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It's a nano SIM:http://www.motorola.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Motorola_WE-Site/en/Product-Show?pid=moto-x-style-weThey did put in triple cellular: GSM, CDMA, LTE. I think I that is special but don't know for certain as I only deal with GSM & LTE here in Europe.
If it's not an option to be both perhaps in a future dot release update thread we can get it as a new feature.
Gotta love the vibrancy this fifth version brings out. To me, that's a whole new feature¡
Oh, well, ok. A scenario where you don't want any cellular option is to get a device without that, I'd say. As for having user control over which telco to sign up with, I say do it in software. If there aren't any differences to a physical SIM and doing it in software then please, do remove the SIM card. I fully understand the the freedom we now have with unlocked phones and getting a SIM from a country we happen to travel at that moment, but if we can do this simply in...
I don't get all the negative views on an e-SIM. In general, if we can do in software what we used to do in hardware I say it's a win for all. I'm certainly happy that Apple got rid of the floppy disc, CD-ROM, created the App Store for OSX, just so we finally stopped fiddling with hardware for which we had no reason to do since, what, 1995? People need to learn to adopt.
Maybe Cash is so broke he can't pay attention?
When configuring a watch face, I think that's what you get when selecting ...Mickey Mouse¡Also look here. Though the article is 3 months old, it has some nice takes on watch bands.http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/04/19/third-party-bands-replacement-straps-battery-packs-apple-watch/
People stupid enough of shooting video in portrait orientation should't shoot video at all. If they can't see beyond their phone screen and where one could want to view the video afterwards they don't have any vision at all.
SIM cards are going away, and for good reason. There really isn't any reason a piece of HW meeds to be replaced just because we want a different carrier. This can be done in software, and Apple is the only company to pioneer this. Just look at the floppy & CD.The number one reason Apple wants to remove the SIM slot is because it accumulates dirt and at some point cannot be opened anymore. Ask any Genius at the Bar.
The sooner SIM cards die the better. Fiddling with a piece of plastic at the airport is no fun. Just embed the darn thing and have the user 'do it all' in software. While the fear of carrier lock in is a valid concern, I don't think it will make the current situation worse. Over here in The Netherlands the larger telcos don't even bother locking your phone. And those who still do; they are required by law to remove the lock after one year. Yes, also for those who have...
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