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 You don't have to use ECC with all Xeons.
(Thunderbolt) is to slow have a VIDEO card + the HDD's running over it. One video card can max out the bus on it's own.   So there will need to be a PCI-e link at least X16 + other smaller links + sata pass though as well.   and on the xenon systems likely at a min dual X16 + other links.
  no Ethernet I was in a hotel that had in room Ethernet with out wifi.
but HP and others did lower prices and bumped up video cards / ram size over the same time frame.   Apple same price same ram and same video cards for same 2 years.
that board had on board video and used the tech that let only use the add in pci-e board when needed the Sandy Bridge-E cpu's do have on board video.
the pawn shop laws will hit them if they start selling / buying laptops.
also has PCI Express slots and better on board video then apple mini.
likely the same stuff as fios or U-Verse
they can tell apple you have your tv on our system and we will put the POS Iguide on it.
but locking in Intel GPU / a intel only bus is anti-trust
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