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Nonsense... Even with a larger (441ppi) display and larger battery the Samsung Galaxy S4 is smaller/lighter than the Galaxy S3, therefore the GS4 IS a smartphone (with a larger display) just as the SG3 is/was, and most likely to be an even more successful one at that.
So... Pretty much the same kind of (scared of the competition) rhetoric spoken when the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out last year and we all know how so very wrong those naysayers were.
...as though he'd say anything 'different'.
Sure.... If that's what you 'need' to tell yourself.   It's so interesting to read all these naysayer comments when it's not even known if this is even the real device... So Much Panic - LOL!
Hmmmm... Interesting that such a 'tech guy' didn't simply install Pokki, or one of the other Windows 8 UI (start button) options and set it to boot directly into Windows 7 compatibility mode?   HINT: It's the Live Tile that looks like a small Windows 7 desktop that's featured on every new Windows 8 device's home screen.   My mother-in-law was hesitant to use Windows 8 Modern UI at first, so that's what I did for her until she finally decided that she really liked Windows...
Exactly... and the polycarbonate Samsung utilizes is some of the better advanced composite currently available, as it's light-weight, durable, highly scratch and impact resistant and can maintain its coloration throughout the entire substrate, which can never be said of devices manufactured from any type of metal alloy.
Then you seriously need to check your 'hearing'/reading comprehension if pointing out that someone is TROLLING is considered a 'personal attack', as then you should have been reprimanded/banned years ago, as should some 90% of the hostile/bitter posters in this place who have absolutely no respect for the opinions of others. see: hfts.   So Please... Keep your own 'personal attacks' directed at those who are actually guilty rather than unjustly aiming your inane vitriol...
How Utterly Ridiculous all these claims of Samsung 'copying' Apple into the (near) 8 inch tablet space - Especially since Samsung Created It.   I've owned my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 for almost 1.5 years now, and know (sans nonsensical fanatical posturing) that my Apple iPad Mini is within small fractions in every, single dimension e.g. height, weight, thickness and screen size.   It would not be unreasonable to deduce that Apple may have used the Samsung Galaxy...
... and hopefully this won't be the sole effort Apple, and many others, will make towards improving the economy of the coutry wherein they got their start(s).
Most likely... then again there's very little diversity to be found in Apple 'Executive Team' anyway
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