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But everything to do with sucker, no?
1) sold out in...4 minutes this time? 2) WWDC iOS app #4? 3) if there's one thing Samsung or Google can't copy, it the vibrancy of these yearly 'get togethers' 4) scalpers? Edit: pipped by @saarek
Link¿Ok, that's lame, but fits the discontinuation of that other thread.Thank you.
Sorry, didn't mean to derail. Don't think I was; I merely wanted to indicate it's not possible to provide a link to someone's believe there might be... So a rhetorical link it was, so to speak. Yes, the A7 is great and yes, they might port OSX to ARM, and no, history won't be providing answers to wishes, only what could seem to be likely. But that's not proof.
Just when I thought the thread was on the right track again. Well, was a good read though. Thank you.
No snowblowers there I presume? Hope to see them opening a store in the Kanyon mall next time. Apple can then stay in line with anything curved and rounded corners.
That is one hell of a pathetic page there. I'm baffled that someone could write such a thing, have such a view.
I was indeed mocking; there' really no basis to say what Apple will do in the future. People really should remember that this is all text, black on white, and will read as fact. If it were a verbal conversation one might alter there tone and together with body language we could be hearing a different take on 'what Apple will do'. If there's a strong desire for someone to want Apple to change their CPU architecture... than write that. Saying things are fact is just dumb,...
If they'd do that they'd most likely lose tens of millions of customers.
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