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Wouldn't buying a new iPhone and iPad be easier?
I get that. I just think people should use their phone to communicate. What's wrong with talking? It's the oldest form of communicating (I think), it's free and it's wireless.
I also think the 5th Ave Store got a nice touch: http://www.chicagotribune.com/bluesky/technology/sns-rt-lynxmpea8605s-jpg-20140908-photo.html
Sorry to hear that. Are you (a bit) better now? We did get a little worried due to the silence. Am I in the wrong when asking if you can have someone inform us on your health by posting here on this site? Last time we went a little overboard in finding stuff out, and it became a little creepy for me to search for you, just to know if you were 'doing ok'....Good to see you post!Best.Take care.
Can't confirm on the versioning. But that doesn't matter as there has to be a partnership with Apple for Pay to work. Hence the list of participating banks and merchants in the keynote.http://www.apple.com/iphone-6/apple-pay/
...worn by a midget.All those braincells, and not a fucking clue!
Did they inform you what they were going to delete or was it just a random boom?
Wow. 110MB of crap I'm not interested in. Good thing it wasn't pushed to my lib, just available on iCloud as a free download. I did a Select and Hide Items on it.Hilarious! You always have a pointer for us, tnx.Same as Apple, Inc. being the most valuable company in the world. Surreal, but means 'nothing'.
"Thanks! We need it."- Samsung Electronics CEO #1- Samsung Electronics CEO #2- Samsung Electronics CEO #3Perhaps a gifting app with renders/pictues/feature set? Links to apps and so on.It *seems* that it works without an iPhone because it has NFC inside it.http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/And:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182194/apple-watch-is-first-device-category-developed-under-tim-cook-took-years-to-complete
Not me. And for the amount of tech they put inside I don't even think it's thick, when compared to sports watches (I've showed pictures before, I'm sure you've seen that one). Besides, evolution will take care of the thickness. Especially now that 'the competition' knows what to put inside a smartwatch.The battery is so easily charged I think normal use will only require it to charge overnight. Though I'm sure there will be many complaints the first couple of weeks when...
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