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Actually, the military can get the job done quick and easy when they're give a free hand. It's the politicians and their restrictions that keep that from happening. "You can bomb here but not there.", 'You have to follow these rules while your enemy is not so handicapped", "You need to use this equipment that you didn't want and don't need that was built in my district." Vietnam was never a threat, but the folks that were supplying them and were trying to extend their...
At least we're not French.
Can't wait for all the apps wit da neeked girls.
Any word on any changes to the Mac Pro case design?
Is there any other way?
Apple can actually get patents for technology as obvious as this? I have an idea about encoding data using just ones and zeros. Maybe I should patent it.
I though the biggest barrier to greater iPhone adoption was it's inability to play Flash video or games.
This is a deal-breaker for me. If I can't get my porn on the iPhone or iPad, then I don't want one.
Apple ought to send U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin a request for information on the human rights practices of the US Government. Lots of shady practices being covered up by Congress.
Maybe we'll see it in a 22" tablet? That would be awesome!
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