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I seriously doubt they would make the tablet exclusive to Verizon. That would be a big F/U to all the iPhone subscribers, essentially forcing them to have dual carriers if they want to have the tablet. Truth is, I'm not even convinced that the tablet will have 3G capability, probably just Wi-Fi. At 10", it may be "portable", but nowhere near as portable as the iPhone.
Or just plain slow. My 4-year-old 17" PowerBook G4 wasn't too happy when I upgraded it to Leopard. It was really happiest with Tiger. But then, I'm not all that upset about it. 4 years and counting is a pretty good run for a laptop. Still does iTunes, iPhoto, web and email just fine (just slower).
I've synched my 160GB iPod classic and my 5th gen Nano numerous times with iTunes 9 and have had no problems whatsoever.
For me, I like my music right where it is, sitting on the hard drive in my iMac. I personally don't find moving it to a cloud revolutionary.
Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Apple became the very thing they claimed not to be in their "1984" commercial.
They're also the smallest of the providers. My brother-in-law switched from T-Mobile to AT&T because his coverage sucked with T-Moble and he wanted the iPhone. And that's in NJ where you'd expect good coverage.
I'm averaging 100MB/month myself so this certainly doesn't bother me at all. I think I'd have to agree with the sentiment here that many who are whining about this announcement are probably in that 3% who use a significant amount of their "unlimited" data plans. That's all fine and good, the data plan for the iPhone is advertised as being "unlimited". However, I do feel that those who are illegally tethering their iPhones and using substantial amounts of data or bandwidth...
Well, it is an Apple rumor site after all. Of course you're going to find a bunch of Apple fans over here. And yes, some may take things a little too seriously, but hey, that's human nature.
I agree that Apple needs to do multiple carriers, but with the bad blood between Verizon and AT&T (and Apple to a lesser extent), it doesn't look promising for a Verizon iPhone next year. Of course, I could be wrong and Apple may surprise all of us next summer.
Yeah, real mature. What are you, 12? Maybe you should go join Teckstud.
New Posts  All Forums: