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Yet it still duplicates your photos, be it .jpg or in raw. This won't bode well for people on a tight SSD. I don't understand why software programmers don't make the effort and simply move these originals to a new location in their newly designed package/library.
Photos really is for the Apple ecosystem. Works perfectly with Apple-only gear. 3rd party support will be minimal. Doesn't matter much actually; I'll simply import from my DSLR to Aperture, apply curves, geotag et cetera and export to Photos.It's not like Aperture is going to stop working all of a sudden.
That's not the point. A person with a cracked IMEI can be prosecuted and sent to jail. Always check first:http://www.imei.info
Nice to see everyone in good spirit, including the mods, Kasper and the authors. There's a great Timeline article here
There's no straight answer to that question. Still, there's this:http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/determining-which-carrier-an-iphone-is-locked-to/http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/08/check-if-your-iphone-is-unlocked-or.html
As are we; we discussed this tech a few years back on this site, with a couple of people. I'll never find the thread, but I do remember it.
The US should adopt the EU policy: after one year into your contract they are required to unlock your phone, when asked. Doesn't matter if you're on a two year contract. A good policy, yet not necessary since almost all telcos sell their contracts with an unlocked iPhone anyway.
Touché. Just like the Xbox, the regular sized one that is:source
Still, we all need to wait for OSX to support 10bit.oh, already mentioned by mdriftmeyer
We don't pay road tax for electrical cars, or better stated, cars with very little CO2 emission.
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