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It's a 6 step process on Windows and requires MS Word:http://www.wikihow.com/Type-the-Apple-Logo-%28Mac-and-Windows%29"Sorry 'bout that"Also: "It's actually not in Unicode. It's just a Private Use Area character (F8FF) in some of Apple's fonts, like Lucida Grande and Monaco. Some Linux fonts have a Tux on that same code point." (>)And this:http://hea-www.harvard.edu/~fine/OSX/unicode_apple_logo.htmlAs far as I'm concerned: "I love standards; there are so many to choose...
That's a good tip; thanks.Another good tip! Will try that over the weekend.He does have a good backup. Heck, he hasn't called me for Mac support for the life of the machine, 7 years now (try that with Windows). I know what I'm doing as far as getting his config back. The photos themselves are good though, he's already happy that at least that restore worked, but I told him not to go through the hassle of readjusting all 13,000 as I'd like to restore to the old state it was...
1) But what to do with the SodaStream?2) You're a Wall Street guy, posting from the floor?edit: those are not your piano hands
Wanna know what's unbelievable? This
True, but how to get the feeling of the device if it's a printout?
Don't understand why he didn't gave us all a 3D printer model in the first place.The 6 Plus is indeed one heck of a fugly...device.
Me tooo
Depends on your location. I had no trouble at all after about 30 minutes. It did came to a stop every now and then and would resume about a minute backwards. No problem, I just see them demoing something again. Strange thing is, my next door neighbour, @ThePixelDoc in Germany also suffered from a poor stream. While I'm on a mere 20Mb/s DSL...
That's a tall order for Apple!
Someone did object in this thread. Start at post 139 from Relic. It gets ugly.Have a great one!
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