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This is hilarious. Sounds like Mr. Wakefield had too much Cocoa-puffs for breakfast.
My neighbor is still running Tiger on his 20" iMac and it has absolutely nothing to do with what he does or doesn't think of OSX. He's simply too complacent, lazy, cheap or all of the above. Then again, he could simply just be happy and figures, "why fix what ain't broken".
Yeah, all my old Windows programs work fine in 7. I agree, if you need to run Windows, I think you can finally bail on XP for 7. I did.
Actually, if you're used to XP then you'll be scratching your head in Control Panel trying to find where they put everything. Otherwise, it does seem fairly intuitive.
I got the $29.99 upgrade myself and installed it on a 1-year-old Dell laptop with 2.0Ghz Core2Duo and 1GB of RAM and it runs surprisingly well. I've still had no fewer than 6 updates (security and bug patches) in the week since installing it but it does seem to run well. I also had a few glitches here and there and it does still nag you a bit (but you can turn that off). All that said, I still highly prefer and love OS-X SL. Windows 7 just makes the occasional use of the...
There's really nothing that iTunes LP does for audiophiles. Sure, it provides artwork and such, but the audio quality is still crap (to an audiophile). Have you tried listening to iTunes Plus quality digital music on a good audio system? It's fair at best.
Actually, none of the last 7 BR titles I bought had uncompressed PCM audio. 4 had Dolby TrueHD and the other 3 had DTS-HD Master Audio. I really don't see too many movie titles using uncompressed PCM anymore. Don't know about the music video titles though as I don't buy any of those. Either way, it's all good.
It's unfortunate that the general public is way too willing to give up sound quality in favor of convenience. This is why I buy physical CDs and absolutely love the sound quality of my Blu-rays. The "iTunes Plus" quality doesn't cut it for me.
I seriously doubt they'd disable BR writing capability. They just went out of their way to give Final Cut 7 and Compressor 3.5 the ability to write directly to BR.
New Posts  All Forums: