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I don't think any company can create a good search engine. You'll need solid info as the source, and websites aren't exactly setup lik a database. Text displayed as an images aren't tagged as (the same) text, so a search engine will skip that, and the inconsistency of all websites makes for poor search results.Either that, or I'm just not good at searching. But when I search I have a difficult time finding the exact thing I want. Engine independent.
I'm sorry nhughes, I thought the article was a copy from that other site, hence my whining. And that was wrong of me.Thank you for adding the compatible HW models to the article, that is indeed very helpful.
I would hope so. Especially when you think about this setup; a person buys a Mac with a 256GB or 512GB SSD and can't get a 1TB iCloud Drive because it won't fit on their boot drive? Something must be off here...
It baffles me that this site isn't giving its readers solid info on which machines this added functionality works, since it's the topic of the freaking article. Oh, AI, why are you such a crap site? The only valuable info has to come from the forum members!Have you forgotten to first read a thread before posting?
I thought I read this somewhere, and then I remembered reading this very article on 9to5mac, almost verbatim, a few hours ago: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/17/handoff-yosemite-ios-8/ Anyhoo, as far as I udnerstand it, Handoff requires BT4LE, and this article would be informative if it were to state so. Edit: un-autocorrupt
I am truly lost for words for the info Apple is giving you, or lack thereof. I am extremely thankful for your insightful post in this matter, as I was contemplating on storing my Aperture library on iCloud as well. IOW, one BIG thank you from me to you!
I once took a course in photography. Learned zilch but did have a great time with the students and the teacher. Especially when people asked where this was taken:
That's odd, mine gives me all 5 iPads on a row:
That could work, but getting rid of all HW buttons is probably not a wanted design. The fast snapping of a picture on the latest iPhones is one that comes to mind. Taking a screen capture is another.
Actually, yes. But only once on an iPad, but often on iPhones. Those do tend to get dropped more easily though.edit: And some get this:
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