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I believe the leaks; I don't believe Apple will move the sleep/wake button to the right hand side. They do change stuff from time to time:1) iPod touch gained hardware volume buttons on the 2nd gen.2) They changed from a volume rocker to dedicated, separated buttons on the 4th gen iPhone.3) Mute button changed on 2nd gen iPhone(terrible picture from Wiki):Hear hear!
"For those who are right-handed, this is good news. A pity it's not on the top left though".
The Netherlands? Yeah! I guess with Photostream and iTunes Match that 4.9 is enough for some people though. But with MS office / iWork apps around a quarter of a gig each it may very well be too cramped, making people wish for an SD Card slot...
That reads a lot easier for me; thanks.The ICC profiles I get, RGB I understand and I think I understand wavelengths. What I don't precisely understand is the information that falls outside of the displayable range. I know the sensor on my camera is larger than what it outputs, but isn't the output (on the SD card) all the info there is from which I can display the photo on my screen?Do you always 'shoot' in RAW? I don't as I try to 'get the picture right' in one go. So...
Moving the sleep/wake button to the right is the most absurd thing I've heard. Well, them thinking this is true; that is absurd! Another case maker with a single-dgit IQ.
I *think* they were just pulling your leg there Melgross. But yes, it is a fair question from your part, one I also wanted an answer to. So thanks.
I understand competitiveness, but this is just pathetic.
A 2nd question would be if the innards of the 4" iPhone would be updated with this years' tech or not.I don't get Google either here; what has resolution to do with the size of the display? Obviously they're related, but S/M/L/XL shouldn't be expressed in # of pixels.That might create quite a challenge for case makers.
$800,000? And who the hell are others to question a granted patent? Shouldn't they take that up with the US patent office?
New Posts  All Forums: