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I quoted California Penal Code Section 485. However do some research in California common law and you'll discover some interesting case precedents (see below). Before the phone was disabled, they found out the guy's name and were able to look him up on Facebook. Even without doing so, they should have turned it over to the bar owner or to the local police station. What they should NOT have done is sold the phone. What Gizmodo should NOT have done is purchase the phone. ...
California Penal Code Section 485 One who finds lost property under circumstances which give him knowledge of or means of inquiry as to the true owner, and who appropriates such property to his own use, or to the use of another person not entitled thereto, without first making reasonable and just efforts to find the owner and to restore the property to him, is guilty of theft. IANAL, but I believe over $400 is a felony and as such this would qualify, same goes with...
I'm going to go with Shantanu Narayen. He's from India and used to work at Apple. Do it as part of the overall Adobe merger.
Count me as someone who has been waiting a long time for these. I wouldn't have expected anyone to be offering discounts, so this *is* news to me. Also, if it were an ad, I wouldn't mind at all. AppleInsider has given me tons of information, and they deserve to get paid.
I don't know about anyone else, buy if my kids see a Toy Story 3 ad, they're going to click on it. Yes, a lot of ads won't be clicked on. That's why it's only $17 ppm. It's easy to say, I never click on ads, I skip through commercials, I change the station when ads come on, I never open junk mail, etc... But...enough people do that it makes it worth while.
You beat me to it. I posted this on Digg yesterday. If they allowed apps to print to PDFs and then it put them in a folder, the PDFs could be printed by a printer app, emailed, texted, edited by other apps or even synced via iTunes...there could even be fax apps. FedEx/Kinkos and others could have apps allowing you to print at their stores, etc... There are a lot of possibilities, and it's all pretty simple on Apple's end.
I'm certainly not 1 or 2. I would point out that if you look at the iPhone OS 1.0 and what has been added to the iPhone OS since then, a lot of it has been available *first* to people who've jailbroken their iPhones. Your last sentence is a generalization. Not all jailbreakers, or people who would identify with group 3 feel that way. Here's the thing with SBSettings and why I don't believe it fits in with your definition of #3: SBSettings provides an option for a...
Apple has a higher market share than Microsoft in several areas, the biggest of which would be MP3 players and phones. However, there are software areas where Apple leads despite have a lower market share for the platform (Final Cut). However there's a difference between knowing what the average consumer wants and having market share as a goal. A great example that people seem to forget is that it was Apple with a GUI OS versus Microsoft with a command-line OS, where...
Me too. Actually, I hope Apple is looking very closely at the jailbreaking community and adopting many more of their good ideas in addition to SBSettings, I'd like to see: Categories (folders for apps) iTunes WiFi sharing And so many other things I often forget I hacked until I get a new unjailbroken iPhone and realize I miss all the features of my old one until the new jailbreak is available.
I will be very loud in my complaining if battery life is short because of multitasking. I will get up on my roof and scream, "why is battery life short in 4.0 because of multitasking when 3.x jailbroken iPhones with multitasking don't experience battery issues?" My guess is that Apple will be able to do an even better job than the jailbreakers when it comes to efficient multitasking.
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