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  I am amazed that the only "negotiating" Samesung did was in the form of an oral offer tied to cross-licensing of some of Apple's non-essential patents. As Pinkert points out in his dissension, "Although licenses to non-FRAND-encumbered patents may certainly be included in a consensual resolution of a dispute over a FRAND-encumbered patent, it is neither fair nor non-discriminatory for the holder of the FRAND-encumbered patent to require licenses to non-FRAND-encumbercd...
  Sounds like the DOJ in the eBook case.  
  I think it's based on a presumption that Amazon did it, so they only way to fight that is to play dirty too. Not saying I agree, but that's what it feels like had happened.
I don't see that. I seem to recall paying for Mobile Me, yet I haven't paid a dime for iCloud (yet).
  Bingo! Definitely was a factor in my decision. When I was with Verizon, my phones (Blackberry, etc.) prior to the iPhone were all loaded with their crap bloatware.
  Yeah, for me it's called the myAT&T app I downloaded from the app store.
  "It" puts the lotion on "its" skin otherwise it gets the hose again.   But seriously, the only less ethical company I know of was Enron.
  Personally, I don't think I've ever been prompted to buy something or use a service that was advertised to me in an ad on a web page. I realize they're paying for AI, but sometimes I think I'd rather just pay a subscription fee for access to a website I really enjoy.
  What annoys the heck out of me is that ads keep popping up for things I'm no longer interested in because I've already bought them!
  Totally agree with you that it's not worth the $700 asking price and as for it only being compatible with those two Sony TVs, well yeah, of course. What else would you use it with?
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