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Actually, in a way, Apple might add a significant feature. They note NTFS changes. NTFS writing is currently turned off by default in Snow Leopard. Turning it on is pretty much a hack and very flaky. So if Apple fixes this, it could be a new feature for us. I really hope there are WiFi fixes, specifically the ability to temporarily change the MAC address.
There are definitely some WiFi issues that need to be resolved. I've been able to reliably reproduce MAC errors via WiFi on the same Macs that don't show the same error when booted in 10.5.x. I really hope Apple fixes this.
Flash sucks in many ways, but HTML5 is a long ways away, and in the meantime there are few alternatives. Apple should implement Flash on the iPhone as soon as possible. Battery life, annoying ads, and so forth would be non-issues as long as Apple had a setting to turn Flash off...ideally it could be fully off, fully on, or toggle for specific websites. Another option is for Flash only to load when an embedded SWF is actually clicked on. If this were the case,...
I'm confused. I thought one of the requirements of 3G MicroCell was that the device had to be able to receive a GPS signal...so couldn't it just use that data?
At $248 a share, Apple would have a higher market value than Microsoft (at today's price).
I just found out that the scanning functionality is now built into Apple's Preview and Image Capture. This is awesome. I like not having to use yet another application. The whole print/scan/fax driver thing is really sweat. So far, I would say it's been my best upgrade ever...but Saft, where are you?
In other news, the same evidence of a touchscreen OS has been found on every Macintosh since the Mac 128. Apparently Apple has been working on the touchscreen keyboard functionality since the 1980s. BTW: The keyboard viewer is exactly what its name suggests. It allows you to see your keyboard and what characters will be displayed when modifier keys are used. This is quite possibly the stupidest rumor I've ever seen (that's gotten any kind of traction at all).
Labor day may be something you relate to the end of summer, but summer 2009 officially ends September 22, 2009 at 5:18 pm EDT. September 9 is the Apple media event, and they're likely to announce iPhone OS 3.1 and release it that day or shortly after. This should enable MMS, meeting their deadline of MMS by end of summer. Tethering may or may not be enabled, but AT&T never gave a date for when tethering would be available on its network. Apple only announced that it...
This is a really great article, thanks AI. However, I got to say that I'm really disappointed with QuickTime X. I really hope that Apple realizes how important the features of QuickTime 7 are to many of us. I wouldn't mind at all if Apple re-brands QuickTime 7 as QuickTime X Pro, even if they charged for it (but hope they don't). The problem with the way it is now is that I'm afraid of Apple dropping support of QuickTime 7 or it's features. Another major problem...
That's somewhat misleading. I was an existing AT&T customer, but my bill more than doubled when I got the iPhone because I added services (like data and SMS) to my account. Also, it doesn't take retention into account. There's no way I'd still be an AT&T customer today if it wasn't for the iPhone. Still 40% is a pretty high number in of itself.
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