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Oh dear, she's cheeky again.Siri can be amazing, just like some people
I meant that I agree that it is wrong to be yanked out of the Camera app when tapping on All Photos while looking at the photos you recently took in the Camera app.
That is indeed the wrong approach from Apple. Feedback submitted, and it doesn't bode well for next years' Photos.
For a split second there I thought it was a post from Corrections¡
Good explanation. Indeed, one can easily save a .png to their (cough)Camera Roll(cough) Photos on iOS.Oops. Sorry for not elaborating on that. I have nothing against PNG on itself; I just don't understand why this website is using 1.x ~ 2MB images. Some people read this site over cellular and might have a slow connection, or a data limit to consider. Some people at home are still on DSL, and an article like this one with these large images was over 12MB. That's simply...
Ha! That is indeed funny.OT, just wanted to post this .gif, the evolution of the iPhone
I wouldn't know why he said that; simply answer the questions when firing up that new iPhone and you can either sync over data and apps 'as new' or dump a backup on the thing. It shouldn't matter. And if it does, simply redo it but this time chose the other option of these two methods.I believe that is not a requirement, though it is usually best to update to the latest version of any software. Though since your laptop is from (Jan-Oct) 2008 the thing may become sluggish...
I'm failing to see the question asked about the Camera Roll: it's right in front of you...in the Camera app. Where else should it be? Certainly not in the photos app, that has always been in the wrong place. Photos are for photos, Camera roll is for photos and videos.Still don't understand why the videos are in the photos app and not in the Videos app, but whatever.What is a mess is iPhoto.ipa:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6290?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US1) Aperture...
People: forget tech, forget Apple. Forget Android, forget debates on public forums; TTHISis what it's all about: health, and the knowledge of 'the possibility being gone' tomorrow.Stay healthy. Do something about your health, if at all possible. And when you're in the position Relic is in, pray that you'll pull through. Most will love you for who you are, just make sure you are mirroring your goodness to the rest of the world and it'll reflect on you in return.Best to you...
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