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... as nice as it is to have a 128gb (on-board) storage option (at a rather exorbitant cost), merely increasing capacity does not fundamentally change the functionality of the iPad.Likely the single biggest obstacle for to having such a large amount of storage on an iPad is that iOS still lacks a user accessible file system, so as to easily acess all of those 'CAD files' etc. one might load on all that new space.Note: Several competing mobile devices have reached the 128gb...
This is likely only the beginning of the demise of this kind of nonsensical litigation, and hopefully a new start to actual product innovation. Bring On The Patent Reform!
Likely in an effort to differentiate the iPad from the (currently more popular) iPad Mini by more than just screen size/spec bump...
What Absolute Ridiculousness Are You On About?The iPad Does Not Have 'Cell Phone' (as in the ability to make place regualr phone calls) Capabilities - Never Has.
Good to see that Apple has finally seen fit to offer more capacity for those who simply must carry a bunch of HD movies, insane numbers of photos, more apps than they'll likely ever even use, or entire music collections with them almost everywhere.Crazy that a 128gb Wifi+Cellular version will end up near US 1000.00 after sales tax, making a MacBook Air a seemingly much better/smarter purchase.Yet... Apple's still chagring an additional US 100.00 for + 16gb, +32gb and +...
Given that the Microsoft Surface Pro is running a Full Desktop Operating System, NOT merely a mobile one limited to only mobile apps, the iPad (in any capacity) is hardly a direct competitor to most (logical-thinking) consumers.
You just might get your wish as the most logical step would be to retain an entry-level price of US 499.00 for the iPad 4 +WiFi while making 32gb the base capacity.iPad 4/32gb = US 499.00iPad 4/64gb = US 599.00iPad 4/128gb = US 699.00It's also about time that the either started including GSP modules in all of the iPad offerings or (at least) reduce the price of the cellular/GPS upgrade to US 99.00 or so.We'll See Soon Enough... ?
It certainly is as long as Google remains the most widely used search engine, maps, e-mail and on-line video sharing service provider existent.For many of us, the availabilty of Google Maps for iOS 6 solves most (if not all) of our previous issues with Apple's own maps/navigation offering.
Good for both the customer in that they're getting a fully-functional Navigation/mapping solution for their iOS devices as well as Google for the aforementioned reasons. One can only hope Apple is much more careful in the future not to release such half-hearted efforts like iOS Maps as other companies might not be there to so quickly help bail them out.
New Posts  All Forums: