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At this rate, iPad native apps are going to surpass the total number of Android apps pretty soon.
I hope it comes in a wired version. I hate having to replace batteries every couple of weeks.
Couldn't have said it better myself. So what's your take on the new Droids?Personally, if they make the iPhones in anything but Black and White, then I want one in Tangerine.
I eagerly await the day when I can buy the Googleos brand breakfast cereal. I, for one, welcome our Google overlords.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
The only way I'm going to pay for content is if it's ad free. You want to put ads in your content? Then you'd better get your money from the advertisers.
I think that Apple damaged the iPhone on purpose before the kid "lost" it just to make Gizmodo look bad when the story broke.
The cops ought to make copies of the contents of Chen's hard drives and then post them on the web. Then they can give the originals back. No harm, no foul.
Apple ripped me off and all I got was this iPad!
Actually, the military can get the job done quick and easy when they're give a free hand. It's the politicians and their restrictions that keep that from happening. "You can bomb here but not there.", 'You have to follow these rules while your enemy is not so handicapped", "You need to use this equipment that you didn't want and don't need that was built in my district." Vietnam was never a threat, but the folks that were supplying them and were trying to extend their...
New Posts  All Forums: