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 While I won't echo your sentiments exactly, I too share a very low opinion of the individual in question. He most certainly ranks in the top 5 on my list of schmucks.
This will be good ammo against the trolls.
 Agreed. I've been carrying mine around in my hand. I learned my lesson when I bent my iPhone 5. Might have to get a better case (I have the silicone one), to safeguard against drops.
As others have pointed out, this is nothing new. My iPhone 5 bent at the same stress point by the volume buttons. People are just going to have to exercise a little bit more common sense. That said, I'm not sure why Apple is so obsessed with thinness. They could easily have made it a little bit thicker, and thus not had the lens protrude, all while picking up additional structural rigidity. I'm sure Apple has designed the iPhone to withstand a certain amount of bending...
 I do believe you can specify which Touch-ID enabled apps are actually allowed to use the Touch ID feature. Of course, I don't believe there's a way to give you exclusive Touch ID access to certain apps with your fiancee's print also in the enclave. It would be kind of interesting to have certain fingers for certain apps. I would use my middle finger for Google-related apps.
 Here's a good explanation over at Macworld. http://www.macworld.com/article/2455474/open-sesame-how-ios-8-will-unlock-touch-ids-power.html
 Based on your comment, it doesn't sound like you fully understand what Apple has opened up to 3rd party developers. The 3rd party apps are not accessing the enclave, they're just using the Touch ID sensor to tell the system it's you, and then the system provides they necessary login info to the app. At least that's how I understand it. And to clarify, based on dugbug's post, the "system" I'm referring to is the Touch ID system, not the OS.
My 3rd gen iPad is getting heavier all the time.   I'm just waiting for an iPad Mini with Touch ID at this point. That, and a new Cinema Display would be pretty sweet.
Got through this morning (08:30 ET) with no problem whatsoever (via Safari on my MBP).
New Posts  All Forums: