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Still not? Geez, can't understand how they can oversee such a flaw. Yup, gave them feedback on it, but that won't mean it'll become a 'known issue' heheWho's the fool in charge of iBooks, Mr. ROM¿
How so? I paid for a 1 year subscription, € 7,99 or something. App is only useful for ad-free articles, not the comment section, which for me is the main reason for visiting this site.Showing duplicates works fine for me in 11.3Also for renaming files? Because that is still a drag. Slow and only one of my 8 cores do the work. It really looks like it isn't a multi-core, multi-threaded app at all.
That's understandable. Today a friend of mine, also from The Netherlands, called from Birmingham and told me the city centre was quite small. I didn't know that, and I thought Birmingham was the '2nd Capitol'...Same here. Funny, when I saw here name I put on one of her records, still enjoyable, after all these years.
That's an excellent take on the why part. Me, I simply want to be accurate, and always appreciate it if someone points me to a grammatical error. So, thanks.I cannot understand why stockholders don't complaint on Google's expensive endeavours. Or maybe they do, but I haven't seen an article on the topic.Very true. They have excellent informative sessions. I took all 4 "Pro Labs" on Aperture, FCP etc. and thought they were pretty good. I even learned new things from the...
Huh? What's your point? They want a prominent location, hence their choice.
All excellent points! Really, home run. I am actually looking forward to tho change. I'm sure there will be quite a few features I use in Aperture dropped in the new Photos software, but with plugins that may not even be a problem. Otherwise I'll simply fill in the feedback form.I'd love to see them implement:- import .gpx files (as my DSLR doesn't have that, and I'm certainly not going to tag them by hand while on holiday)- excellent key wording options. In Aperture...
Does anyone know if the Chinese character recognition on the iPhone is any good/useful for the Chinese?
Wow, you even found a way to make it funny!Although I think this post is the best I ever saw. In order to 'appreciate it' one does need to read the article, or skim through it:http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2010/07/07/how-to-speed-up-your-iphone-3g-running-ios4/#more-4367
Wholeheartedly agree. There really is no need for all the (wrongly named) 'social media' - there's nothing social about it. Just like there's nothing fair about welfare (my lame attempt at humor/wordplay).'They say' that FB will loose 80% of its users by 2016 or something like that, which is the first time that I read something positive about FB.Ah, there it is:http://time.com/1405/facebook-is-about-to-lose-80-of-its-users-study-says/Have a gander at the .pdf they link at...
THIS is the explanation I remember! So it was you, not Marvin. Thank you for clearing that up, and also thanks for that handy java script that can block posters out, even when quoted.
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