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  Done and done. I completely agree, it's extremely annoying how it always goes back to the beginning of the collection.
  That's funny, I specifically go out of my way to avoid those top "ad" links.
I wish they'd correct an annoying problem I'm having with iTunes defaulting to album view. Basically, if I'm in song view (where I normally have it), insert a CD, rip it and then eject it, the damned thing always defaults to album view. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be an issue as I wouldn't be constantly inserting discs, but I'm in the process of re-ripping my collection one more time (in ALAC this time) and it is getting really friggin' annoying to have to...
  Or just a crap UHF signal.
Well, I guess if the choice was to watch a movie on FX, USA or one of those other channels with commercials, or watch it on Netflix, I'd chose Netflix every time too. Funny though, I haven't watched any streaming content from Netflix for at least a month. Wonder why I keep paying for it.  
Wow, you just got love the media, they just make shit up as they go along (I'm referring to Bloomberg here).
  I agree 100%.
With all the "gee whiz" stuff going on, I hope they've improved on the battery life. Every time I see a colleague with his S3, it's always plugged in. Actually, to be honest, I really don't care.
I had no problems with my iPhone 4 and took no part of this frivolous lawsuit.
  If Facebook had leaked a made-up story like this one, I seriously doubt it had the desired effect. The resounding response (around here anyway) is, "We don't want your crap, Zuk!"
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