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Unfortunately it happens halfway the restore, when the iPhone is turning itself off and on again...
Nobody having the 'iTunes could not restore the iPhone "..." because it is locked with a passcode.' error? Can't turn of the passcode unfortunately because these are company settings I can't access...
\ My iPhone 3GS won't restore with the following errors: 'An error accurred while restoring this iPhone (-35).' 'iTunes could not restore the iPhone "..." because it is loced with a passcode.' Frustration all around, because I can't remove the passcode as it has a corporate e-mail account and these settings are hidden. Any more people with these problems?
What change is meant with the firmware update? A new firmware to have the iMac accept 1080p signals from a PS3 straight away? Without any interference of some Kanex/Belkin adapter? I thought the fact that the iMac doesn't have a scaler is limiting here?
Wrapping things up it seems there are two tactically equal priced solutions out there now: Belkin 1080p: http://store.apple.com/us/questions/...co=MTgzOTUwMDU Kanex 720p: http://kanexlive.com/products/item-id-3662.html Did anybody hear about some more attractively priced Asian version?
Great MacRonin! It seems this will be doing THE trick. I wonder if any other companies will bring similar products though. I am sure, the price could get lower!
Any news on recently released hardware to connect the PS3 to the iMac?
Incredible, I ordered and paid my i7-4GB-512MB iMac mid November at a premium reseller in Delft (The Netherlands) with the promise that it would be delivered before the end of that month. Since December I cannot get any commitment on a delivery date from them. They simply state not to be able to estimate it. Especially annoying because a similar order through the Apple Store has a shipping date within 2 weeks. I am trying to find out how many orders are to be handled...
Great! I'm curious (afraid) to hear the price though! I also wonder what this adapter does with audio, will that be inputted to the iMac as well?
Are there any developments in order to be able to play the PS3 on the iMac any time soon?
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