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1) reading that transcript from the 1/9/2007 keynote gives me shivers down my spine. Again. Which I think is odd; it's 'merely tech', right? 2) LOL:
Just block him, and if someone replies to his post go to his original post and report it as offensive.
How can he get a clue when you say he'll never have one?Please, post something constructive so we can have a well thought discussion on Apple stuff without merely writing that you'd like a larger iPhone. Or to put in into different wording; don't go around saying that Apple should release a larger iPhone because competitors are. There are larger display phones for many years now and Apple 'only' increased the height, not the width. What makes you think they will release a...
CAD renderings? Looks more like Excel on XP. And that first picture of the drawing could also be a Samsung smart watch for all I know. But cool, keep the rumours coming on the next iPhone. I can't wait to see what's in store. June 2nd, right?
Good article, good interviews. Great person. I like the fact that he's so humble, while achieving so much. There's something about him that is beyond a proper education, properly raised by his parents. He has more to him than just his curriculum vitae. Though I like Craig Federighi for his panache, I'm always glad to see Tim leading the company.
Who's to say that 5.5" display isn't for the next smart watch from Samsung? Or ¿; take your pick.
Aren't there, no, weren't there like 5 million options for the Mac Pro?Heh, Tallest Phil. I like that.
FLAC also supports metadata. Artwork, Artist & Song name and such. Perhaps it doesn't have as many fields or equally large headers as say .mp3, that may be.
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