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I don't even know how they sound as they fall out of my ear! Never actually plugged it into my iPhone.But yes, let them explore all facets of their products. Keep on innovating, and don't try new endeavours where they don't have any knowledge of, like Google does.
So you're one of those people that don't bother to look how to plug it in but simply use brute force?
Ha! Changing profession a bit. I know a thing or two about that, though I've been much more radical. Anyway, I'm just a hobbyist and not a photographer. Never mind getting paid for it. Do like to read your posts, so, please, carry on.Oh, to stay on topic; why is it that so many people don't like to do weddings? I think they're great to do, exactly because of the issues you write about. Alas, I've only done a few. Strangely enough I now have done a few funerals. Weird how...
Maybe he got his inspiration from Gloria Estefan.
My preferred audio store didn't have them. Since it's a small shop they're being reluctant to order them without knowing if I'm going to buy them. I told them I understand their point, recession and all, and would look around some more.Huh? They've spend 3 years designing the Ear Pods:Video link fixed by TS in below post; tnx
Pffew.No doubt. Adobe has a long history in creating software, this is their thing. The LR product stands on its own.RAW has indeed many advantages over .jpg Changing the WB after the fact comes to mind. Also, .jpg is 8 bit. And, well, you get the picture.That's a very good point.Some sites that might be of use to some. I'm thinking @digitalclips, @ThePixelDoc here.http://aperturevslightroom.com June 2014Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Which Is Right for You? (pcmag), Aug...
I vote for this post to become a sticky.Well said, sir. And the fact that you take the time to write this up all the more respect to you.
That is one heck of a clever thing there Marvin.
If you think that's bad, there's rumour that Chrome OS is about to cease the existence of tabs!http://www.omgchrome.com/project-athena-unmasked-chrome-os-new-ui/
That reads as a very unintuitive thing to do: wanting to go to a website by opening a password app... instead of a browser. But ok, iOS8 to the rescue as I understand it.Good to know. Though perhaps relevant for @Lorin Schultz, IE is not supported, as stated at the bottom of that page. Then again, it's v3 on that page, so things may have changed now that they're on 4.5.3Thanks to all for the added info after our last discussion.One thing though; I think the wording on...
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