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I always thought it was "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving. People have been known to get trampled to death at the Black Friday sales.
I think there is a certain expectation among PC users of having desktop computers of all shapes and sizes available to them. This is to say that since they've always had a (PC) desktop, they assume they wan't or need one if they switch to Apple. This was certainly the case with me when I switched over from the PC. Though I did tinker occasionally, upgrading sound and video cards etc..., I found that I really didn't need to anymore and was perfectly happy with the Mac I...
Good thing I got mine as a gift.
So I shouldn't throw out my AppleTV just yet?
Blu-ray is far from dead. Players are cheap (unless you're looking to buy a BR player at Shop-rite for $29.99) and movie prices are starting to come down. Not accounting for taste, the latest Transformers movie is $19.99 on BR at Amazon. Better formatted HD download movies?!? What are you smoking? Where can you download 20-35Mbps average bit-rate 1080/24p movies with lossless audio? Give me a break.
In my experience, when a manufacturer gave an estimate of a certain month, it almost always meant the end of that month. That's not to say that Apple might not ship the top-end iMac the 1st week, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
It's not like they're gonna start shipping the minute the clock strikes 12:00 on Nov. 1st.
Which external BR drive did you order? I was looking at the OWC Mercury Pro 12x BR burner for $350. Supposedly, they use the newest Pioneer drive and I figured I could remove it from the external enclosure and install it in a Mac Pro when I eventually get one but use it with my iMac for now.
You know I meant that in good fun.
I think that discussion would be more at home over at AVSForum.com
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