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The events that have transpired (and continue to transpire) over the course of this "e-book scandal" are just mind boggling. I've followed the whole thing fairly closely and the thing that continues to be painfully obvious is that the judge and the handling of the case by the Feds has been anything but fair and impartial. Unbelievable.
Damn. I, too, just saw Soli's signature. Rest in peace JMR.
 I don't think they know the difference judging by the fact that they claim to have "the most sold wearable watch."
   Ok, I thought it was just me.
 Hey, is that like an oxymoron or something?
 But don't you know, Apple is held to a different standard. When they make a misstep, all hell rains down upon them from the media and the haters. I mean, sure, you expect it from the haters, but there is definitely a double standard out there.
 I've said this before and I'll say it again here. I never liked or agreed with Pandora's algorithms. No matter which way you slice it, and regardless of what their music genome project may insist, a Rolling Stones song from the 60s should not be on the same "channel" as a Tear For Fears song from the 80s (for example). And, no matter how many times I revisit Pandora, it always does the same crap. Count me in the 8% as well.
 I noticed this just this morning when I clicked the old Pages icon in the dock and found that it launched version 4.3. Then I launched Pages from the new icon in the applications folder and had both running side-by-side for comparison. Interesting.
Wow! My hats off to you if you read through all that. Good to know, though, as I have my sights set on a new 15" model.
 Hopefully, Apple's "human tastemakers" will do a better job than Pandora's algorithms (or whatever the hell they use). I stopped listening to Pandora specifically because their "music genome project" insisted, for example, that some band from the 60's went perfectly well with a band from the 80's because they both had keyboard driven melodies or some such thing.
New Posts  All Forums: