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I haven't used any musical apps, no. But I do get Relic's point on wanting to touch the screen as the 'workflow' is so much easier with these music creation apps.She's anything but a troll. She appreciates tech, likes gadgets and gives many insightful posts on stuff I never heard of before.Yes please Relic, give us your unbiased review of that Clam.She did fantastic doing that scene!I think the consumer market does very little to their revenue. A Windows license is...
And Pay isn't limited to the US either:Apple Pay already works abroad on supported NFC terminals w/ US-based cardshttp://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/10/21/apple-pay-already-works-abroad-on-supported-nfc-terminals-w-us-based-cards/
I'm sorry, but the video doesn't bring the message across, for me. The article did however, so thanks AI.
iFixIt gives it a 6 https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Mac+Mini+Late+2014+Teardown/30410
MacPro1,1? And people say a Mac is expensive! Try keeping a using Windows box up and running for 8 years.
Still can't believe they didn't keep the 2 and 3 but instead kept only one and for the labels you'll need the mouse. A pity.What I would love to be able to do is importing my .gpx tracks from running and cycling. Because I have yet to find a better app than the crap Garmin puts out.
Happens to the fats of us.
Just to touch this one topic, why isn't there a music app that can do all these things, surely you can't be the only person wanting this. It sounds like it makes sense to want it; are the music apps you use limited in other areas as well?I keep clicking on the icons when doing an Alt-Tab on Windows and people call me stupid for trying that. Who's the stupid one there¿As to your post, fully agree. Again.
This ain't K.I.T.T.
New Posts  All Forums: