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 Yet the optional subscription service isn't without ads: they still get displayed. This is due to the fact that when reading the comments to the articles we get a webpage from Huddler in the app which does display ads even when one has a subscription. Not exactly something I would be proud of, especially when it now reads you are misleading your audience.
That is a very good point. The posts will differ from the type of people whom you've befriended with. The concept of Facebook in and on itself is not the problem, it is how people are using it.I don't have an account, but sometimes a friend shows me their 'feed' and I'm quite disgusted for a lack of a better term. Next time I see her, I'll elaborate on my views on Facebook some more.Hilarious! Also, thanks for the clear breakdown.
  Android phones sold through carriers sure seem to suck big time. No way of 'rooting' that phone and updating it straight from a Google download? (I have no idea how their OS works...)
 No, then it would be "9 suxeN"
 I would expect Apple to embed the FMiP app into iOS. As for Facebook, that people still use that is beyond me. It seems to be mostly used to hang out your laundry, whether it's clean or dirty, doesn't matter. One pic after the other of what people are having for dinner, or what the view is from their bed by the pool while on holiday. Disturbing to say the least!
 Show us all the portable music player that preceded the iPod that had an easy interface for scrolling though 1,000 songs, with the management of it all being done on the desktop, through a superior application. Show us all a smartphone that preceded the iPhone that had a huge display, multitouch interface ad desktop class applications. Show us all, ah never mind. Not even bothering to check back if you respond or not, because you won't be able to give any sensible answer.
The fool is far from jammed!
What's the incentive here? Wouldn't people using an iPhone buy an Apple Watch before reading this news?
 Genau so!
New Posts  All Forums: