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It does, see the video on that Kickstarter page.And their website http://www.airdog.com/products:"Smartphone is only for adjusting advanced settings. GoPro App provides live video stream to your phone."
But wasn't it Sony that moved the keyboard towards the screen thereby creating a palmrest?
True, I did assume that, but since Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuckups I simply had to verify by clicking the link. Nice video BTW. As for an alternate reason, I can't think of any. Just maybe to scare of seagulls if your afraid of being pooped upon.
Thank you both for your kind and detailed explanation.
Indeed, I just wish there were some rumours on that topic, instead of display sizes I'm not in the market for.
"That's amazing! How did they do that?"
This article would've been informative if it were to mention that this flying thingy can video record. Guess unlike AirDog, AI isn't aiming for the sky.
If they discontinue selling a 4" iPhone, THAT would be disappointing!
-11% for those who are wondering! like I was.Thanks SpamSandwich
New Posts  All Forums: