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So AI is quoting Buzzfeed now?
And I would be totally ok with a slightly thicker iPhone 6S.
I should do the trial, take a bunch of pics of one of my dog's piles, and then send it back. Think they'll get the hint? 
 Surely you jest.  I'd love to see a 21:9 iMac with the same 13" (+/-) image height of the 27" model (but I'm just dreaming). 
And just like that, my Mac Mini can see the brand new 32GB USB 3.0 flash drives I just bought. Hopefully, this will solve the waking from sleep problems my Mac Mini has been having.
 I'm sorry, but what the hell are these users doing touching the area near the FaceTime Camera, even when opening the laptop? I've had my Retina MBP for 2 years now, and my screen is pristine. Like Slurpy said, this sounds like complete horse shit.
 Yes, and they also added support for Google's code-based 2-step verification recently, so it's all good.
 I wouldn't hold my breath for a Micro-SD slot if I were you. Apple is well known for not allowing add-on storage to iOS devices (but you already know this).
And once again, Emperor Ming's guesses get the "Breaking" treatment.
 I don't know, but they often don't seem to know any more than the average consumer. Less even.
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