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Unfortunately, I think you're right. Apple does seem to be trying to "run out the clock" and skip Blu-ray altogether. Apple seems to have envisioned a future without optical media. I think that's premature and don't see optical media going away anytime soon. As for Blu-ray, it's been a short 3 years and half of them were spent mired in a format war with HD-DVD. There was a lot of confusion created and some former HD-DVD fans are still bitter after all this time. It would...
I'm still scratchin' my head trying to figure out why Apple didn't include at least a BTO for a Blu-ray burner. The new Final Cut Studio begs for it and so does the new 27" display of the iMac. I'm guessing it'll be at least spring 2010 before we see anything (if it ever happens at all). Nothing to base that on, just a guess. What I want to know is, what were the 2 major features the new iMacs were getting? Was it a bigger screen and the magic mouse or the quad-core...
Well, since I don't travel a lot, don't have a long commute and don't have any kids, I haven't had any need for ripping DVDs. I've been buying Blu-rays in favor of their DVD counterparts and many come with digital copies, but I haven't watched or used any of them yet. All that said, I guess one could rationalize ripping a DVD under "fair use" if it would still be for private personal use but that's a grey area. The one thing I will say is that Hollywood is insane if they...
Well, at least we agree on one thing.
Yeah but they sure do make tasty Kool-aid.
Tomatoe, tomatta. Sure, make up your own rules as you go along. Do you also find it ok to rip DVD rentals from Netflix so you can watch the movies you've rented on your terms. Hey, you did pay the rental fee after all. It kinda reminds me of what Adam Savage from Mythbusters said, "I reject your reality and substitute my own".
I hate to say it, but entitlement is precisely what it sounds like. You feel that you should be allowed to use Apple's OS independent of buying an Apple computer simply because you've deemed it's EULA unethical and it's the OS you've chosen to use. No offense, but it's not really up to you to determine what's within Apple's rights as a business and what isn't. What is within your right as a consumer is to buy something else if you don't agree with what the corporation in...
That's awfully convenient. It's like saying, "I don't like their rules, so I'll ignore them and make up my own". You have the opinion that Apple's SL EULA violates your right as a consumer and to that your are entitled. But despite your protestations, Apple's EULA still stands as valid and legal (until and if it's proven otherwise) and you are still violating it (even with the $30 upgrade or $169 box).
Of course they are. People are buying them because they're cheap. For a lot of people, it'll do what they need of a computer which is email and web. Not saying you can't do more with them, but that is all many need (and maybe a music and photo app).
They'll have to do more than buy the $30 upgrade and then they'd still be breaking the EULA.
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