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Have you disabled Notifications on the Mac? I did, by taking everything out of NC and setting it to not disturb me from 22:00 till 21:59 (no option of disabling it) but the freaking thing still tells me there are software updates, batteries low on Trackpad et cetera. I'm annoyed by them because I use Aperture in full screen mode and don't want NC to nag me./rantErhm, where on the product page of that Mac did they mention that one would be able to upgrade the RAM? Nowhere,...
Huh? When did he do that? If you're referring to the removal of the SuperDrive in the iMac, you don't get what Apple, tech and innovation is about. None. Zip. Zilch.
Now I don't know what to make of it all. Are you saying that the 'Google Plays Services' are installed on 93% of HW developed/designed/manufactured by Google? So not on, say, Samsung devices? Though Samsung has a way with putting their name on other brands as well, but this is just completely OT:http://www.samsung.com/us/news/newsRead.do?news_seq=2828edit: replaced pic with a better one
I think it's called a "Piezoelectric disk beeper" Indeed, having it on 24/7 would be an issue. Perhaps waking every 4 seconds would keep battery life acceptable @ 1 year or so (?) edit: now I see the added posts on page 2; good points gents.
Good points. Dito on the iPod sizes. Heck, they still sell the old school 160GB HDD 'Classic' model. If the iPhone becomes available in a 128GB NAND I see the 'Classic' either being discontinued...or upgraded to a 1TB HDD.As for your new Mac; somehow it's a sentimental moment to shut down your old one. But: enjoy the new one!
Good thinking, good catch.
He can land on both of mine when I'm out mooning¡ I'll greet him with an 'Exqueeze me?"
1) Why is the side view upside down? 2) Why is there a button, what appears to be a sleep/wake one, on top, but this time on the left hand side? 3) Is the button on the side, the other side, the new sleep/wake button? 4) Why does it look so ugly, skewed? 5) Why is the later "Proto 2" thicker, longer and wider?
More evidence there will not be 5.5" iPhone. I mean, look at that thing! Plus that green man in the background gives me the creeps. For my personal taste a 4.7" iPhone will be too large as well. I sure hope they'll also make a 4" model with updated internals.
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