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To hide any possible stains¿
"an iMac is just a vertical laptop"- xZu, March 2013
Don't put him down! I understood he was such a gentle man.
Very true. That's why I don't get why people tell me 4k is coming very very soon. I say 4k TV broadcast will take a generation to be a global thing.
Because 3 inches more makes all the difference¿It would be great if they offered a larger than 27" TB display. I'm still using the 30" ACD, and would love to own a bigger one, 32"-36".
In 4k?
I don't think so, they have their way of surprising us. I don't think anyone saw the4th gen iPad coming. Nah, Apple is more like this:
The sys admin over at Huddle is going to have a ball seeing which sites he can access with this info.
Lucky you! I envy you as I'm still on old school DSL. 20/1. They did actually put in empty pipes through my neighbourhood for fiber, but their survey showed that only 28% wants to upgrade to fiber. So, without their goal of 30% it's not going to happen now as they don't feel like investing any more than they have already. Now my DSL is fast enough for 4k I just don't see TV broadcast going 4k any time soon. We need content, delivery and a set that can display it.Sure,...
I have a Mini underneath the TV and only use it for watching movies. But when the 10.10 beta went public I thought what the heck and installed. Tried out various software, and I have to say, the Mini is one heck of a machine. Even though mine has a HDD it performs incredibly well.On my MP it's fun to see all 8 CPU's doing their thing when I convert FLAC to .mp3 and I don't think tasks like those would be anywhere near 'ok' on a Mini but if my MP dies I would seriously...
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