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Well, if you do something, you'll need to do it right. And thorough, so this is all good. I read in the next post you have a meeting, so wishing you good luck. Again. Thanks for all the laughs. Again. And if you turn out to look like Mary, a very pretty woman, I'll just remember that beautiful woman playing her cello. Nobody tops her.
Could it be that there's a limit reached on the number of computers this iPhone is allowed to sync with? Edit: though that still doesn't explain the non-charging issue, so I guess I don't know.
LOL at that nurse of yours, some things never change.What has changed is my not knowing you went in for no less than 5 surgeries. Sounds like they know exactly what they're doing, which gives me confidence. And with that I look forward to many more of your witty posts, and technical knowledge.
I think Eric is being full of Schmidt.
Great! So good to read that you're wide awake, reasonable quick after the operation. And good to not hear anything that you dislike at the moment, but rather feel the need to post yet another funny story, stories actually, and I commend you on the lightness you seem to be carrying this. I feel relieved, and it's all because of your funny posts. Thanks Relic!I sure hope you don't reprogram that jukebox; may many people after you have been released from the hospital be just...
Thanks for those photo sites. I'm on an iPad right now and both want me to install in app. The Fotor guys allowed me to skip that, so I thought I could do it online, but it turned out they want me to install Flash. It looks like it's more designed for the desktop/laptop when not on an iPad.Good luck with everything that's going on...
I think your phrase "is coming" caused him to request a link or citation, which I think is understandable.I agree with your wish for Apple Maps to gain a Spotlight-like search algorithm, though see my previous reply to @digitalclips on his search for a place in Alaska.
Of course not, read their attribution.html:http://gspa21.ls.apple.com/html/attribution.htmlGood point. May I add: please Apple, let me import/overlay my .gpx files on the Apple Maps app on OSX! And I can't find a good alternative to the shitty BaseCamp app from Garmin.They already do, see above link.I may have failed before, but I copied your "Glacier National Park" in Maps* and added ", Alaska" and it found it, telling me it's actually called "Glacier Bay National Park...
I'd like for AI to implement a beacon that points me to threads that hasn't got any bitching or Samsung-bashing going on.
First paragraphs tell me this is a good article; thanks for the link.
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