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Darn it, too late! (Too offensive?)Nice sig; there's an article on it on 9to5:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/18/apple-releases-safari-7-1-for-mavericks-w-duckduckgo-search-engine-encryption-for-yahoo-searches/?utm_medium=manikarthik&utm_source=manikarthik
Wow, this is interesting. My French is total crap, but I will show this to our ex minister of foreign affairs who was stationed there at one moment. He'll appreciate this very much, so on his behalf: merci et chapeau!I love Americans who travel; broaden their horizon. Apple2 should ][¡Ha!
Dusseldorf is...can't remember: too long ago. I looked pictures, but I was only there for work. So yes, dinner afterwards, which I also don't remember, but I would've if it was bad. So that's good.Though perhaps you are referring to the clothing store(?)https://foursquare.com/v/douchedorf/4d5c0dab5d153704bed16de7
No worries on slow responding. I do that too, while I'm in a more 'fortunate position'. Hope you feel waaaay better very soon. And if it doesn't feel like that at the moment; things can only get better I guess.Android being designed more as a 'desktop computer as we know them' certainly has it's advantages. If only for 'people like you'. Which is a good thing, though I do get Apple's view on this: I think they think people remember a document that they want to continue to...
Oops, Kontoauszug went totally past me. But good of you to use an online image rather than your personal information.Ah, Cologne! Love that city as well. Only been there twice, but wow; a must see for those who haven't yet. And Leverkusen!
Uhm, no, I think they say:Surface Pro 3
I got an error from Hulu that I can't watch it outside the US, but as I don't have Flash installed I had to set the user agent in Safari to iPad and voila, just works.edit: just finished watching. Do watch the interview with the industrial designer Yves Behar right after Tim, great views on Apple/Steve.
No worries, we'll still have two more constituent countries.Good question, so I searched. Only to read depressing things (charcoal is their primary fuel source):Here's a video, not recorded in Haiti but somewhere in the US, on burning the stump (narrated by Bil Clinton)
Good article, but I didn't see any breakdown that @nagromme asked about.1) Did you put that $6k in your PayPal account, or was that money stolen from your CC?2) Did you get your money back?Would be great if I could transfer money from one iPhone to someone else's. That would also take care of splitting a dinner bill I read around here.
The poster obviously has never used iOS before, because this basic stuff really is hard to miss.
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