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Doesn't seem to make sense and given that the iPhone5's 'retina' display already has the lowest resolution/ppi of any of the 2013 'high end' smartphones, one can't help but wonder just how much lower can they possibly go than the (already less than 720p) 1136 x 640 they currently use?    Seems like this it'd be a pretty strange move on Apple's part that might actually harm its reputation as a maker of 'premium' products.
Because I obviously have a vested/long-time interest in iOS devices and what possible upgrades/improvements will be coming to my devices.   How About You... or are you just here asking inane questions without addressing the topic at hand?    
Good... Developers have had quite enough time to facilitate the latest aspect ratio.
No... and it's your biased nonsense that doesn't allow you to see things for what they are (in this case a 'flat UI aesthetic), resulting in Confusion On Your Part - Not Mine. 
Well the whole 'flat' aesthetic sure has proven quite popular/successful since Android 4.X and Windows/WP 8 adopted it over a year ago.   Looking forward to seeing Apple's implementation brings.
Hmmm? This chart seems rather misleading as it t takes a small chunk of the 1000 (only 250) and blows it up with no indication on the bottom of the bars that the bottom of the graph is cut off. This makes blackberry look like it is off of Apple by half, when in fact the difference is much smaller. Seriously Now... An overall 80% is barely a pass, but 86% is 5/5 stars - Get Real!
Something I Never Said/Posted... Ever.   Though it's quite obvious that: Surely You're Just Trolling (as usual).
Nice... the system works much the same as Google's has for quite some time:    01) First enable it on the Apple ID website.   02) Then use your mobile device to receive verification codes as needed to sign into various Apple services.
Function should always dictate form and in the case (quite literally) of Samsung's Galaxy series of devices, the use of Polycarbonate allows for devices that are lightweight, impact resistant, durable and more efficient to manufacture. As for the overall design/shape of the devices, the smooth edges and surface contours are obviously the result of extensive ergonomic research and development, as when compared to nearly all competing devices, they tend to be far more...
No Worries...It's common practice for the (self appointed) Defenders of All Things Apple here on AI to label any/every post/poster that doesn't conform to their extremely one-sided 'beliefs' a troll, even when the article's specifically about a SAMSUNG product..   Pretty ironic when the truth is THEY are the real trolls around here... and rather spiteful/disrespectful/hateful ones at that.   Anyway... Looks like Samsung has done some fine work with this new release,...
New Posts  All Forums: