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What kind of slipshod sweatshop is Apple running here where they let employees take a holiday?
Apple is doomed.
Apple having all this money laying around is just acting as a magnet for the tax barons of the EU to try to come up with some scheme to get ahold of as big a chunk of that as they can.
This explains why Pearson recently decided to sell off the the part of the company that contains the various Student Information Systems (including PowerSchool which used to be owned by Apple) that they're been hoovering up. I guess they were hoping that some sucker would be left holding the bag for this  fiasco.
Samsung says you're bending it wrong.
Wait a minute! Ricketts paid Steve Jobs $600 for a $666.66 computer? He got a 10% discount and didn't have to pay sales tax. I'll bet the government of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia are going to be looking to get that back, with interest.
I think Tim is becoming much too overexposed with all the interviews he's been giving lately. I wish Apple would go back to keeping the lamestream media at arms length while they put their energies into making great stuff.
I wonder how the lefties are going to be able to reach the crown without obscuring the display (which was the stated reason for not using pinch to zoom).
4"      iPhone 6 mini 4.7"   iPhone 6 5.5"   iPhonezilla 6
The iWatch is obviously a rip-off of whatever Samsung watch looks the most like it. And there's a whole lot a prior art that proves it's not innovative. Google has had something just like it in the lab for years.
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