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 The only problem with this theory is that most market share estimates put Macs in the sub-10% range. This, of course, leaves lots of room for growth. The iPad, however, represents a sizable percentage of the premium tablet market, with much less room for growth. 
Or, they could just include the best battery that they could possibly fit into the iPad (one that actually does last 10 hours), and have it last 3.5 years (and counting) without the need of making it user-repleacable (which is exactly what they did). That's not Apple fanaticism, that's just fact.  Because, why make the battery replaceable if it will probably never need to be replaced for the life of the unit. My wife's iPhone 5 is doing just fine with its...
The truth is, if you want to download pics from an SD card to your iPad, Apple has a solution for that. Otherwise, I have enough miscellaneous flash drives and SD cards floating around in my laptop bag with who-knows-what on them.
I based my decision to stay with iOS 8.x.x on an article I read (I forget where) that recommended iPad 3 (and previous) users stick with iOS 8. Maybe I'll upgrade to iOS 9, and when it gets too slow, I'll just have to buy a new iPad. 
My own experience mirrors what appears to be the general consensus here. I'm still using my iPad 3 (though I haven't switched to iOS9 as I think it's sluggish enough on iOS 8 as it is), and I'm even debating just getting an iPhone 6s Plus and foregoing a new iPad altogether (at least for the time being anyway). 
But if Apple ends up supporting loyalty and reward programs, then that should be all the customer data the merchant needs. 
 I tried ApplePay at Home Depot last weekend, and unfortunately, it didn't work. Interestingly, it didn't work for the guy trying to use his chipped card in the chip reader either. 
This might be the final push my wife needs to upgrade her aging iPhone 5. 
While I haven't personally seen a Galaxy Note 5 yet, of the OLED screens I have seen so far, none really impressed me. I also find them to be over saturated, and greens in particular to be (seemingly) less than accurate.
Doesn't Apple offer some guidance to the retailers who officially support ApplePay? 
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