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  He only said "ass", it's not like he dropped the F-bomb or something . Personally, I think it was warranted because of all the trash-talking the press and tech blogs have been doing at Apple's expense. I think Craig did a great job and I dare say it felt (to me) like he was channeling Steve at times. As others have already mentioned, he seemed comfortable up there and exuded confidence in what he was doing and in the product he was demoing. Only thing I would have done...
    The last sentence is particularly so. The only thing missing is "resistance is futile."
    Bigdaddyp about sums it up.
Looks like Anandtech is claiming the Asus PQ321 4K display will go for $3,799. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7051/computex-2013-asus-pq321-3840-x-2160-display-3799 I think I have to go with PhilBoogie and agree that a 4K display from Apple will be at least $4K.  
  Wonder how much this one will be? http://www.techradar.com/us/news/computing/pc/new-asus-4k-computer-monitor-to-debut-in-june-1156105
  Loved it when Homer Simpson snuck into the U2 concert disguised as their potatoman. Back on topic, I think the higher res will hit the Thunderbolt display first IMO. The reason being that they haven't bothered to tweak the current TD with the fully laminated screen like the new iMacs have (yet). They might just jump right to 4K and do both of those steps at once.
  It was a rhetorical question. Perhaps I should have put a to indicate I wasn't seriously asking the question.
This is just speculation on my part, but I think it's a given that new Cinema Displays are on their way to take advantage of the new Mac Pro's capabilities. The obvious question being when.
I've used Pandora on and off for the last 2 years or so and it drives me nuts when they play songs on stations they have no business being on. I even tried tweaking the stations I created by providing lots of detail as far as what songs and bands should be included, but it still insisted on including songs that just didn't fit. And it was always the same bs excuse that the songs shared some common generic qualities. However, Tom Petty doesn't fit with The Cure no matter...
I tried the shared photo stream a few months back but was very disappointed to find that the people I shared my photo stream with couldn't add photos to it. With this feature now added, it's definitely going to be so much more useful and fun.
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