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Completely off topic here, but I registered a friends' business over at mapsconnect.apple.com and after my submission of all info of his business, location and hours open they mailed us back to verify. When the location was inaccurate they asked for a photo of the front door entrance. So I took a picture and told them the GPS coordinates were in the file. Sure enough they verified and approved our submission.
lol. Plus the comments there are hilarious. All 5 of 'em.Thanks. And welcome to the forum.
He was proud of the fact that all their products fit on a single table.I have no issues, did upgrade the desktop to 12.2, have not upgraded to 8.4, and do not have iTunes Match (lib too large). But this is just me, and no matter the amount of posters saying it did or did not screw things up won't ever be a measurement in any meaningful way, other than feeling sorry for the screwed up users. Well, their libs that is.Though I agree, I also think they actually do a sort of...
Reminds of the joke:Q:"Blue Ray; what's that?"A:
Currently it doesn't do anything:
Zero problems at my end. Hardly any problems reported by others. Maybe you should take better care of your Mac?
That's not what their article says:"How-To: Move your playlists from Spotify, Rdio, and more to Apple Music"http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/06/29/how-to-move-spotify-rdio-playlists-apple-music/
I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. They surely are incapable of writing code for their own USB ports:Samsung silently disabling Windows Update on some computerssource:http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/06/samsung-silently-disabling-windows-update-on-some-computers/
I should have stated that I didn't read the article (usually the good info is in the threads themselves) but I was just interested if Android, on its own, is not laggy when scrolling. When I see someone scrolling through a page on Android I see lag. Something I hardly ever experience myself on iOS. But that may be due to non-3rd party software installed on any iOS device(?)edit:Checked that Cyanogen site:"CyanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware for a number of cell phones...
Could the reason for seeing lag when scrolling through an app (or text/photos/webpage) on a stock S6 phone be the telco add-ons? Are there any 'stock Android' (ie naked Android, no 3rd party software) phones out there? Ones that don't lag behind your finger scrolling?
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