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http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/25/report-claims-rumored-refreshed-mac-mini-could-launch-next-month/ Report claims rumored refreshed Mac mini could launch next month
Tell me about it. This is old news, I can't believe the latency this site is showing.
1) you find the craziest things. I love you Mann2) your link gave me nothing but a headache on my iPad, but I found the job description with the jobid that was in your link:Product Design Engineer - FEAJob Number: 34103377Santa Clara Valley, California, United StatesPosted: Sep. 25, 2014Weekly Hours: 40.00Job SummaryProduct Design Engineer - iPod / iPhone - FEA Help Apple create a world-class structural modeling and characterization team. As a member of the Product Design...
One thing I didn't mention before when responding to the BBC article that Relic linked to: the images that the reported posted he kindly requested from a poster on MacRumors. This person said his iPhone bend after bumping into someone. It was so weird people were asking if the both of them were made of steel. Anyway, read that thread if interested. On a different note, there was a flexible phone from LG since last April. Don't know if anyone already posted this. Had a...
Aaple has responded. Only 9 complaints: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/25/apple-responds-to-iphone-6-bendgate-controversy-says-only-9-customers-have-complained/
This has gone viral. The tweets over there:edit: I do like the Dutch approach (just not their beer)
New LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer wants team to ditch iPads http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/25/new-la-clippers-owner-steve-ballmer-wants-team-to-ditch-ipads/
KitKat hops on the iPhone 6 bend gate bandwagon http://9to5mac%2ecom/community/kitkat-hops-on-the-iphone-6-bendgate-bandwagon/#comment-211013
Supposedly it was this:
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