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This article is sooooo much better on http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/16/review-roundup-everyone-loves-the-iphone-6-and-6-plus With short video reviews from the usual suspects, you really ought to hop over to that site. Or read the one from The Verge
Wow, excellent post. I'd say I agree if I knew the facts here, but trust you on face value on this topic.With Apple being the manufacturer of both, HW & SW, I think it makes sense that they offer the best one can create as they aren't dependent on 3rd parties. MS really ought to have done the same, since they're kinda the manufacturer as well for both HW & SW.Google I believe make two phones themselves, and with Android coming out of their gates I'd presume the same ought...
Uhm, not even going to comment on that. Except for: thanks for enlightening me.
That's a valid point. In their defence, they cannot possibly make everyone happy. Plus all i's are on Apple; everything they say or do is meticulously investigated, in search of clues, in search of double meaning, in search of why others didn't do things the way they do. Look at the Internet; filled with blogs and crap-copy-reporting sites, trying to make a buck off of Apple.There will always be scenarios where some people won't be happy with the way Apple does things....
But people are stupid. Yes, that includes me. Except for this U2 part: those who don't have 'Automatic Download Apps/Music/Books' enabled and those without iTunes Match only get to see the little iCloud download icon shown So if aforementioned is enabled, yes, the album was downloaded, which makes a lot of sense to me. And even if I had the album automatically downloaded, I can delete it. Really don't understand the negativity on this issue.Oh Apple, I really like you...
Wait, what? They did this? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI'm going to repeat my mantra on Google:That's Google alright. For a stupid company they sure do dumb things.
Nothing was forced onto people, nothing was inserted without user consent. After easing your misunderstanding on the topic, please first understand the issue at hand before posting. Or better yet, don't post at all. Because your post might go down in history as one major error by a user on a public forum.
That is ONE HELL of an opening presentation!
Why is the Google Wallet not already consumers preferred choice?
Excellent! Keep ApplePay to Apple. No monkeying around with 3rd party apps using NFC. No hassle on malicious apps and such.How do you figure?edit: I see you already explained right above my post. Yep, well, same here; I'm not expecting Apple Pay in my country anytime soon. Like many of Apple tech, like iTunes Radio, everything will see a slow rollout. Just the way things are, and for good reason.
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