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What?! Why can't you FaceTime Victor nor Shane? This is ridiculous!
I didn't, but I do think they will prosper.And thanks for mentioning Blackrock!
Alibaba.com going public is also a big gift.
Sorry about that. Oh, you meant Sony, silly me.Yeah, pathetic to try to get a free ride on the iPhone6 mania. Then again, what wil Sony gain from this tactic? (no need to respond here...)
Wow! Your Dutch is waaaay better than my French. You didn't accidentally had too much eau de vie before dinner, right?.Uhm, I'll ask him after he returns from holiday. A kind offer, he will appreciate it even if not wanted...
But does anyone know if you can still downgrade? Restoring a backup; is it still being signed by Apple? I read contra dictionary articles: http://www.jailbreakiosx.com/2014/08/apple-stopped-signing-ios-7-1-1-firmware.html http://www.gottabemobile.com/2014/09/17/ios-8-on-iphone-5-first-impressions-and-performance/
Wow there! Completely missed that one! Though I do remember it now; you're certainly not putting it mildly.Wo there!Stockholders love their investments into these projects¡But but but...there's an iOS app now¡http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/17/google-glass-companion-app-myglass-for-ios-updated-w-photo-syncing-bug-fixes/Full agree sir. And free isn't of course free, though some like to prefer 'open'. Problem is, I don't see them closing up shop anytime soon...
[URL=http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/18/sony-mocks-iphone-6-in-xperia-z3-compact-ad-better-than-bigger/#respond]Sony mocks iPhone 6 in Xperia Z3 Compact ad: “Better than bigger”[/URL] My response? "@sonyxperia Strange that Sony feels this small. Then again, it's 4.6". "
1) Strange AI didn't add the icon to the Beat Music app. 2) Strange Apple hasn't made the Beats Music app available in my Dutch Store (so downloading now from the US, but I forgot what the reason for this app was to begin with)
Glad you caught that keyword; I was hoping some clever and informed person would give his unbiased response on the matter of 'open' from Google.Sorry for the 'trick', but I just wanted an honest response. One that will be of value for the uninformed.So, thanks.
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