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Not really, as I presume they would test many materials before deciding on one. So all leaks we have seen might be from a new iPhone even if the parts shown aren't in the new model. Remember, they are also proud of the products they didn't release.
Thank you 'report out of Asia' for this non-info. What I want to know is when the 4" iPhone will be released. I mean, they are going to release a new model with all the latest tech in an iPhone with a 4" screen, right? I really can't believe they will only release a 4.7 & 5.5 inch screen iPhone.
That's what I read as well. But why would I want to do that? What is 'wrong' with an all or nothing setting? Would you happen to know and explain me the benefits? TIA
Funny site.No, never like that. I once had a one night stand, and it was awful. Didn't even know her name till the next morning. I was a fool, and I never did anything like that afterwards. Besides, I need to be in love before I can 'make out'. Even tried it with my hairdresser last year, but couldn't go through with it. My best friend called me silly; I should simply enjoy the moment. Perhaps she's right.I liked the slap video even more!
I did get it, still, thanks. Well, get some rest. You'll appreciate the bear after you have woken up.
Well, if you do something, you'll need to do it right. And thorough, so this is all good. I read in the next post you have a meeting, so wishing you good luck. Again. Thanks for all the laughs. Again. And if you turn out to look like Mary, a very pretty woman, I'll just remember that beautiful woman playing her cello. Nobody tops her.
Could it be that there's a limit reached on the number of computers this iPhone is allowed to sync with? Edit: though that still doesn't explain the non-charging issue, so I guess I don't know.
LOL at that nurse of yours, some things never change.What has changed is my not knowing you went in for no less than 5 surgeries. Sounds like they know exactly what they're doing, which gives me confidence. And with that I look forward to many more of your witty posts, and technical knowledge.
I think Eric is being full of Schmidt.
New Posts  All Forums: