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Their FB only has 32M 'likes' which doesn't seem like a lot if they have over 500M iTunes customers. Will someone now call Apple beleaguered?
Oops, wrong thread.
I know, and it's new to me. I am appalled at many peoples writing styles, with plain and obvious errors, right in front of me. Can't understand why people don't bother to pay a little more attention. Though I'm not expecting proper English on a forum, but expect it amongst colleagues, emails, from family and such.I'm sure I'm writing 'peoples' wrong here, I think I need to append an apostrophe there."Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit”
I also read the article in the thread, not on/from the homepage. I think the number of repeated sentences increase with the onger articles. Hopefully Marvin can explain more, preferably Kasper gets rid of Huddler-the-crap-forum-software-provider and bring either vBulletin back or, I don't know, does Google or MS make forum software? Because I actually think that may even be a better choicesuck less than what Huddler gives us. But I...
No, usually when people call others out on a grammar error they get named a 'grammar Nazi'. GTR simply wrapped it up in a made-up story that Hitler had a Nazi working for him, writing speeches, basically being a 'grammar Nazi'.That, or I am starting to see things and making stuff up in my already weird mind lol
Uhm, no. The humorous part is because he used Nazi in a double meaning.
GotchaI think @Marvin knows what the exact reason is for the 'translation errors' that occur when the article gets a thread on the forum software. The article on the home page (that I never visit) is usually without these symptoms, or edited quickly after posting. The article in the thread used to be edited as well when Tallest Skill was still a mod here, but...alas.
Indeed, and sad. The fact that companies do not wish to investigate alternatives and simply renew their subscriptions is sad. Consumers can be like that as well, simply buy a new PC, with Windows preinstalled, choosing that, because they don't know any better. Or see Apple as expensive. Just like they thought Apple computers had smaller screens 'back in the day' but merely were honest by stating the VIS size which the competition did not do.But how? They have backward...
Hilarious! Wins the thread!
What's an oX Warp 2?That's not him, that's related to the forum software, getting the article from the front page (Quiller Media, Inc) onto the forum software, from Huddler Lifestyle. Which is shyte.
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