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That's awkward. I'm behind my Mac, no Flash installed, and it displays "missing plug-in". Setting the User Agent to an iPad (or phone/pod) doesn't fix it. So I went to YouTube (what a site!) which didn't help: the search result gave me a 90 second clip, which started to buffer perpetually after playing for 5 seconds.Anyhoo, Viagra ads: men normally do pushups with two hands, strong people do them with one. Viagra users: "look ma', no hands, I'm using my head"(I hope the...
Can't watch the ad since I don't have Flash installed. Whatever. Here's an ad that got pulled: The Verge tells me it's allegedly from the same ad agency that created this:
It's also a shame Samsung still has to use Apple's R&D facility.
By putting up this flag. All over the place.
Thanks! That is fresh news, just a day old.1) that is one great initiative2) the details are...scarce:https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/3) I understand this is just the beginning, but simply see the placeholders where the ads used to be displayed makes for a 'awkward' experience. But I do understand that we can't expect we designers to run 2 versions side by side.This will be interesting to see how it develops.
A crying shame one isn't able to move their shared Photo Streams over to this new place on iCloud. I really hope Photos for OSX is going to solve this, in that it will have a migration tool for iPhoto and Aperture users. Because manually uploading photos without any structure is, well, reasonably useless.
I guess Pages could be a good contender for a web app: Start a new document at home, in Pages, design it the way you want and punch in a whole monologue of text when at the office.
Jack Dorsey made a wise decision here.
I would. In fact, I do at this site.
Problems with those people calling it a website you mean? Because this has to be an insult to peoples intelligence, making them think this is a website:
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