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Very true, different countries with different cultures.Yes, our favourite nations pastime is indeed spend on the bicycle and we created the infrastructure accordingly.Still, funny, enough, I don't think Americans are nuts, I like people 'being nutty' and have a couple great friends who are American.I hope more countries adapt the design of cycling lanes:
Good point. I don't see Apple creating a car, for the same reasons. I'd believe they would be more inclined to see hem get into biotech more.That contradicts to my small city of only half a million in The Netherlands: I see Tesla's every day, and electricity charge stations in many streets, annoying those without an electrical car as the parking spots are now reserved.
That's an understandible stance. Aperture really is a good product. Never mind we've grown accustomed to it, that can happen to any program. But Aperture really is intuitive, fluid, takes very little shortcuts to get a job done. Now I have no idea what will happen to it with a future OSX update, though perhaps running it in a VM would be ok for some people.I do think in due time the best alternative will be Apple's new Photos with 3rd party plugins for all features Apple...
We all need to excuse PMZ as he has no idea what Aperture does. If he did he would not be making a complete fool of himself by posting his rant.
Looking at the fact that companies/devs created plug-ins for Aperture I see no reason to believe that won't happen to OSX Photos as well. Perhaps the enticement is even greater now as everyone with a (OSX 10.10) Mac has Photos. I think it's more a question of when.The lost abilities, like curves, add gps info et cetera are quite big, to me, and I'd love to be proven right that 3rd party devs will jump at the opportunity. Otherwise I'll simply make those changes to my...
If you think that's unusual...http://forums.appleinsider.com/u/75155/off-topicSorry, it a weekend. Carry on.
I agree with you on many points: C1P is a really good program. Easy to understand, has 'all the pro tools we need'. LR can indeed feel clunky, I gave up my 30 day test drive, not bothering again.Fortunately Aperture simply will continue to work, but no updates. And no incentive for 3rd party devs to create plugins, which fortunately can be done for Photos. So I am expecting to see curves as one of the first Pro Tools to come available as a 3rd party plugin for...
Thanks, that's what I thought. Yes, syncing. There will probably come a hack to point the auto syncing to iCloud to become a local thing (nice, over WiFi, sync all adjustments without the need for Internet, though the planet is pretty much covered, just not high bandwidth), but that might break with future updates to OSX and/or the Photos app.edit: on 2nd thought, that's actually a nice opportunity for Dropbox and the like, should it be allowed to mess around in the Photos...
That reads like foolishness. If you save the full res of all your photos locally, as the prefs option indicates, TM will simply back them all up. I cannot understand why WSJ would say otherwise, without reading their article. I can only assume they were talking about online sharing options.
The lighter they make it, the slower it'll drop ¡
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