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Ah, ok. So, no relation to Samsung, other than the article then. I think I'm slow today, but hey, it's Sunday (using it as an excuse)
Why are there people wearing a shirt with the word Google on it?
That site also tells us it comes with a reversible USB cable, though holding it like this is no indication these plugs are both on a single cable:I wish these posters would someday understand the importance of making a picture of the print on the plug. Now we can't read what the Amperage or Wattage is. Bad pic, OrangeLee, bad pic.Lol. At least you didn't tell us it was more proof the 5.5" was coming¡
That's a relief. One sog35 is 1 too many already.No need to put in a ...we don't see them anyway anymore.
That's what I understand from it all. And it only makes sense to compare the Nexus to the iPhone and they are each made by the same company doing the SW, hence my reply to Apple ][.I think that "Silver" phone from Google is going to be liked by many.
When comparing Android to iOS, I think we need to look at what each OS is designed for, phone-wise. If we make a comparison between iOS for the iPhone and want to compare it with Android devices, we should only look at the nexus, made by Google. Not the ones from 3rd party HW makers who need to tailer the Android software to each specific device, which many don't.While it’s nice to see your enthusiasm here, I think you are not fully informed. I’m sure @Gatorguy can...
Thanks much for the follow up. Next thing you'll know I'll start 'using' you for audio advice. Well, not really, but your feedback is appreciated.I'm not an 'audiophile' or whatever it's called, more into the market for a new pair of in-ear phones. I now know to also include noise-isolation phones, but am not going to spend a grand on the latest* from Shure, SE846: (* latest being Aug 2013)I could try the SE112 as they're only $50 but knowing from experience I avoid cheap...
I knew I was talking to the right person!. Thanks for the quick reply.Hadn't considered the implications of noise-cancellation. That's a Top Tip; I'll be sure to first check out isolating phones first, this was my preference before I had heard of noise-cancellation anyway.Had no idea on 'Bose branding' and user opinions. Of course my MMV, but you not only seem to make a good point, you're also easy to take your word for with posts like this one since you're an engineer.So,...
What is the advantage for the user? Are these updates by Google, meaning the user doesn't have to wait for their telco to release an update? Tnx
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