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Though iPad is ok enough and we'll probably just have to get used to it, I personally think simply calling it the Apple Tablet would have been better.
Right, we're saying the same thing.
Right. It's clearly bolted into a security frame with those special 3-dot security screws.
Ditto. I can picture Apple teaming up with someone like BMW and designing the next iteration of their iDrive system. If I recall, BMW was one of the first car manufacturers to offer a factory iPod integration kit.
It's called Judaism and any one of those four aren't so far fetched. All of them together, however, maybe not so likely.
I'm not convinced this would be the case. If anything, like others have said, it would (or should) be optional. I know others do, but I don't travel much or commute via train or bus. Since there is WiFi service everywhere I would use the tablet, the 3G aspect would be completely unnecessary to me. Also, like others have said, making some sort of data plan a requirement for the tablet would be a mistake and hurt sales.
I completely agree. I, for one, don't need or want another monthly bill. I'd be perfectly content using the tablet via WiFi. Everywhere I'd need or want to use the tablet has WiFi. That's not to say it shouldn't have a 3G option however. I just think it should be optional. Unless, they can add it to my existing AT&T data contract for another $10-$15 month max. But even then, I'd be paying for something I don't really need.
We'll know soon enough.
When you've paid $500 for a 40GB iPod a few years back, $700 for the tablet doesn't seem like all that much. Pricing the thing at $999 would be a mistake however. Correct me if I'm wrong, but just look at the MacBook Air. It's overpriced, underpowered, and doesn't have an optical drive. As a result, it didn't enjoy the same success of the MacBooks and MacBook Pros.
Reminds me of when Stewie tried to teach Eliza Pinchley to speak proper english.
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