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What's next, DigiTimes claiming Apple is going to release a 7.9" screen iPhone next year¿
I agree.Eyebeacon could've been a better choice.
Excellent post sir. All valid points, including your opening statement. And thanks for having me looking up kabuki.
QFT. Unfortunately this can be repeated over and over, yet somehow the blogosphere is filled with posts from idiots who at some point will hop over to MacRumours, only to find a comfort zone because of similar idiotic posts. BF comes to mind.
Still laggy after enabling 'Content Blocker' ad thingy?That's a wise decision. I hardly ever hear people upgrading their 'main machine', be it their iPhone or Mac.
That's solid info; thanks.
Yes, you said so. But can you confirm? Have you successfully downgraded and activated iOS8?
So, we don't know. That doesn't cut it for me.
That is a very informative post! I'm sure many will thank you for this.Won't that be useless if Apple doesn't sign the OS anymore? That happened to the watch, right?
Gotta love the stupidity here. Or perhaps disingenuous is a better word. Next is likely going to be the free 5GB iCloud storage.
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