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Apple TV channel for today’s iPad and iMac event live stream is now availablehttp://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/16/apple-tv-channel-for-todays-ipad-and-imac-event-live-stream-is-now-available/
My god, you didn't!
Price less
To hide any possible stains¿
"an iMac is just a vertical laptop"- xZu, March 2013
Don't put him down! I understood he was such a gentle man.
Very true. That's why I don't get why people tell me 4k is coming very very soon. I say 4k TV broadcast will take a generation to be a global thing.
Because 3 inches more makes all the difference¿It would be great if they offered a larger than 27" TB display. I'm still using the 30" ACD, and would love to own a bigger one, 32"-36".
In 4k?
I don't think so, they have their way of surprising us. I don't think anyone saw the4th gen iPad coming. Nah, Apple is more like this:
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