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 I'm sorry, but what the hell are these users doing touching the area near the FaceTime Camera, even when opening the laptop? I've had my Retina MBP for 2 years now, and my screen is pristine. Like Slurpy said, this sounds like complete horse shit.
 Yes, and they also added support for Google's code-based 2-step verification recently, so it's all good.
 I wouldn't hold my breath for a Micro-SD slot if I were you. Apple is well known for not allowing add-on storage to iOS devices (but you already know this).
And once again, Emperor Ming's guesses get the "Breaking" treatment.
 I don't know, but they often don't seem to know any more than the average consumer. Less even.
 Improve the Apple Pay experience? The best way to do that is to get more places to accept Apple Pay. It's already faster and more secure than using my credit card.
 To your first point, this is not always true. I've got a broken washer and refrigerator that are each less than 5 years old that would contradict your assertion. To your second point, I somewhat agree. All they seem to churn out nowadays is a bunch of commercialized crap in my opinion. And the labels seem so insistent on cramming it down our throats.  To your third point, I don't dispute that the 80s was the most profitable era for music, but having recently compiled...
 Sad but true.
 I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that all musicians are in the (music) business because they have a marketable talent, and they want to make a living off of it. In other words, they earn money making music. While I can sympathize with the guy making t-shirts for mere pennies, or the barista making minimum wage, it takes a bit more work and commitment to make music. If you remove the monetary incentive to making music because you want it cheaper, the quality and...
 I'm an on-and-off Spotify user, and as such, still only have the "free" account. I can tell you one thing for certain though, if I were to upgrade to their paid service, I won't be doing it via the app. To be honest, I can't even see how to do it via the iPhone app. If I try to change the quality, it offers a 7-day free trial, which I then clicked on, but then that failed. It seems to me that the logical place to upgrade from would be the Spotify website or their desktop...
New Posts  All Forums: