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Excellent question. No idea. Could it be Apple Pay after all? It's assumed they take 0.20% from every transaction. It's a $4T business in the US alone IIRC, which would amount to $8B, if Apple was to get 100% of that market, which it obviously isn't. But what happens when this gets viral, global? What is the yearly amount of CC purchases?
Gotta love that site. Fantastic articles, and in before most other blogs as well.
I haven't, but I did buy their in-ear wireless headphones I didn't like them:I'll be returning these earphones, but not for the reason some might think.This is the first time I've tried wireless earphones. While the prospect sounded nice, especially for me as a cyclist and the cable often is too short to go under my jersey and then back out at the bottom, into my pocket, wireless just isn't for me.The need to charge them over a micro USB, or whatever the plug is, it...
Fully agree. The problem with the likes of Benjamin is that 1) this site won't ban them and even if they did others would simply take their place. To them I say: "A person who gets all wrapped up in himself makes a mighty small package"Hey, that works as a signature.
Sorry, wrong article to link to. But I remember the confusion and understood afterwards he meant calendar 2008. Here's a 'better' link:http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/09/live-from-macworld-2007-steve-jobs-keynote/
He meant in calendar 2008:http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/wireless/phones/2007-06-28-iphone-launch_N.htm
Looks like I can be a CEO as well one day. I mean, look around, how good do you need to be¿
Web Objects was $50k:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebObjectsBut if we're limiting the highest price to HW, the service contract for the Xserve was around $50k as well, just can't find a link (wish @Gatorguy was here a I'm terrible at searching things finding things)
I love humble pie! Not sweet, not bitter. It's bitter sweet. And while pundits may have predicted wrong, I did as well with the iPhone; I thought they would sell 12M but it was more like 6M or something.
That's a good point; it's much more accurate than GPS and GLONASS. But this level of accuracy isn't a free service, and without knowing the subscription cost it's a hard sell. It is actually the first 2-way communication GPS:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo_(satellite_navigation)
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