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Lol! Like this one. It's bent by the mute switch. HTF?  Anyway, I don't want to further derail the thread, so back to our regularly scheduled programming.
 I would love to know what some people are doing to some of the iPhones in that video. Seriously, some of them have what I can only describe as a zig-zag bend. If the iPhone 6 Plus can withstand 90 lbs. or force before bending, how much force does it require to create a compound bend in the thing? (No need to answer as I'm sure it's more than 90 lbs. of force.)
I just tried an in-app purchase from another app, and everything worked properly. Looks like my issue is app-related.
I have something similar that happens when I try to make an in-App purchase in a game called Bike Race TFG. The screen goes black, I see the white Apple logo, and after a few seconds, I'm back at a locked home screen. I'm honestly not concerned about my issue, as it has only ever happened in that one specific situation. I've got a 128GB iPhone 6 by the way.
 Is that a rhetorical question (because I think it's obvious what happened)?  
 It's such a shame too, because I really enjoyed the book (on my iPad).
For the time being, I'm ok with Google Wallet seeing an uptick in users and actual use. However, having used ApplePay the other day at my local ShopRite, I can say that Google has nothing on Apple. The process of paying with ApplePay was as easy as described, and way easier than pulling out a credit card.   Now I wonder what will happen if/when MCX starts pressuring ShopRite to turn off their fancy new NFC equipped terminals.
I have a 100Mbps service, and was shocked to see I was only getting 15Mbps down following the upgrade to Yosemite on my rMBP. However, after trying a number of different servers, I quickly realized the problem was on their end, not mine. Switching to a number of different servers yielding the kind of results I was expecting.
 What I want to know is, how are there 17 5-star ratings for CurrentC in the App Store?
 Interesting. Not trying to contradict you as I imagine the more that are pissed off about this the better, but an Android-using co-worker seemed indifferent about it, stating (in reference to Google Wallet), "well, not that many people use it anyway". Though, I suspect, his deep seated dislike of Apple is probably clouding his judgement.
New Posts  All Forums: