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Is it any coincidence that 8 months from now also happens to be the same time that experts predict the world will come to an end? I think not!
Oh yeah? How many people do you think stick around to read the credits of an action flick? I do when it's a Pixar film because I know they put some extra bits in the credits but I'm usually long gone before the first line scrolls to the top of the screen on most other films.
Adobe Flash will make it's debut on the iPhone 5.
Struth. The Beatles are bigger than Jesus!
Nokia has smart phones? Who knew? Nokia's case is going to fall apart once the judge sees that they were trying to extort more money from Apple than other licensees and were also trying to extort Apple to hand over some of their IP.
There's an app for that.
I think Steve Jobs was most concerned about all the nudity in the Adidas ad.
Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
In another five years Facebook will be just another MySpace.
Once again no GPS in the iPod Touch? Guess I wait another year.
New Posts  All Forums: