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 Maybe you're holding it wrong. ;)  I've used it at the Home Depot 3 times now, and haven't had a problem.
 So, let's clarify something. Are you saying that B&H is like "one of those stores"?
 I've actually been meaning to contact them about this. While I rarely visit the store, being able to use ApplePay to make online purchases from them would be pretty nice.
 I've witnessed some of this myself. Just last week, I was talking to a colleague when I noticed that she had a new iPhone 6. I asked her when she bought it, and she said she got it a month or two after release. I then noticed that she kept using her pin to unlock her phone. I asked why she wasn't using TouchID, and I got the same aforementioned blank stare. And the funniest thing was, a couple of her fingerprints were already set up. She apparently set them up when she...
Ditto. One of my cards was at risk from the Home Depot breach, and BofA proactively replaced it.
 Sure. I populated my iTunes library and iPod entirely with my own CDs that I imported.
 Yes, they're just a bunch of morons paid to speculate.
 That's good news, because I want to go buy some LED light bulbs, but I didn't want to swipe my card.
 People actually use Google+?
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