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Ok, I'll look in the mirror and ask myself. I can certainly make and complete phone calls on my iPhone without dropping them. Yes, I drop a few here and there, but no more than I did with Vagizin. Saying you haven't made a call in 2 years is nothing but an exaggeration. No one in their right mind would have put up with such a problem for so long.
Mr. Ballmer, I know 7 series and this, sir, is no 7 Series.
When I unlock my phone, I already see how many new texts, phone calls, emails, IMs I have simply by being on my home page. There's nothing new here.
Exaggerate much?
Yeah, that's why Amazon has positioned their Kindle front and center when you go to Amazon.com
Not in my experience. I was with Verizon for the last 10+ years and I dropped as many calls with them on average as I do with AT&T. As a matter of fact, my neighbor (on Verizon) still gets crap signal at his house while I get full 3G from AT&T right next door.
Well, if we're only talking about going to 64-bit then I guess it plausible. I, however, would like to see them update the UI already, among other things.
Has Nikon update Capture NX yet? I haven't been able to use mine since I upgraded to SL. They kept promising December '09 and every time I checked, it hadn't been updated yet.
Not that this will help solve your Photoshop crashing problem, but I'm running Photoshop CS4 on a late-'07 iMac 2.4GHz Core2Duo with 4GB of RAM and a 1.5TB 7200 RPM HDD and it runs flawlessly. OS is the latest version of SL. Obviously, there are other variables, but I don't find anything wrong with the program.
As nice as that would be, I doubt it. They only came out with the latest version a few months ago.
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