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That's probably because people who have taste can't afford to look at a crap designed TV, and are therefore waiting on Apple to release one.
I wouldn't mind doing everything in the app itself, but please let me edit .pdf meta data. Purchased magazines where the publisher isn't consistent in naming convention I'd like to change, but can't. And we should be able to set the location for out media, just like iTunes. Now it's all sitting on my SSD, mandatory, and I really can read at the speed of 827MB/s.
Not my native language, but isn't it 'redial'? Sorry, stupid mood ATM
Brilliant slide!
Fix the mess that iBooks is in!
Good point. And if they stick with the old 'one CEO formula' they'll most likely get a Sales/Finance person who isn't a visionary or anything like that. This way they will keep on selling licenses to the large corporations, and probably remain in business for the next generation, but nothing great will come from them. Oh well.This is discussed many times and in great detail at large companies. Still they won't change over because of the initial cost and 'change is...
I agree. Also good info from the posters there, including DeWitt.
That is so sad to see, every time. Moments like those it's good to have the memory, instead of a photo. Have you seen Six Feet Under? In the closing episode, the deceased Nate says to his sister Claire, wanting to take a picture of her loved ones she'll leave behind while moving to NYC, "you can't take a picture; it's already gone". Which I thought was a brilliant line.Careful now, you're gonna make TS envious.
I get what you're saying. And there is indeed 'nothing better' than to enjoy life, free and disconnected while outdoors. I'm a cyclist, and while enjoying nature for the entire day on my bike I love that I have my music with me, listening when I want. Taking a photo when I see 'opportunity'.I spite of that, I still get your point.
Ah, ok. Yeah. And then two for the Apple Store. Sloppy
New Posts  All Forums: