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Apologies. It was my lame attempt at stupid humor, trying to create a Fork from ART; FART in short. Hence the Inverted question markInverted question mark
Will they Fork it for tablets ¿
Indeed, kill it. There really is no reason to keep this outdated tech around. Create something new, and make the plug go in any freaking way I want to, just like a headphone jack.
Wow! I knew it was bad, but this takes the cake. Actually, they don't. Thanks for the link. Up to date as well.
Nope; it's all about the useful posts in the threads. Heck, don't even bother reading the articles themselves, go straight to the forum.
I still think this isn't the way it should be: it only goes in one way OR the other. A headphone jack goes in anyway you want it (well, except sideways).But yeah, they innovate. And are proud of the products they didn't release, which might as well be as big as the ones they did release. Funny, they create a product, and then kill it when it became their best selling device. iPod got replaced by iPhone, laptops are being replaced by iPads. Laptops, 3 out of 4 Macs devices....
Indeed, Apple isn't at fault here. Certainly would hope they can convince all studios to give them a la carte channels, on demand, and accessible anywhere in the world.But I think this is a dreamed-up world.
Can't imagine they stay being your clients. Who in the hell tells them to 're-enter the data' into this new fantastic DB we build for you? Darn, no import tool whatsoever?1. That'll be a static, stand-alone DB then. And there's a size limit in the iPhone. And hat isn't a solution, it's a workaround. Whatever changes you made won't be seen by others who use the DB on the server.2. Right, for which you'll need internet access. What about a single-user DB situation, wanting...
Thanks. Looks like we were already pipped by roccodelgreco. Still, funny this one!
For real? That is too funky! Gonna look for it now; these things have their way on 'increased views'.
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