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One bug that bugs me: audio output device selection isn't retained after a FUS.
Heee Relic, good to see you post! Yes I was 'away' from this site for a while, uncertain if I will keep on spending so much time here. There are better things to do for me. But I understand you visiting this site, talk about tech, while you have your own 'stuff to deal with'. How are you Relic? PM me if it's too personal, or just not something for a tech thread like this one. Hope you are well, sending CARING bits over the superhighway to you.I was actually following you,...
Thanks for commenting on LR; I really like to read more responses like yours, in order to get a better picture.
Never watched Married with Children, but do like Hell On Wheels! Plus the series makes me learn new words, like Verdantly, Cudgel, Inure, Acquiesce, Ghoul.
Haven't read all the comments, yet, but is the thread now a Google bashing one? Because they also do kind things, like giving people their money back: http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/11/19/this-80-mobile-app-prototyping-software-for-mac-is-now-free-courtesy-of-google-acquisition/
So guarded!Never been to Canada, yet, so would love to get first hand experience on tyre centre pronunciation. Amongst others.
Ha! Guilty, though I'd say the Germans are way worse than their western neighbourghs. Perhaps @ThePixelDoc can chime in.That's another thing with Americans that I love: you guys simply take a word and can 'verb it'. I'm sure there are many more examples, can't think of them right now, but the moment you hear something that may sound strange to me, you'll immediately get it. "Indian giver" was one that pops up now, though unrelated to my example of verbalising something.I...
That is one funny -and informative!- post.Us Dutchies are very basic people: we simply count by spelling the words out, as in één-en-twintig for 21 and continue from thereon.tnx!
Looks like you had a ball here on your own and perhaps no need for me to respond. (lol) However, just for clarification, and hoping you won't need to cudgel your brain I'd like to explain:I use the Garmin Oregon 550t on my road bike, a total piece of shit device. But that's for another discussion. What it does do well is record the GPS coordinates, and when plugged into a USB port (or use wireless ANT+ stick) one can copy the .gpx file from the device. Simply import into...
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