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Yup. Problem lies in the fact that one can read the comments to the articles which pulls up a page with the content from Huddler. And that includes ads. The app is simply poorly designed and not thoroughly tested by either AI nor Apple. If it was Apple would never allow Crafted Creative Inc. to state that their app gets rid of all ads when paying for a subscription which simply isn't true. And it's been like this since v1 from December 2012.
I wouldn't complain. I'd love to be able to pay for an ad free access to this site, but unfortunately their app still displays ads, contrary to what they state in the App Store.Besides, people are always willing to pay for quality. Ads really aren needed.
Too funny!(Never, ever, lose that sense of humour of yours Relic - it enriches my day)
Wasn't LQMT used in the battery latch for the AppleTV remote?
You really think there is nothing else in the chin part of the iPhone besides the home button? Wow.
Really? Didn't know that. So, they just await the PO findings? i've seen quite a few articles that write about the poor job they are doing on 'prior art'. I sure hope companies can blame the PO for not doing their job when they're hit with a patent claim from a competitor.
Hardly the same. This patent describes they discern the left hand from the right. Allowing for a new way of using a touch as input. And the physical keys can be pressed to two levels. I don;t see any of that in that YT video. Actually, the person didn't seem to think much of the unintuitive way it works. He want to swipe in more than one app, like scrolling through photos. That didn't work.Besides, I'd think Apple would investigate current patents before applying in order...
Wait, what?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax#Tax_rates
Well, Apple says it's designed for an iPhone, also compatible for the 5th gen iPod touch. Knowing Apple hardware, this won't break with normal use.
Nope: see belowApparently not. 9to5 tested it, and posted their review:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/05/20/review-apples-iphone-lightning-dock-plays-nice-with-iphones-cases-and-even-ipads/
New Posts  All Forums: