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Start whining about the lack of matte screens and I'll start calling you zunc¡
I think Lizzie is a she.
Current phone is 123.8 x 58.6 so this one looks to be 15mm taller and 5.5mm wider. For me, that's too large, and therefore hope they will keep a 4" screen sized iPhone should they releaser a larger display one. Thank you.
I was also surprised their 3 year old phone got the new iOS. As for PC's, I think they really are throwaway products, especially with the low prices we have nowadays. These $1k-3k boxes used to cost $10k and up; tech has become dirt cheap.
So no new iPhone with a 4" screen? I'll be off to Android and probably get Gatorguy to be my guide in that pool of options out there. Come to think of it, are there any 'Android phones' with a 4" screen or smaller?
Thanks for that link. That phone had one fugly interface:
1) reading that transcript from the 1/9/2007 keynote gives me shivers down my spine. Again. Which I think is odd; it's 'merely tech', right? 2) LOL:
Just block him, and if someone replies to his post go to his original post and report it as offensive.
How can he get a clue when you say he'll never have one?Please, post something constructive so we can have a well thought discussion on Apple stuff without merely writing that you'd like a larger iPhone. Or to put in into different wording; don't go around saying that Apple should release a larger iPhone because competitors are. There are larger display phones for many years now and Apple 'only' increased the height, not the width. What makes you think they will release a...
New Posts  All Forums: