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I do. The other one was simply failing Hugomongously.Nope. Only a button; play and resume.Beats me.
Ah, ok, I've seen that before. To me, with English not being my native language, it reads weird; I thought a banner was a small horizontal line on top of something, a web page, an ad, but after looking it up on Wikipedia (I know) my view on it was wrong. Tnx.
"Stay calmand no onewill be fucked"And then, you know, but a hyperlink in the period and make it black. That way you'll only see the reference while hovering your mouse over there.
Ah, ok, thanks for elaborating. And I would agree to your view on this.
Why put the word inconvenient in quotes? If there is money to be saved, all companies should do so if possible. Google is fully in their right to use The Double Irish & Dutch Sandwich.http://tellmeyourview.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/the-double-irish-the-dutch-sandwich/
But you can't take the Apple TV outside. So you mean something that I don't get.
Does anyone know if stockholders are concerned and disapprove of all these Google initiates? In some areas they do excellent work, but it looks like they easily burn money on the weirdest projects. Apple has been known to be 'disliked' by stockholders for not showing road maps, for example.But is that mandatory? I would presume employees nowadays can simply fill a checkbox on some form before their first day on the job, especially in the US where this type of freedom is...
"Full screen banner"? What the ruck is that? A banner is something that sits atop, no? How can it then be full screen?Really? The whole Internet was build on that. I come across that name a few times a month I think.
I think its users need that. Without a search function and the pisspoor layout of that website it will need every little improvement it can get.
I wish for it!Very good point. And even though I would prefer for Apple to add this ability, I'm not holding my breath. For the reasons you describe.
New Posts  All Forums: