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  Maybe you should catch up with the facts before calling anyone a scumbag. Samesung making a verbal offer to license the '384 patent with the added requirement that Apple license some of their non-essential patents does not equate to a fair and reasonable offer. Apple made a clear and reasonable offer but Samesung refused. So, if Samesung doesn't get a dime, it'll be their own fault.
  If you are referring to the '384 patent, then the only obvious move is to actually offer a fair and reasonable licensing deal. On the other hand, if the "infringing" devices get EOL'ed with the new refresh, then I guess it'll be a moot point.
  I am amazed that the only "negotiating" Samesung did was in the form of an oral offer tied to cross-licensing of some of Apple's non-essential patents. As Pinkert points out in his dissension, "Although licenses to non-FRAND-encumbered patents may certainly be included in a consensual resolution of a dispute over a FRAND-encumbered patent, it is neither fair nor non-discriminatory for the holder of the FRAND-encumbered patent to require licenses to non-FRAND-encumbercd...
  Sounds like the DOJ in the eBook case.  
  I think it's based on a presumption that Amazon did it, so they only way to fight that is to play dirty too. Not saying I agree, but that's what it feels like had happened.
I don't see that. I seem to recall paying for Mobile Me, yet I haven't paid a dime for iCloud (yet).
  Bingo! Definitely was a factor in my decision. When I was with Verizon, my phones (Blackberry, etc.) prior to the iPhone were all loaded with their crap bloatware.
  Yeah, for me it's called the myAT&T app I downloaded from the app store.
  "It" puts the lotion on "its" skin otherwise it gets the hose again.   But seriously, the only less ethical company I know of was Enron.
  Personally, I don't think I've ever been prompted to buy something or use a service that was advertised to me in an ad on a web page. I realize they're paying for AI, but sometimes I think I'd rather just pay a subscription fee for access to a website I really enjoy.
New Posts  All Forums: