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Nice setup! As for the weirdness (or quirkiness), that's Wes Anderson for you.
I don't think that's how Danny Boyle operates. Who knows, perhaps shooting in 16mm was cheaper than CGI-ing the look.
Wes Anderson did something similar with his film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" where the segments from the 1930s, 1968, and 1985 were presented in 1.33:1, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 respectively to differentiate the different time periods. 
 And then there's reality.
Apple need to step it up with Motion.
 I wasn't disagreeing with you, just relaying a story.  Regarding smartphones, I would also agree that there's still some worthwhile innovations left to be discovered/implemented/perfected.
 Tell that to a former customer of mine who paid $14,000 for a 42" Fujitsu plasma 15 years ago, that most $500 42" models positively smoke today. 
Damned if you do. Damned if you don't. 
While this may be true, the 16GB option will eventually go away just like all those 20GB 3.5" HDDs. 
This must be the case, because the price of an iPhone has remained stable over the years, despite all the (expensive?) goodies they keep adding to each subsequent new model.
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