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A HW keyboard, obscuring the screen? That's preposterous alright.
Still no word on the new 12" Macbook Air? http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/01/06/macbook-air-12-inch-redesign/
I prefer a rough roller
That'll be one heck of a high bicycle!But, thanks for the link. I watched about 10 minutes of it, and probably will watch the rest when I open my iPad tomorrow. Cheers.
I wasn't expecting to fly with it anyway¡
I read somewhere that these SD Cards are 'always' formatted as FAT, and consequently have no security, like with NTFS, in place. Is that true, and if so, can any app read data from any other app on that SD Card? Or is it perhaps a non-issue, if these apps don't store my GPS info from my running or cycling activity?
1) I agree that one needs to start doing some exercise, regardless of a device tracking your moves, making an excuse to buy something. Usually people end up not doing their intended exercise and waste spending money on something (though an Apple Watch will still be useful, that's the beauty of a smartwatch)2) Walking is the most healthy exercise one can do. Running is can be a heavy strain on your knees, whether you feel this or not), cycling can be bad for some veins to...
Must be frustrating for IT department guys to see their beloved WANWTIE (Windows Always Needs Work, Therefore I'm Employed) being taken over by devices that more or less 'just work.
Me too, but for the Apple Watch, as it isn't waterproof. I'm hoping for a future version to be waterproof, so I can use it while swimming. Still, for the more serious sporty types I still think a dedicated sorts watch is the best option. With dedicated buttons for certain (triathlete) functions those server their purpose, at around the same price (well, some go up to $599)
Yet only 9 worked¡
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