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right now I'm in my back room the signal from the main APX is at 60% but I can switch to the remote APX and it is 100%, but they are named the same, but it just showes up as two of the same wireless networks. I thought that it should just show one, so I don't have to change networks when I change from one side of the house to the other. Thanks.
I just bought another Airport Express (APX) and I'm trying to set it up as a WDS to extend my wireless signal. I have it up and running but it shows up as another wireless signal, even when I have it named as the same network name as the base unit. I've followed the these directions: 1. If you choose to do a manual WDS configuration (as opposed to the automatic feature used in the steps above), be sure that all base stations have the same network name. Attempting...
My ibook dead, the HD is fine but the computer is dead so I plan on using the HD as an external HD for my Thinkpad. When I plug it in to my Thinkpad it doesn't recognize it, how to I completely delete the hard drive and reformat it for use with my Thinkpad? Thanks.
How did you set up your library on an external hard drive?
How do I transfer my iTunes library from my laptop to my external hard drive? I have no space left on my laptop and I need to free up memory so I thought I would transfer all my songs to my external hard drive. This is probably pretty easy. Please help. Thanks.
What other options do I have if her connection is really slow and isight wont give us a connection? (I also have an iBook, that I use just for isighting with her. But it doesn't work bc her connection is too slow.) So what other video chat options are there, that will work with a slow connection? Please help.
My girlfriend has an iBook with an iSight, I have a PC. What can I use that will work with iSight? Or her mac and my PC? We've tried yahoo, but it crashes her computer each time she gets on the video chat. Thanks.
Thank you. I guess that I was hoping for something that doesn't exist yet.
I'm looking for good USB powered hard drive 250 gigs. Something that runs off the USB power, and I can bring with me and take with my laptop. I have a iBook G4. Thanks. Fine any 250 HD that will work with an iBook, G4.
Thanks I'll give that a try. Wierd that it only happens with one of my computers though.
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