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I am SO hoping their won't be a "makeover today or new ATV hardware today"!
I don't, but aren't sure the question was directed at me.With 2400 journalists receiving an invitation, I don't think there will be any HW Mac news at all.
What? First complain about ads and now complain you need to pay for the honour of viewing a site without ads? You're truly not making any sense, is that the result from a complete lack of grey matter?
I wonder what he was expecting? A switch to turn it On or Off? I would presume if there was a NFC chip inside a new iPhone it would simply give you a popup from iOS, asking to approve or not. What does he want to configure?
1) Fully agree. I never go the site itself; straight to the user comments, as that's where the most useful info is. Well, depending the poster.2) Strange that this is completely useless optimisation as the site still uses 5MB .png files for the images. You do not want to load this thread while on cellular:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182140/vague-schematics-details-hint-at-mic-speaker-rectangular-design-for-apples-iwatch
Safari controls are always hidden when scrolling down. Scroll up to see them.And as far as viewing the site on an iPhone, scroll dow on the homepage, bottom right there's a 'Switch To Desktop Site' link.
I don't see them moving to ARM due to the ramifications. But I can envision a fan-less keyboard. Just look at the components it needs for it to be a Mac: a motherboard; those are designed flat, memory, SSD, WiFi/BT chip - all flat. Put the I/O in a new Retina TB monitor and you may just have a Mini in a keyboard. Of course, the need to change the tagline: BYODKM In short, take the display and battery out of a MacBook.I think the discs are too large nowadays. There's a...
What an awkward surname you have.
Funny that; one's heart can have both feelings at the same time.
And stickening¡ It was introduced, when, 3.11? Just because those .ini files didn't work out after all, they created this solution. But it didn't solve much. Perhaps it is faster than .ini files, but with today's hardware I don't see .ini files as a problem. Hey, .plist files work on OSX, right?Personally I like the Registry. Not because for what it is (a pathetic way to tackle a problem) but because one can alter Windows to something it wash;t designed to do. Kind of a FU...
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