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OMG, you wrote kut. Nasty little whimper you are, getting all furry wid me.Anyhoo, great site. Too bad I can't review any pictures.You really ought to read her other posts as well. She mixes good info, great write-ups on her experience with a boatload of computers, phones et cetera with the most witty and fantastic wordplay in a humorous way that I've been enjoying since, well, ever since.Same here. Not only because he's a Google employee but that the article is also old.I...
In her defence, I think she's quite capable of defending herself
I do have LS, so 'safe' there. Chromo I'd never touch; won't ever want them to know ever single site that I have accessed. GE I'll try in a VM, just to be on the safe side, with LS. If the performance is shote I might install it on my main OS.
Thanks for that link. I've refreshed my tab in Safari myself and will see if they kept all of my text in here. Refreshing NOW.Yup, that works.
Indeed, relevant question. Also, how much for a Happy End¿
I agree; this is completely not a complete answer, just like Android:Identity access may include the ability to:Find accounts on the deviceRead your own contact card (example: name and contact information)Modify your own contact cardAdd or remove accountsUtterly incomplete. Tells me nothing. What does "may include the ability to" mean? Gsus, what a moronic horse that is!
Thanks for replying to that old post! So it is indeed doing something in the background, and apparently not needed as you now have it blocked and GE still work I understand(?)Don't know if this 5 year old article is still relevant:Why Google’s Software Update Tool Is Evilhttp://www.wired.com/2009/02/why-googles-sof/Maybe I'll just install it on a VM. I just want to try out overlaying several gpx files and Garmin BaseCamp software is truly crap, possibly written by...
Online Word? Ok, but, still, this sort of stuff happens on other peoples posts as well. Something to do with the user prefs on this site; I use BBCode but when replying to someone who posted using the RT Editor things go peer-shaped. Anyhoo, my point still stands on needing to get rid of Huddler.As for iOS/OSX and baby-proofing, I get why they do this, but think they indeed should also understand the amount of programmers using their products, preferring Unix of anything...
Supposedly it was never their statement, but someone else wrote that. They DID however agreed to this 'mantra', while knowing exactly they do things the wrong way. WiFi password sniffing, publishing copyright protected literature and such. Now before someone makes a claim they never were indicted convicted for that, it doesn't mean they weren't doing things by the book, so to speak.I anyone feels like puking but for some reason can't the following might help:Code of...
That was a shampoo commercial lol
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