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  Ok, let's think about what rebounds with the rubber-band effect in iOS. An email message (hence why I used a letter as a real-world example), an article on a webpage (hence my newspaper example) or just a list in a menu or something. When I used to read letters from my brother when he was in the army, it didn't "rubber-band" when I reach the end. When I read the newspaper article, it didn't "rubber-band" when I reached the end. When I reach the end of the menu at the...
  You're manufacturing a "real-world" example to back up your assertion. As I mentioned in my edit to my other post, why would I be reading a letter in a box again?   Oh, I get it, because the iOS device is the "box". /s 
  Wow, that's a stretch (no pun intended). Now if the thing that was rubber-banding in iOS started to fold or wrinkle, you might have something. Also, why would I be reading a letter in a cardboard box anyway?
  Funny, I don't recall a letter I received bouncing back when I had reached the end. Ditto for the newspaper article, no matter how hard I tried to see if there was more of it. The rubber-banding might be a virtual representation of physics, but not in the context of the way it is used in iOS.
    I agree completely. With the financial trouble Best Buy has been having, this move might prevent a few locations from closing, or perhaps only delay the inevitable. I remember wondering a few years back (maybe more like 7-10 years actually) why a Staples, Office Depot and Office Max were located  (or even needed) within walking distance of each other. Did people seriously need that many office supplies? It's the same case with Best Buy. Their stores sprang up all over...
  I'm all for the benefits of run-flats (whatever they may be) if they didn't have such a detrimental effect on the ride. Sometimes I hit a bump and it feels like I'm on Flintstone tires.
  Kinda how I see it. (Some) British cars don't exactly have an impeccable reputation for being problem free. Didn't Land Rover just end up at the bottom of some initial quality list?
  Truthfully, I never really cared for any those nicknames and my answer was based on the article in the link. It seemed like a logical explanation. I usually just referred to it by model though.   Back on topic though, I always figured BMW as a shoe-in for deploying something like iOS in the car. Too bad.
  I never said they were horrible cars. I'm on my 5th car and they are indeed excellent driving machines. However, I happen to disagree with their choice of using run-flat tires as standard. While I agree that iDrive is clunky and iOS would be a far sight better, there are so many things that they do right (which is why I've had 5 of them). And to suggest a move to Jaguar? Really?!? No thanks. You wouldn't happen to be James May by chance, would you?
  And now we have a fourth category of "pussies" (though that one may have genuinely been in jest as indicated by the smiley face).   Based on this article: http://jalopnik.com/139926/bimmer-vs-beamer-the-answer , you can pretty much do away with "Beamer". It looks like "Bimmer" is the appropriate nickname for us four-wheeled motorists and "Beemer" for the two-wheeled variety.
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