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In other news AppleInsider is still using .png files. A pity.
I started with first names, but thought surnames would be better. Just didn't change his as that was waaaay too long to type out lol
Maybe it was, but posting my photos on some dodgy website just won't attract anyone.
There's CE made by companies other than Apple¿ Seriously, sometimes I'm really too much zoomed in on Apple, and that isn't a good thing.The whole chart is kinda weird, like you already wrote. It is however becoming more 'green', wight the latest iPad reviewed by 17 out of 28 websites/companies/reviewers. Also of note is that hardly any reviewer got axed; a few have received a device on occasion, but those who started receiving them yearly kept on receiving them (hence, the...
Many years? Nope, just the last iPhone & iPad, that's it:
You're kiddin' me!{checks PM}Nope, not kidding. Ok, so, these look more like, well, I'm repulsed, no, revolted, no, can't find the word. But it feels like voyeurism, and I don't like that. Thanks though.
10 points for an informative post, minus one point for not posting the pictures.
One celeb after the other say the pics are fake. If true; nothing hacked. If false; possible hack, but I don't think 'iCloud' was hacked. I can't imagine Apple would storing 'everything' on a 'single' server.If you search for iCloud hack you'll get a gazillion hits. Year after year.
In this day and age where everything is 24/7 I cannot believe how slow this site is on reporting on these Apple topics. Some Many will consider this as 'old news'.
This 9to5Mac article gives insight to that:http://tinyurl.com/nm8zhxzPerhaps he was asked by Apple to 'play it this way'? Apple is known to orchestrate, well, everything. See article in above link.(thanks to @Gatorguy for posting that link)
New Posts  All Forums: