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While it is obvious that the ad has a decidedly subdued almost pensive feel to it, the message I get is that they're saying they don't crank out all kinds of crap like Samesung, just to see what sticks. I guess that's too subdued for many. The people in the ad clearly seem to be enjoying their Apple products or what they get from them, but perhaps the slow-mo footage was a bit too much.  
  You're not suggesting Cook is the only one who had a say in it, are you? That would be silly.
We'll have to wait and see what actually ends up happening on August 8th.
  Likewise in northern NJ, but I guess that's obvious since it's working in NYC.
  Trust me, it's a piece of cake. MS "incorporated" so many features similar to those in OS-X, that all you'll have to do is learn where they are on the Mac and you'll be well on your way.
Can't wait to see where pricing will be.
Sure made the end of my work day fly by.
  The argument isn't about the physics that they're emulating, it's about what they're using it indicate.
  You're missing the forest for the trees. You're so fixed on one virtual object bouncing off another that you're missing the whole point. I'll spell it out one more time and then I'm going home. The things that rebound in iOS DO NOT in the real world. Thus, the virtualizaton of a real physical effect to indicate that you've reached the end of whatever you've reach the end of is novel and (successfully) patentable.
  Perhaps your explanation will get through. I don't seem to be having much success.
New Posts  All Forums: