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Listened to them; they’re great. I can’t put the ‘listening experience’ into words without making it read like ‘fluffy’ or ‘over the top’, but the sound is great, rich, you can feel the bass et cetera. But the fitting isn’t for my ears; it uses the cable itself which you can loop into your ear, but it’s not a proper fit for my, rather large, ears. Very good review here though, and rightfully so: they sound very...
Ha! And then dumb the old RAM sticks, what a stupid reasoning this was. Good post sir.
I think you're preaching to the wrong choir.
Put a magnetic strip on it and we can make payments with that new iPhone.Link? Because that's quite a statement, especially after this:Don't tell me you're a socket account for sog(?)
A friend of mine left his 3G out in the garden. Rained all night. Next morning he put it in the oven, door ajar, temp set at the lowest, someone like 70°C and took it out 2 hours later. Left it for the day, charged it in the evening, booted up, used it till the next model came out. I think his son is still playing games on the thing.Someone should dare Samsung do that.
And they make photos of each to find the matching parts, out of 725 parts
87.8% of all statistics are made up!
The future is not going to be bright for you then.
Samsung. Bringing water to my i's.
BIG thanks for that one. No more low battery warnings, while I have a spare set laying in the drawer.
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