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Nope, the iPhone OS will be next. It has the majority of the web browsing that's done by smartphones, and the Safari browser has a monopoly position on the iPhone OS.
I'd expect these to show up in the Apple Tablet first.
I'm waiting for the $200 CrunchPad that Mike Arrington says will be "dead simple" to make. He's promising it to us "any day now".
I would wait until Sony bankrupted itself, and then buy the movies from the companies that buy what remains of Sony's carcass.
Let me just say that I think we're all grateful you didn't.
Imagine all the goodwill Apple could get if they gave all their stuff away for free, like free iPhones, free Macs, and free OS X.
It must really gall Verizon that they can be just as horrible as AT&T and yet they still can't get the iPhone.
What's with all the hating on Rick Astley I've been seeing in various blogs. Rick is da bomb!
Looks like for AT&T, practically the whole country is a deadzone. I'm surprised I haven't been hearing more about how in most of the country you get zero bars with AT&T.
Don't the companies that manufacturer the chips Apple uses in building an iPhone already pay for the patents on the technologies those chips incorporate? Or does Apple have some custom chips in the iPhone that they've designed that use the technologies in these patents?
New Posts  All Forums: