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Minding My Own Business... Something you appear to be woefully incapable of doing.
Not True... and just because you appear to be highly 'selective' as to which posts you deem Apple-worthy is of no concern to me.I support Apple, as well as any other company I choose, by buying/using their products... because that's all that really matters ;-)
  Just because I happen to own dozens upon dozens of Apple products doesn't mean that they do no wrong.... It's a Tech Company, Not A Cult.  
As ALL companies likely 'size up' their wares against the competition, and then seek to improve upon said competition's efforts. Apple has made a complete industry out of doing exactly this... Inventing Nothing but Improving Upon What Others Already Created.
It'll likely be the rumored 7.85 inched diagonally with a 4:3 aspect ratio at 1024x768 so as to retain compatibility with the existing iPad app library.The downfall of this configuration is that it'll mean the device is rather too wide to hold comfortably with one (average sized) hand, which happens to be one of the more appealing aspects of almost every other (near) 16:9/7 inch tablet device.Anyway... It's interesting to see all the 're-writing of history' going on within...
UPDATE: All Things D reports that Apple has now lost its bid to keep the market research secret and Samsung will be allowed to use it as evidence in the trial.
This.... and This!
They have and they've tried to show even more but those pieces of 'evidence' were not allowed (for some odd reason)... and if they did show that they used a similar 'design process' as Apple, Apple'd likely try to sue over that too :-/
When it comes to mapping apps/software, they all 'look' good enough at this point (both are 'Vector-Based' BTW), what really matters is how fast and accurate they are, and Google Maps has long proven very strong in these areas. It remains to be seen how well Apple's (largely outsourced) efforts fares.
Samsung should consider asking Judge Koh to recuse herself as she's shown on a number of occasions more than a hint of bias/partiality.
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