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In those three 'first timers', that was indeed the same girl.It would help if you explained why you think that is.
They look really neat. And the globe is simply gorgeous.
I am SO hoping they'll release a new 4" one, but nothing points to that. Could be because all i's are focused on the large display models...I still think the 4.7" model looks too large. Tried a similar model in a store the other day and it just feels way too large for a phone; don't want to hold it for phone calling, short or long conversations.But I'll be in the minority here, and Apple is always doing things big, so there.
I see. That I get. It was merely the Stars and Stripes that made me believe you wanted 'everything to be American'. That made me write 'confined'. I think ThePixelDoc got a similar feeling from that as well.But please, let's leave it at this, as it would be a crying shame if we were to engage on a long and winding discussion that'll end up being erased from all servers after moderation, like in that other thread. (nothing wrong with doing that, mods, BTW)Goodnight everyone!
Indeed. Just looking at sport watches, these can get pretty fugly. Not that it matters if you're using it for just that purpose, but a smart watch from Apple you'll want to wear all day.Left to right: Suunto Ambit2, Garmin Fenix, Timex Run Trainer 2.0, Polar RC3 GPS, TomTom Runner, Garmin FR610, Garmin FR620, Garmin FR220, Garmin FR210http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/09/garmins-running-watches.html
That's very understandable. Just thinking about the iMac I don't see anything revolutionary happening. Speed increase is all I can imagine, but hope for all iMac buyers I am completely off and they come up with something that will be all so obvious...once it is shown to me.Hmm, that sounds awfully...confined.
I think a numerical keyboard is large enough to make it a fanless design. The heat can dissipate easily, except the bottom rim shouldn't get too hot; hands sometimes rest there.And yes, that design is outdated and looks hideous now. I am really thankful for Apple getting rid of optical discs. They have their use, but not in modern computing.
Aha, i see. Well, I hope you can get a good price for your current one so this upgrade won't cost you an arm and a leg.Best
He's more than "somewhat intelligent". He has extensive and in-depth knowledge on All Things IT. He's a long time poster, giving insightful posts day after day and considered to be of great benefit by many on this site, and other sites as well. Not only does he give accurate information, but he'll also admit when others point out when he's wrong.Oh, also:
The iMac already has that:
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