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They read perfectly fine for me. And if he uses a word I remember which stood out because I haven't read it often the search function will find it anyway.Plus you can simply search for his name with a simple Cmd-F or view all his posts.
1) Please don't tell that to 'everybody'.2) I guess the compass app on that new iPhone laying there now shows this?
I love that video - too funny!While your in the back with that dude, ask him how he wears his 5.5 incher¡Take phone out of the box when back home, quickly. Problem solved.
Blimey sir, that is interesting to read! Gandering now...
The attention to detail is phenomenal! Just like the old days:
Since this post came in the mail like this:I read that soooo the wrong way.But yeah, patent away!
That's because you're 'press & hold' is on a .png. If you 'press & hold' a .jpg you'll get the familiar pop up panel (PUP?)- URL- Open- Open in New Tab- Add to Reading List- Save Image- CopyThe URL you can't copy, but if you open it in a new tab you can copy it from that tabs address bar, nee, omni-something..png. The mother of all fuckups, as this site is still shyte, with 22MB articles because it has a few pics in them. I'd rather see the continuation of Huddel but the...
iPhoto for iOS is already gone. Aperture won't go anywhere anytime soon. Heck, there's an update coming which supposedly is optimised for OSX10.10. It won't suddenly stop working, there just won't be any features added by Apple. 3rd party is a different story.For more info on the subject:Apple will no longer develop Aperture or iPhoto, OS X Yosemite Photos app to serve as...
While I can understand everyones gripes with the speed of connectivity/download/orders/activations I cannot comprehend what people were expecting. I don't think there's enough capacity of the Internet to accommodate to the millions of users connecting 'at once'. Take the phone system for example. On a daily use it just works, but when there's a fund raising to some catastrophe where people can dial in to a one-time only number after seeing the horrors on the hellavision...
And on that note, I'll drop it. (the issue, not the phone)
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