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Quote: Hmm, I guess I'll just have to do the 8.1 update, and go try it for myself (fingers crossed).
 That was my question as well. Quick Check, as an example, has the NFC logo on their terminals, but are not listed as a participating location. I assume, then, that it wouldn't work. Here's hoping that list expands quickly (come one Shell, Hess, Sunoco, & Shoprite).
 While I agree that it would look extremely slick, I would worry about such a design making it even slimmer, and consequently less able to accommodate true desktop components. However, as long as it would have a desktop processor, a real graphics card (or at least real graphics performance), and a 1TB SSD, I'd be happy.
 My iPhone 5 bent at the same weak spot by the volume - button when I had it in my back pocket, and fell on my rear end. I doubt Apple re-engineered anything then, and they probably won't this time around either. We'll see an iPhone 6S in the same form factor next fall, and then we'll get another redesign the year after. Or at least that's been the case since the iPhone 3G. And even if they do make some internal changes, they'll be very quiet about it. The truth is, if it...
 Having been a Bose dealer at one point, and having attended one of their "come drink the kool-aid before you sell our stuff" sessions, I can confirm that their marketing mantra is to make a product that is "good enough" for the average consumer. They made no effort to hide that fact, and were actually even proud of it because, according to them, "that is where the lion's share of the money is". We found their products to be mediocre, and when all was said and done, we...
 You do realize that Monster was Beats' manufacturing partner until 2012, right.
 This describes them perfectly. Well said!
 Nah, the technology part is facilitating the collection of data for use by the advertising side.
 While I won't echo your sentiments exactly, I too share a very low opinion of the individual in question. He most certainly ranks in the top 5 on my list of schmucks.
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