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I'd say you made a sound decision by getting the Nexus. Next year I'd get the Silver, instead of some 3rd party phone which won't guarantee any software updates.It sucks that these phones have become so expensive. Especially if you want or need other CE as well.I remember my first iPhone: €50 on a 2 year contract which was only €10 more for Internet access (€25 in total per month) boy have things changed.
BIG thanks for that link. And yes, I agree on your view on MS, it has become a pattern with them. And lol, it may very well be the location. A beautiful state, no doubt, but I think these employees may star in "Twin Peaks - the Sequel" since they must be good at what they do, but are being held back by piss poor management. Hence, everything is double in Redmond.Still, love David Lynch. And the series is finally available on Blue Ray, should you want to do a re-run after...
I fully agree. So did Steve BTW. And while some think this isn't an issue, they are simply people with lower standards, if you will. And while that's totally fine, whatever you prefer you buy, but the experience is indeed how you describe it.That is why I like the size of the iPhone, and have an iPad for exactly that usage. I sure hope they'll release a new 4" iPhone alongside those rumoured larger ones.
Just what I thought, "There's an app for that"
Maybe he wants to listen to music in s-t-e-r-e-o, putting his head in a equilateral triangle¡
Check their website as this site hardly ever gives us all the facts:Auto-UnlockWith Auto-Unlock, August senses your approach and magically unlocks your door for you, without having to reach for your phone.
Why is he holding it upside down? Or are they in Australia¿ (asking you, specifically here)
AI had an article on time-lapse video coming to iOS8, but no one responded:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/180550/ios-8-first-look-video-time-lapse-mode-in-apples-updated-camera-appedit, the thread before it, 180549 is the correct one:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/180549/ios-8-first-look-video-time-lapse-mode-in-apples-updated-camera-appStrange that AI doesn't clean these things up.Here's a cool time lapse video of Space Shuttle Endeavor's final ride, thanks to...
He should create a new user account, Son Of a Gun 5.5, SOG5.5 for short.And then have a chuckle if the 5.5" device doesn't have cellular capability, making that iPod a VoIP device.
Boy, that sounds like a piss-poor experience. Still on Android? If so, cost-wise?
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