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Good point(s).That would make him quite the a stand up guy, humble, and filled with integrity. Why are so many people having a different view of him? Could it be because he's not? Not to provoke anything here; I just don't know anything about him.
But are board members excused from meetings concerning new products? They get an 18 month preview:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/156083/new-products-are-presented-to-apples-board-6-18-months-prior-to-launch
You will need to register at Apple.com to access the App Store where they sell...wait for it...apps for your iPhone. Though it isn't available in every country. There should still be apps available for your model:http://www.appannie.com/search/?q=iphone+3g+&vertical=apps&market=iosBut like Marvin wrote, the model you have is (6 years) old, and it will make more sense to get a newer model, should you want to delve into the iPhone App world.
That is one spooky, yet possible thing for them to do. For my sake, I hope they don't stop updating a 4" screen iPhone. Though there must be a reason why they haven't released a larger display phone even though there are larger models out there for over 3 years now. Possibly longer which makes me think they are dead serious on not creating a phablet. Though #2, a 4.7" display iPhone would still be pocketable.
Got the 4" now, which I thought was a bit large after the 3.5" model. And the phone now is sometimes 'stuck' in my pants, front pocket, when it 'drops horizontally'. Not that I want to go back to a 4/4s though.But sure, release 3 display sizes which should make everyone happy. I somehow can understand why people want a larger display, but I prefer the 'pocketability' of the current model and will buy that if it's still available. And I cannot picture them discontinuing the...
Start whining about the lack of matte screens and I'll start calling you zunc¡
I think Lizzie is a she.
Current phone is 123.8 x 58.6 so this one looks to be 15mm taller and 5.5mm wider. For me, that's too large, and therefore hope they will keep a 4" screen sized iPhone should they releaser a larger display one. Thank you.
I was also surprised their 3 year old phone got the new iOS. As for PC's, I think they really are throwaway products, especially with the low prices we have nowadays. These $1k-3k boxes used to cost $10k and up; tech has become dirt cheap.
So no new iPhone with a 4" screen? I'll be off to Android and probably get Gatorguy to be my guide in that pool of options out there. Come to think of it, are there any 'Android phones' with a 4" screen or smaller?
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