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What an inspiring post! Strangely they didn't ask me why I wanted to delete my account. Perhaps because I wasn't using it in the first place(?)
What I find odd is that they have a service that people need to pay for. I thought with Google everything was free? Do they have other paid services?
M7 is only on the 5s, no? Then how come you can use it on an iPod touch or iPad? Or iPhone older than the 7th gen?edit: nevermind: first customer reviewer also thought so:
Even longer:http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2002/01/07Apple-Introduces-iPhoto.html
Thanks; I get the difference, though I don't think I notice, or concern myself with, these details. Just a hobbyist here, and I'm happy when the picture looks good to me. That could very well mean there are more pictures that I would love, if 'treated right'.Thanks for the revise.
You weren't the only one then!
You should've included his 'closing statement':I have to admit though, that it's a lazy design effort by Ives.If he thinks it's only the width & height that has changed he might be proven wrong; there are a few rumours out there already that it will become thinner, have a different bezel etc.Plus he's only holding it, not trying to toch the top right of the screen:
I believe each manufacturer has their own table. And OSX only supports 8 bit, unfortunately.I think you explained it to me very clearly! Thanks for your replies.PS on my email notification from you I got another reply from you, which isn't displayed here on AI. Was there a specific reason? TIA
Ah, the Wallaby!http://pocketnow.com/thought/a-look-at-the-first-htc-phone-ever-released
Does he own his own bowling shoes as well?3 years ago Bing used Google's results. Don't know if that's still the case.http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Yes-Bing-Has-Been-Copying-Google-Search-Results-2382015.phphttp://www.wired.com/2011/02/bing-copies-google/Whenever I'm in a hotel I don't access their WiFi on my iPhone. I do use my iPad for that. "Why Phil; both devices basically have the same info on them?" Well, I don't have much sensitive info on my iPad, but there's...
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