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I don't know a single triathlete that doesn't swim with their watch. But I might be biased; I just ordered a $599 watch, designed for triathletes.Try a tri, you might like it.
Difficult to reference the price of bands, but Garmin is charging $129.99 for a metal band:
I was in an Apple Store today and the employee didn't know it was Steve Jobs Day. Weird. edit: I like the Bild photo better, from Twitter: edit 2: What is that multi-touch table? Video here: https://v.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/7F3787511D1182019994528169984_3294515e58c.1.5.18423578735857771931.mp4?versionId=d3D58oh1oDQFV6dYI8FOz31wzYDfTbVh
Why does it have two bezels?
But it isn't waterproof. You can't swim with it.
I think we are getting it backwards.
But will that matter? They were given the order to manufacturer the first 64-bit mobile chip, they delivered...for Apple but apparently don't understand 1-bit on how to copy it.Samsung. The Xerox company that don't even seem to be able to copy anymore.
That quite understandable as he is a 'bit of a peculiar' artist. Still, an artist.That's amazing! 5/5 correct.🏆
Hear hear! Prince actually has people removed from the venue if they are getting caught the 2nd time, after everyone has been informed on the no recording please request.Also OT, Woz was in a Cadillac commercial (The Daring - No Regrets):
Looks like it:Alan Dye later described to me the “pivotal moment” when he and Ive decided “to avoid the edge of the screen as much as possible.” This was part of an overarching ambition to blur boundaries between software and hardware. (It’s no coincidence, Dye noted, that the “rounded squareness” of the watch’s custom typeface mirrors the watch’s body.) The studio stopped short of banishing screen edges altogether, Dye said, “when we discovered we loved looking at photos...
New Posts  All Forums: