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 Sure. I populated my iTunes library and iPod entirely with my own CDs that I imported.
 Yes, they're just a bunch of morons paid to speculate.
 That's good news, because I want to go buy some LED light bulbs, but I didn't want to swipe my card.
 People actually use Google+?
Lol! Like this one. It's bent by the mute switch. HTF?  Anyway, I don't want to further derail the thread, so back to our regularly scheduled programming.
 I would love to know what some people are doing to some of the iPhones in that video. Seriously, some of them have what I can only describe as a zig-zag bend. If the iPhone 6 Plus can withstand 90 lbs. or force before bending, how much force does it require to create a compound bend in the thing? (No need to answer as I'm sure it's more than 90 lbs. of force.)
I just tried an in-app purchase from another app, and everything worked properly. Looks like my issue is app-related.
I have something similar that happens when I try to make an in-App purchase in a game called Bike Race TFG. The screen goes black, I see the white Apple logo, and after a few seconds, I'm back at a locked home screen. I'm honestly not concerned about my issue, as it has only ever happened in that one specific situation. I've got a 128GB iPhone 6 by the way.
 Is that a rhetorical question (because I think it's obvious what happened)?  
New Posts  All Forums: