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I plugged my iPhone into my iMac to sync some stuff and it instantly alerted me of the available update.
Yeah, I remember the old 1024 x 1024 displays. I also remember customers paying us $7k and up for those things. Fujitsu, if I recall, was the one who made the 1024 x 1024 plasma panels and OEM'ed them to Sony as well.
If larger screen dimensions makes the phone bigger, than that's a no-go. Like someone else commented, 6,7 & 12 isn't going to happen. Hopefully, we'll see the iPhone on more than one carrier this summer (but I'm not holding my breath).
Even with 3G built in for the $489 price of a Kindle DX, I can't imagine they'll be selling too many of them once the iPad comes out. It (the iPad) simply represents a better value even at $629 with the 3G feature. That is assuming that you would consider the $489 price-point of the Kindle DX normal for such a device.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I wasn't crazy about the name either. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask), this is the name Apple gave the thing and what will be will be. The name iPad will have no effect on whether I buy one or not, but then I'm part of that "tech-head" crowd. If I had to say why I was less than enthusiastic about the name, it would be because it seems a little lazy to me. But lazy to me may seem logical to the next person.
How did $330 become $400? Way to round up. Sure you can add in the price of accessories, but that would apply to both ends of the price spectrum.
My point was that there are numerous other uses of the word pad that it seems juvenile that some people would fixate on the feminine product connotation. So yes, I obviously realize that the name of a thing can have an effect on it's performance in the marketplace or the public's perception of said item but really, iPad sounds no more like Maxipad than mouse pad does. Or does mouse-pad make you think of feminine products for rodents?
Check the definition of the word "pad" in the dictionary. Or if you're too lazy: 1 a : a thin flat mat or cushion: as (1) : a piece of soft stuffed material used as or under a saddle (2) : padding used to shape an article of clothing (3) : a guard worn to shield body parts against impact (4) : a piece of usually folded absorbent material (as gauze) used as a surgical dressing or protective covering (5) : a component of certain brake systems (as disc brakes) consisting of a...
First if all, I never specifically mentioned the iPad. I said, "I just grow weary sometimes of what seems like intentionally crippled devices". Second, you have no idea what my view is so how you can call it narrow is beyond me. I personally couldn't care less about tethering an iPad to my TV. IMO, that's not really what's it's for. I've already signed up for notification as to when I can pre-order one and have no problem dropping $500, $600 or even $700 for one.
I suspect SJ is right as well. I just grow weary sometimes of what seems like intentionally crippled devices just so they can sell it to you again a few years later with the omitted feature enabled.
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