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Gees, not showing that it created a div. maybe a leading apostrophe will work: '
Aha. It creates a . Weird.
This is informative.Also of note, Huddler cuts off anything written after an opening bracket and smaller than sign, like so:((
I think this thread has been compromised...by brute force!
If you look at sport watches they're all pretty thick:source: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/09/garmins-running-watches.html
It will take much more effort to put the same tech into a smaller device and therefore would make sense that a smaller phone will be more expensive. We even have proof of it: Samsung releases one phablet after the other, most likely because they can't put all that tech into a smaller device, or don't know how to make a battery lasting as long as the iPhone does.But for the public, a larger device will be more expensive as they get 'more screen' so I wouldn't be surprised...
I actually never use the App Store on my iPhone or iPad: I buy everything on my Mac as I read reviews on other websites concurrently.
Store it as a note in the 1Password or similar app. Personally I think these questions are pathetically configured, without any thought put in. If they want us to answer questions as a security measure, shouldn't we be able to create the questions ourselves? Yes, that will create a boatload of unique questions as opposed to the 3 standard ones every company now has, but what will that add to their data storage; a MB or two?Hill60 is right; I also answer with the 'strangest...
Finally getting rid of that small 2GB drive hey? Good thing then.
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