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 What I want to know is, how are there 17 5-star ratings for CurrentC in the App Store?
 Interesting. Not trying to contradict you as I imagine the more that are pissed off about this the better, but an Android-using co-worker seemed indifferent about it, stating (in reference to Google Wallet), "well, not that many people use it anyway". Though, I suspect, his deep seated dislike of Apple is probably clouding his judgement.
 Wait, I thought they've had NFC for years? ;) Seriously though, that is true. I can agree with SirLance99 that we're on the same side with respect to this topic.
 Those in question apparently too ignorant to realize it affects them too.
 Well, I guess maybe they should've dropped the 't', it would've been a bit better then. But, yes, I hate it.
Yeah, I remember that hair-brained scheme cooked up by Dick Sharp and a bunch of lawyers. It was a happy day when they pulled the plug on that stillborn mutated distant cousin of the DVD.
Too bad ShopRite was on that list of MCX members. It's my go-to supermarket, and I would love to be able to pay with ApplePay there. Now if there only was a Whole Foods or Wegmans near me, I'd be happy.
Quote: Hmm, I guess I'll just have to do the 8.1 update, and go try it for myself (fingers crossed).
 That was my question as well. Quick Check, as an example, has the NFC logo on their terminals, but are not listed as a participating location. I assume, then, that it wouldn't work. Here's hoping that list expands quickly (come one Shell, Hess, Sunoco, & Shoprite).
 While I agree that it would look extremely slick, I would worry about such a design making it even slimmer, and consequently less able to accommodate true desktop components. However, as long as it would have a desktop processor, a real graphics card (or at least real graphics performance), and a 1TB SSD, I'd be happy.
New Posts  All Forums: