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Totally in agreement with you here. Gotta be able to do 1080p and have the use of the USB port for storage expansion. My 160GB unit is almost maxed out as it is. I know I can stream stuff to it, but I like having the ability of being able to use it without any computers running.
Except that one can't watch a Blu-ray movie on an AppleTV. Last time I checked, both iMovie and Compressor insist on outputting 960x540 resolution to my AppleTV. I have had success playing 720/24p files, but the AppleTV will not play (only up-convert to) 1080/60p. It will also not support DolbyTrue HD or DTS-HD Master Audio. And by the way, where are you getting Blu-ray movies fro free (legally)?
This is a common misconception. Unless you are buying Blu-ray movies at your local Best Buy or Walmart, you shouldn't be paying $30 per title. I get all my Blu-ray movies from Amazon. I get free shipping and pay $20-$25 on average. I just got Ice Age 3 for $23.50 and that included a DVD and a digital copy in addition to the Blu-ray copy.
Though I have an AppleTV, I find myself streaming all my content to my PS-3 as it can handle more formats at higher resolutions than the AppleTV.
Is it me or does Ballmer look like Peter Boyle from Young Frankenstein? "I am the monster!"
For me, it was never about watch BR movies on the computer. It was and is about HD content delivery.There's nothing new about FCP working in higher resolutions. The support for BR in FCS that I'm referring to is the specific capability Apple just added for FC7 and C3.5 to burn directly to Blu-ray. As for 3rd party externals (or internals), that's obviously what I'm going to have to do. It just would have been nice to have an Apple option.
Yet they decided to include the capability to write to BR in FC7 and C3.5. Apparently not too complex that I can't solve it with a $349 external BR burner from OWC.
I could use that as a convection oven too.
Cool, between my AppleTV and my PS-3, I should be nice and cozy this winter.
At least you have a lower likelihood of being trampled. Don't want to end up on one of those "when shoppers go wild" videos.
New Posts  All Forums: