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I long for the day we can all say: "Google, remember them?"
That's a valid point on the hyperlinks. Do they have a feedback page for that? I couldn't find it...
I just went to iCloud.com and saw the .mov icon in my Notes. Double clicking on it downloads the video.Still, on iOS I could've sworn it used to play the video as well. Perhaps I'm mistaking it for a gif, which doesn't seem to sync either. Whatever, still a great app rich-text editor. Though I do get an occasional duplicate of a note that I've edited. After I've established the most recent on one all 3 devices (phone, pad, desk) I delete the dupe.
Can't you simply delete the alias instead?
I could've sworn it supported video as well, just tried it and it merely displays the movie icon and syncs over from Mac to Mac. On iOS it displays an unusable paperclip. Photos do work. And way more fonts than the initial 5 on iPhone OS X
That's a valid point. It supports many multimedia content, like movies, photos, charts...the lot. Yes, one can tag the Notes app as a Word Processor, but I don't think mistercow will acknowledge this.
Ah ok, Word Processing then. No, I don't do that on my iPhone. I do use Numbers, work on them on the iPhone, iPad and my desktop. And yes, I have created spreadsheets solely on my iPhone and mailed them to people. Start to finish; it's a neat app. Useful.
LOLYeah those phablets from the competition are looking ridiculously large sometimes.
My hairdresser uses an iPhone exclusively. So do all her friends; no PC's in their homes. But yes, probably an insignificant number, though I do wonder how many hairdressers there are in the world and if the use a PC.I mostly create spreadsheets at home, on OSX. And edit them on my iPhone or iPad. I do make full use of the synching capabilities, something I don't see in PC-land, natively.I do this extensively. The Notes app is simply great for keeping simple lists,...
You did the math, and since I didn't I stand corrected in the sense that I believed I had more room for windows / palettes. Anyhoo, the iPhone. I know from reading the many many posts on this site that many will be happy if they'd release a larger one, preferably the display and not the phone, as far as this is possible.Would a 4.7" or a 5" get more real estate, or would it simply result in an Android experience; blown up phone apps for a larger screen.Disclaimer: not that...
New Posts  All Forums: