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I'm not surprised as my sisters kids also use BB phones. Yup, easier typing they tell me. Though with kids it could very well be that they don't feel like using an iPhone as 'everyone already has that'.Good for you Relic! A friend of mine is also battling cancer and since he can afford it he too is in a private room. Which makes a lot of sense as you already have the worrying and fighting to do you don't want to be annoyed by other people and their visitors at that...
I'll be happy to accommodate. You'll get the grand tour, whichever city you prefer. Or I make suggestions.I haven't listened to them, yet, but did lift it up the other day and I agree, it feels solid, robust.[/quote]Let me know what you think of them and thank you as always for such kind words, your an absolute gem of a human being.[/quote]Will do. And thank you for your kind words, you 'resonate positive vibes'.
Very true.
Indeed, but that's unlinking (not syncing anymore) but you cannot 'sign all browsers out' of Dropbox from their site, like you can with Apple.As for changing your password, if your account has indeed been accessed by someone else they already had the opportunity to download all data. Changing your password will only help to secure new (or changed) data.edit: I see they do have two-step verification, so that's good!
While that's a valid point that is isn't their fault, to the end user it is, again, 'bad dropbox news; now I need to change my password again' situation. And simply changing your password doesn't automatically log you out on any device or browser that was already logged in.No, many things need to change at their end, your mention app/platform specific passwords being another one.
By my count that is the fourth time, in what, 2 years?
And from that Reuters article:Well, at least it remains business as usual for the next 6 years:http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/budget-to-end-double-irish-tax-scheme-1.1962188Hehe
We have the standard sized paper passport (with the plastic thingy inside which can break), used for international travel, and we have a cc sized plastic card, standard credit card size if I'm not mistaken, ISO/IEC7810:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_card_size#ID-1D-3 for passport sizeID-3ID-3 specifies a size of 125 × 88 mm (4.921 × 3.465 in). This size is the B7 format. This format is used worldwide for passports.(Sorry, on an iPad here and copy paste + accuracy...
This forum rally could use an IQ test before allowing basement posters to join.I would love that!
That may be true for a U.S. passport, but not for Europe. We have a plastic, hardened, first page (technically page 3 and 4 if your in the book binding business) which does bend but when trying to fold it this plastic will break. Now this info may be new to you but it does show the point Relic was making: you're ignorant to things you did not know. And please don't take this as an insult, it isn't meant as such, I'm merely showing you there are things 'out there' that you...
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