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You mean because the first link in the article points to nowhere? (2015/08/27/iphone-6s-camera-12-megapixels-4k-selfies/)
Possibly with a "doesn't innovate anymore my ass"
I wonder if they'll embed a H.265 HW chip. That would result in smaller sizes. Oh, where's @SolipsismY when I could use his calculation expertise?OT: AI, please get rif of discontinued usernames and banned fakes?
Wow. 9to5mac gets credited for the article. Props to AI for this.
Ah, ok. I thought Windows 9 wouldn't work in Germany:"Windows nein"
Last I heard they skipped 9 because it wouldn't sell in Germany.Can you confirm this, @ThePixelDoc
The similarities are striking!
German speaking people here really ought to read the original interview, an eye opener: http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/wirtschaft/die-alleskoenner-fressen-zu-viel-strom/story/15079390
I have a 10GB LTE data plan, costs € 44 a month. Call/SMS is unlimited. Telco's seem to focus on pricing their data plans right. I think there will come a day that old school voice infra will disappear, and VoIP takes over.
There's a lot to be said for a large display, that's certainly true.
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