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I think it ought to work, after switching language. Something I do all the time. What Apple should do though, is keep the language setting on a per app basis. In Safari I mainly type in English, in SMS I usually type in Dutch and so on and so forth.
Just like the world¡ Or, non-Americans + non-Apple users.
I think you're reading her response incorrectly: it's about what someone thinks about another person's choice in tech, not your own preference.
1) Excellent post sir!2) Wiki has info on copyright issues on YT:The response from Google apparently was:Another reason for me to despise the company.Viacom files a $1B lawsuit against Google, who responded:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7420955.stm3) Love your closing paragraph, and thought on the topic. Thanks.4) Mr Trey R. is one clever fella!5) Thanks for the other links as well; I like that 10 min interview with Naom:
I agree with everyone here, which might be a first. I do think a smaller Jack would be the way to go. The Lighting connector if fine and dandy, but can only be inserted two ways. A Jack can be inserted anyway you like, which is what I prefer. Or wireless, that is probably the best way to go forward. OT: how come I don't see any photos, icons, smileys anymore on this site? For the past few days, all I see are square, blue icons with a ? in it.
Calendar or fiscal?Hehe. That reminds me of the pussy menu in Patpong Night Market in Bangkok:It may be a necklace. If it's going to tell me time/running pace et cetera it better be closer to my ear than my watch is.
That is good advice. I wish more people would copy it.That must be the reason this place starts to smell nice again, without the need for de-odo-rant (shamelessly copied from Marvin*)*without permission I should addedit:this place starts to sell nice againthis place starts to smell nice again
Ha! Like the Apple vs Samsung trial, where the lady couldn't tell the two tablets apart. 'They are confusing, aren't they" (Phil Schiller)I never wrote that I "feel I am entitled to steal others work".I firmly believe:copyright material should be protected,artists should be rewarded for every item sold, no matter how popular their work becomes,people shouldn't illegally share or sell that material,people should read up on local laws before passing judgement. Did you know...
Well, at lest they differentiate themselves from other smartphones. And to differentiate is a good thing¡
Thanks for pointing out my stupid dumbness.
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