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I used to live 20 minutes from a Crazy Eddie location back in the 80s and their commercials used to run ad nauseum.
  I wonder if they're naive enough to think they can run on the popularity of their Galaxy phones?
  Not like we have a choice in the matter.
  First, I never actually stated that I hate Samesung (yes, I realize I am being petty by calling them that, but if the name fits...). Second, I would avoid them even if they were deep in litigation with Microsoft or some other corporate entity. Third, whether the rest of the world courts agree that Samesung didn't copy or steal is debatable. I have given Samesung the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions, and they have demonstrated themselves as a company I would...
  I, on the other, find that certain preferential features are tied to specific manufacturers and as such, I prefer doing business with those companies. Samesung, in my opinion, has repeatedly shown itself to be an unscrupulous company and I find that I would rather not do any business with them. Yes, I obviously realize that many of their components are in the products I buy, and that cannot be helped, but when I can help it, I avoid them like the plague. I guess what...
  Actually, Sony and Samesung entered into a cross-licensing deal back in '04. http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press_Archive/200412/04-1214E/   It may have resulted from them seeing "the writing on the wall" and making the decision to avoid something like what Apple and Samesung are now mired in.
  It is beyond idiotic. It is greed, plain and simple.
  I meant to link to this too in my earlier comment (#16). Wholeheartedly agree, it should be required reading.
  And they wouldn't even disclose any evidence to support the exorbitant rates they are trying to get out of Apple.
  I'm certainly no expert either, but I imagine Samesung may be due some royalties if it is decided that Apple didn't already pay licensing when they bought the chips from Infineon. Also, as is clearly evident in the Teksler-Kim letter from April 30th of last year, Apple was more than willing to license the patent on FRAND terms, but Samesung flatly refused. They later made a verbal offer that Apple then had no choice but to refuse as it was obviously unfair and...
New Posts  All Forums: