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I doubt they are coming back, especially since they now have more pixels on the Retina models that the 17" ever had. If you want a big screen you could stream to an AppleTV hooked up to... whatever.
That would be great, actually kinda something I'd expect from Apple. Still, they'll need to make this iOS to iOS device aware as well. Not simply proximity, but if I already read all mail on my iPad I shouldn't be seeing an unread count on my iPhone...for dotMac / MM / iCloud that is. 3rd party email I understand, though if they can serve up SMS on my Mac they should be able to update the unread count as well.Good points!
You're sure he wasn't Ferengi? That's where their YouKnowWhat is located.
LMAO! Did need to look him up, but he was beatfore my time.Sorry, can't top that, and it would become a Dreg anyway.
Oh yeah? Why don't you try to beat me, I'm all ears.
Why they would think that beats me.
Could this also mean the Mini will be updated? I don't know anything about CPU roadmaps and rather ask here than to Google it. Mine is from 2011 and I upgraded the RAM to 8GB. With 10.9 it was only using 2, but I installed 10.10 and now it's using 5.5 after a clean boot without doing anything except Screen Sharing. Maybe I'll just downgrade it again; I only use it for watching videos as it's connected to the big screen in the living.
Thanks for that. Yup, Handoff will be cool and useful, but I'd love for the unread count on my mail to update as well. Across all devices. Plus a single device notifying me of a new email, not all 3 together. I therefore already disabled most notifications on my iPad but there should be a better implementation coming from Apple.
We never do¡ Seriously, perfectly fine to be moody when having a fever. I hope this infection is already curing and getting you out of your depressed state. Sending virtual positive energy over the 'net... to you.
I wouldn't know as I've only installed it yesterday on a single Mac and don't have iOS8. I would certainly hope they will implement both of 'my issues'.
New Posts  All Forums: