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Still, the title read weird: 'shortage' but not an issue. What does shortage mean, then? They'll be producing less then they wanted, but enough to fulfil requests from Apple?This post will be thumbed-up by every single member here.
LMAO (and can flush it, too)Learned from the best.Best.
Sounds like you don't have experienced my situation: I'm a cyclist, keep my iPhone in my jersey. Of course I wear a thermo shirt underneath, but my perspiration gets through my shirt, through my jersey and the iPhone always gets wet. It's really no problem.Rain. I often get hit with a shower every now and then. That's normal in this country. The other day I was cycling for 5 hours, 3 of them through the rain. Often light, some moments of heavy showers; all no problem....
That is indeed what I got from their website: it's made for studio and live work, not for enjoying .mp3 while cycling. I'll try the 315 & 425 and see if I can tell the difference. If not, I'll just get the cheaper ones. Somehow they all die and I need to replace them on an irregular schedule anyway. The 535 must be better at $499 but if I don't look at the price tag I'd say the 535LTD version is an even better buy because of the bended cable. Does your cable wear out?All...
Ah, ok. So, no relation to Samsung, other than the article then. I think I'm slow today, but hey, it's Sunday (using it as an excuse)
Why are there people wearing a shirt with the word Google on it?
That site also tells us it comes with a reversible USB cable, though holding it like this is no indication these plugs are both on a single cable:I wish these posters would someday understand the importance of making a picture of the print on the plug. Now we can't read what the Amperage or Wattage is. Bad pic, OrangeLee, bad pic.Lol. At least you didn't tell us it was more proof the 5.5" was coming¡
That's a relief. One sog35 is 1 too many already.No need to put in a ...we don't see them anyway anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: