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Wow! Less than an hours drive from my favourite town, Nuremburg. Great beer, awesome food. Enjoy it all Doc!Oh yeah, the topic. Well, I don't have anything to ad, but did want to let you know I presumed as much.
1) Will that icon spacing mod require admin privs?2) There's always MS Signature program. No stickers. No malware:http://www.microsoftstore.com/store?SiteID=msusa&Locale=en_US&Action=ContentTheme&pbPage=MicrosoftSignature&ThemeID=33363200
Ooh, that is sooooo spot on! IMO, of course.QFT. Really Relic, sending all cyber hugs to you and your loved ones. I sooooo hope all will come to a good end, with just a nasty memory of something that happened 'a while back' and we can all enjoy your great posts, the intertwining of tech knowledge with experience and one heck of a double freak humor which is a freezer-burn compared to cool.In short, get well soon.
Would you happen to know if Android is going to go 'PC free' in the near future? Not that the PC is going to eliminated anytime soon, just that I know a few people who dislike their PC so much as it needs a long time updating all security stuff when they booted it up after a looooong sleep. And that's simply because they use mobile devices, like the iPad most of the time.Now iOS devices can use iCloud directly, without the need for a intermittent PC, just wondering if...
Oh, forgot to ask: anyone know how long they will sign iOS7? Last year it was 3 days, after which you couldn't downgrade.
So, here we are, expecting user dissatisfaction because their download got stuck @ 98%. "Been there for hours on" and default reactions like that. Well, expect activation problems on the 19th, preorder problem next week week some 22 countries, activation problems on the 26th and so on and so forth. The cycle continues, but the numbers increases. Except for Samsung, cause the two new iPhones will very much hurt their sales.Ehm, wow. That would suck, but I don't know if the...
That might very well be better for all.
This article is sooooo much better on http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/16/review-roundup-everyone-loves-the-iphone-6-and-6-plus With short video reviews from the usual suspects, you really ought to hop over to that site. Or read the one from The Verge
Wow, excellent post. I'd say I agree if I knew the facts here, but trust you on face value on this topic.With Apple being the manufacturer of both, HW & SW, I think it makes sense that they offer the best one can create as they aren't dependent on 3rd parties. MS really ought to have done the same, since they're kinda the manufacturer as well for both HW & SW.Google I believe make two phones themselves, and with Android coming out of their gates I'd presume the same ought...
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