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Well, it is an Apple rumor site after all. Of course you're going to find a bunch of Apple fans over here. And yes, some may take things a little too seriously, but hey, that's human nature.
I agree that Apple needs to do multiple carriers, but with the bad blood between Verizon and AT&T (and Apple to a lesser extent), it doesn't look promising for a Verizon iPhone next year. Of course, I could be wrong and Apple may surprise all of us next summer.
Yeah, real mature. What are you, 12? Maybe you should go join Teckstud.
As psyched as I am about this long-rumored tablet, I'm certainly not looking forward to another potential monthly expense. Unless, of course, they let you add it to your existing iPhone data plan for another $10-$15/month.
Often times those four things don't necessarily agree with each other. There's no question it's a beautiful thing. I've tagged numerous songs with Shazam as well. Except with me, I auditioned the rest of the album at home that a given song was on and then decided whether or not to buy the album. If the rest of the album was lame, then I'd buy the individual song from the iTunes store (but this was only after they switched to 256k variable). Oddly enough, I've bought...
I agree, those are the strongest points for buying digital versions. Maybe in another year or two, the iTunes store will upgrade their quality again, perhaps to 320k variable. With ample cheap storage space available, it shouldn't be an issue to accommodate the additional space requirements.
True but unfortunate. We (Americans) as a society have gotten too lazy and too accustomed to settling for less. For me, having to wait an extra day or two to get my CD from Amazon is plenty convenient. I don't think there's ever been a situation where I had to have something "right this instant". There are plenty of others things I can do (or watch or listen to) while I'm waiting for my CD's to arrive.
I'd actually bet on the former. I definitely see growth year over year, but I don't see that growth being exponential. Personally, I'm glad to see CDs still garnering 65% of total music sales. My biggest issue is, why should I pay the same (or about the same) as a CD for a lower quality copy from the iTunes (or any other download) store?
Ditto. I can't complain about AT&T in any way. Maybe Verizon paid off CR.
I'm telling you, he looks like Peter Boyle from Young Frankenstein.
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