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  I agree 100%.
With all the "gee whiz" stuff going on, I hope they've improved on the battery life. Every time I see a colleague with his S3, it's always plugged in. Actually, to be honest, I really don't care.
I had no problems with my iPhone 4 and took no part of this frivolous lawsuit.
  If Facebook had leaked a made-up story like this one, I seriously doubt it had the desired effect. The resounding response (around here anyway) is, "We don't want your crap, Zuk!"
This reminds me of AOL. Back in its day, it was the Internet for all who used it.
  Wow! Where do I get one of those? (Sorry, I couldn't resist)
  To my eyes anyway, I can perceive resolution and detail before being able to see individual pixels. On my 92" front projection system, I have to be a couple of feet from the screen to be able to start to make out individual pixels. However, I don't have to be that close to see all the detail that 1080p has to offer. According to the chart I posted, somewhere around 12' is the magic number (which seems to coincide with my own observations).
  Ditto for Cablevision at my mom's house. The box is just awful and the GUI, though just updated, is unbearably slow. DirecTV at home is pretty good, but I imagine a user interface by Apple would run circles around the competition.
  You should have clarified that statement by citing a screen size or size range. At 11', the full benefit of 1080p can be realized with a 60" screen. The last time I looked, larger and larger screens are become increasingly affordable. And it's not about seeing the pixels, it's about being able to perceive the resolution.  
  My dog has a 3D 1080p TV but he doesn't like wearing his 3D doggles.
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