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1) Why put up a 938KB ""10314-2477-photosharing_hero-l.png? Can't AI simply put an 80KB .jpg in the thread instead please? 2) Bit late to the party on this story AI, already discussed in depth over here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182037/apples-secret-iphone-6-digital-payment-system-said-to-also-include-visa-mastercard FYI, that was yesterday 3) I didn't see any proof of a 5.5 incher in those pics¡
I think this is what people call it, no matter the details on the tech side.That is opt-in though, not mandatory.
Hmm, that sucks. I understand why Adobe wants to do the subscription model but it sounds like they completely forgot about 3rd party plugins. Guess you should be 'happy' that you can run 2 versions in unison.
This site is just incredibly slow with posting the news. Main reason to come here is to read posts from many knowledgeable people and not so much for the articles, and certainly not to get 'the latest'. The deal with the credit card companies was almost a full day posted after many other sites reported on it.Well, not the format, but the size of some of...
Maybe I'm reading too many tech sites, but I think this site was almost a full day behind.
thenextweb.com has an article "This could be the Apple iCloud flaw that led to celebrity photos being leaked"
Why use an app while your pictures can simply be published by a hacker that found a vulnerability in FMiP / weak password¿ http://tinyurl.com/okfjxuu
I believe outside of the US Credit Cards are only used for the larger expenses. If Apple can get smaller retailers on board these CC companies will be happy to give Apple 1/3 of their revenue, ≈ 1%. The massive scale of iPhones in use will bring in the bucks for Apple. And if not, Apple is known to make their products more and more useful, direct profits aren't always measurable.
What are you saying; dog (
In other news AppleInsider is still using .png files. A pity.
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