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Me neither. And I wanted to reply with a funny from http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com but the fools over there don't allow access from an iPad or iPhone anymore. Downloading their app is now mandatory, which isn't what I want.
For Click2Flash he'll need to install Flash first, no? Better to set your user agent to an iPad instead. And that's only the better option, the best is to not use YouTube, although it does cost them money so maybe we should all have a YouTube window running in the background 24/7 lol
What? Ok, so, them serving up 40+GB of developer videos every year after WWDC has ended, available to anyone, not just registered devs is simply because that saves them the bandwidth by not sending it over to everyone with an AppleID over email¿Or them upgrading the video store from 720 to 1080 even though they didn't see the need for it but the public wanted that?Bandwidth? Right. On skipping 60 seconds of an 256kb audio file, only streamed to those who use previews....
Wouw! Lost for words here, feeling dump.
Just downloaded that, enjoying it now. Tnx
I agree, spottily is great. I get it for free from my ISP, probably some promotion. Or the fact that I've been with them since 1995.Unfortunately I can't use their web player:
Yes they do and yes you can buy it from Amazon. $135
Looks like you're already shooting straight to the correct answer.
I think the point anyone makes about using the camera on an iPad is simply because it looks odd. The more mainstream it becomes the less odd it becomes and people will get used to it. Over 20 years ago when we got the digital camera it was weird to see someone look at the photo they just took, now people are in awe when I use my analogue camera.Obviously your point is about parents creating a digital archive of their over ones, and you make an excellent point about it.Your...
Hahaha! Stink-free? From PooPourri? LMAO
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