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AgreedGoogle shouldn't limit themselves to protect their own IP, but also the IP of owners' work on their YouTube site. (wow, poor grammar, but you get it, no?)
Maybe they're returning to the big vs small thing, like they did with the PowerBook: So they release this small wrist worn device, an iWatch, and use a massively large building, just to show it, dangling from the ceiling. Really, who knows. The speculation here is fun, but the video from that drone thing is completely useless. Either do it 007 style or don't post videos like these at all.
Sure looks pathetic! (the shirt as well BTW)
I like reading everyones take on what it can or may do! Tnx
Thanks for that link. I myself read the English version over at 9to5 oh, frick, URL adjustment needed:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/05/25/rumor-apple-working-on-arm-based-mac-variants-with-larger-trackpad-built-into-keyboard/#more-324713Can't imagine myself seeing Adobe and all doing an ARM version of their suite, that would be a much larger conversion than going from PPC to Intel because they already had an Intel version. Don't know much about programming, but I think there...
Maybe Apple is very proud of their Campus2 and want to show pieces of it. Bit like the demo building they put up on the actual site.
Perhaps we aren't support to touch her, but only talk to her. Her being Siri, that is.Good points, these differences can indeed be screwed up by analysts. Actually an understandable mistake, I mean, how are they supposed to the the difference between b and B without much IT knowledge?I'm already having a hard time figuring out what an iWatch will do (yes yes Relic, little hand is for hours, big hand for minutes lol) But somehow I don't think it'll be a truly standalone...
That http://9to5mac%2ecom site is not too shabby, is it? Pretty good and swift articles over there.
Normally he only writes his opinions on the HW side no? So how come he now writes about software, did he gain access to iOS8 that shows the sleep/wake button is now programmable?
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