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 At my liquor store of choice, I was able to use ApplePay when they first got their new machines. When I asked if they supported ApplePay or any other NFC-based payments, the girl said she that she didn't know. I tried it anyway, and it worked. However, two subsequent attempts to use ApplePay failed with some kind of "failed to read NFC" error. On a third attempt, I tried to use my new chipped debit card, and the girl quickly informed me that the chip reader doesn't work...
I had a clerk at a Dunkin Donuts try to take my phone out of my hand when they were trying to scan the code from the Dunkin app. I pulled my hand back and said, "No, I'll just read it to you." Another time, I specifically heard the manager tell the clerk that they are, under no circumstances, to take the phone from the customer.
Ditto! This is what I tell people. Just get a Mac, as it can do both (if you really have to run Windows). 
I like the serving tray comment.
I got my work iMac (14,2 model purchased this past summer) with a conventional 1TB HDD, and then bought the OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini. I populated it with two SSDs, and an HDD, and everything seems to run as fast as my home iMac which has a 3TB Fusion drive. The work iMac, which doesn't even have ThunderBolt 2 ports, actually boots just about as quickly as my rMBP (11,3). For me, this made a hell of a lot more sense than paying $900 for a 1TB internal SSD. The price for the...
Nice setup! As for the weirdness (or quirkiness), that's Wes Anderson for you.
I don't think that's how Danny Boyle operates. Who knows, perhaps shooting in 16mm was cheaper than CGI-ing the look.
Wes Anderson did something similar with his film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" where the segments from the 1930s, 1968, and 1985 were presented in 1.33:1, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 respectively to differentiate the different time periods. 
 And then there's reality.
Apple need to step it up with Motion.
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