeed humorous.
Breaking the bank news! "Surreal, but not important" edit: Why is Google thought to be worth $367 billion? What products do they sell (please don't tell me I'm the product; we've been through all that) Do they have software they sell to companies? I know of Map Maker, or whatever it's called. Microsoft I understand. They have a massive market, getting their revenue from subscriptions and only need to write software once, selling it to the world by a simple Cmd-C/Cmd-V....
Well, for the most part it does work. They do have their occasional outages, which always makes the news. What doesn't make the news is all he things that do work as planned: I'm sure they have about a trillion push notifications nowadays, which is mind-boggling. The iTunes Store, apps and music, I've never seen it down. Plus all the other cloud services they provide:http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/What doesn't fully work is the Photos 'app' on iCloud. However,...
Mine defaults to where you left off, like all iOS apps.
It's in the article: Jimmy Fallon and pop superstar Justin Timberlake.I think they should also show SMS from the desktop. That may be an old feature (I used it 15 years ago) but it's handy to text Android people, telling them OSX/iOS is so much better.
They'll love this one as well:I do think these 'banned ads' were never banned: they simply were created either by some other company/people or never intended for ad usage.Oh for crying out load: it's the famous MasterCard banned ad: "For everything else, there's MasterCard"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3NrLgfp_4w&spfreload=10
That's awkward. I'm behind my Mac, no Flash installed, and it displays "missing plug-in". Setting the User Agent to an iPad (or phone/pod) doesn't fix it. So I went to YouTube (what a site!) which didn't help: the search result gave me a 90 second clip, which started to buffer perpetually after playing for 5 seconds.Anyhoo, Viagra ads: men normally do pushups with two hands, strong people do them with one. Viagra users: "look ma', no hands, I'm using my head"(I hope the...
Can't watch the ad since I don't have Flash installed. Whatever. Here's an ad that got pulled: The Verge tells me it's allegedly from the same ad agency that created this:
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